Although writing has been a big part of life for many years, it’s since 2009 that I’ve completed most of my work. I'm a multi-genre author and have written paranormal romance, contemporary romance, fantasy romance and YA fantasy.


I grew up in Essex, but now reside in Suffolk – with my husband, grown up son and Masai the cat. My other hobbies and interests include; reading, Formula One racing, darts, listening to music - mainly rock, cinema, live concerts, going to the theatre, keeping fit, gardening and holidays.




My mum was the biggest driving force in my life, always encouraging me to write down all my thoughts and dreams. She bought me adventure books from an early age and I became engrossed in fantasy worlds and their people. When she died suddenly in 2009, it made me realise how fragile life is and that if you want to achieve something, go out and do it while you can. I also long to dedicate my first book to her, it seems a fitting tribute for her belief in me and my abilities.


There are various sources that inspiration comes from. I’ve always been a big reader and guess my interest started with the Chronicles of Narnia series. I also read two books penned by Victoria Walker, The Winter of Enchantment and The House Called Hadlows. I often made up different worlds and their people in my head from about the age of ten.


My literary heroines and heroes are David Eddings, Sherrylin Kenyon, Robin McKinley, Christine Feehan and J R R Tolkein. I also watch fantasy and paranormal romance films, everything from Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Marvel Comic heroes, Lord of the Rings and the Twilight Saga. Some of my favourite TV programmes are, Fringe, Falling Skies, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Moonlight, Blood Ties, Beauty and the Beast, Sinbad and Robin of Sherwood - to name but a few - all of which help to give me ideas in some way.




The dream would be to write full time. It isn’t about the money - it never has been - it’s a passion and I love to create new worlds and characters, to watch them grow and evolve. As long as there are characters and stories in my head, I will continue to enjoy bringing them to life.