3rd December 2017


I haven’t posted on here for a little while, so much has been going on in my crazy life. There’s been an amazing trip to Brussels in Belgium. A beautiful city with amazing history and architecture…plus delicious chocolates!

I attended an author signing in Beccles yesterday and it was great to meet up with old friends and some new ones too. I love these events for networking.

Working very hard with an editor on Destination: Love, which has gone through some major changes. So grateful for all the help and support the editor is giving me. I am always learning as an author and have more knowledge now, which will hopefully make my work better.



13th November 2017


So much going on in my life just recently, like we all have from time to time, and think I've finally turned a corner. I even started to question my writing. Then I discovered four notebooks full of book ideas, whilst checking through Dropbox I also discovered four finished books and two part-finished books from 2014, not to mention almost five completed works in my Beachside Romance Series and a standalone Rock Star Romance. Guess I still have lots to do in my writing world!



28th October 2017


I've been interviewed by a blogger called The Hapazardous Hippo, check out my writing journey here...http://thehaphazardoushippo.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/the-hippo-hands-over-to-toya-richardson.html



24th October 2017


I was interviewed by fellow author Martin Ferguson, check out how it went at this link...https://www.martinfergusonauthor.com/blog



16th October 2017


I've been missing for a while, up to my eyes with editing. I'm hoping that something positive will come out of this, my fingers and toes are all crossed. It's taken up so much of my time and I've worked very hard to try and make this MS as professional as possible. If nothing else, I have learned so much.



9th October 2017


Earlier this afternoon I gave a talk at Gressland Court, where I work as a housekeeping assistant, on my writing journey. I was quite nervous because I know everyone, but was soon put at my ease. They listened intently to how I got started, where I am now and what my future holds. I read an excerpt from Flame, which went down well and earned me a round of applause. It’s the first time I’ve spoken to a large group, twenty-two, and has helped to boost my confidence no end. I had numerous questions at the end, which was fantastic. With any luck, when I attend their Christmas Fayre, they may purchase a book or two.



29th September 2017


I'm off to meet the Ipswich rep for the Book Fairies tomorrow. She will be placing copies of Flame and Defender of Stargor around the town. So, if you're in the area happy hunting


I'm also taking part in Online Author Event at 8pm UK time on 1st October, where I'll also be doing a live read from Flame. If you have the time, pop over and say hi. There will also be some giveaways. Here's the link...https://www.facebook.com/events/145026572753376/



23rd September 2017


After the madness of the last few weeks with book-related signings and Facebook events, I can now take a step back. But now I am redesigning my website, with the help of a fellow author. 


I have everything crossed at the moment because I am hoping to have some exciting news regarding my work. I don't want to say more in case I put a curse on it!!



18th September 2017





Today, as part of our publishers UNITY BOOK EVENT, Im introducing you to fellow author Melissa Kate published by Fire Quill Publishing. Were on a kind of Foreign Exchange project whereby we get to be hosted on each others blogs and get to hang out in their world with their readers for a day. 

Be sure to head over to Melissas blog and check out my interview at (http://www.melissakatebooks.com/?p=745

Whats your name and what do you write? 

Hello all you gorgeous Bibliophiles! My name is Melissa Kate and I write Contemporary Romance (I know! I am such a sucker for the Happily Ever After)

When did you start writing and why?

I have been writing from the age of 14, silly little poems or short stories along the way; in fact my very first poem was about a Mosquito! My love for writing started when I picked up my first Sweet Valley novel. I fell in love and became invested in the lives of the characters and I wanted to create my own realm and my own tangible characters to share my love for story telling with the world. Mostly, I love the push and pull of two characters who have chemistry and the moment of falling in love.

What were the biggest challenges about becoming a published author?

Oh My gosh, the rejection! The euphoria of completing your manuscript is indescribable. To be able to write “The End” on a story you feel content with simply makes your heart happy. Then you start sending out query letters, waiting for that one publisher who will love your baby as much as you do. And often in the beginning, you mostly get rejections. At one point, I wanted to give up. My poor soul couldn’t take more bad news and then I get a single email offering me a contract and it was like light seeping in through a dark space.

Being on this journey to becoming a published author has taught me resilience and it has taught me how to pick myself up, dust myself off and take another step towards reaching my goal. Anything worth achieving, is worth fighting for. Nothing will be handed to you in life, you have to take the rugged road to reach greater heights.

Shout out your publisher and tell us how they helped you on your creative journey. 

Holla to my ladies at Fire Quill Publishing! Erika Bester is simply a visionary. She is bossy and demanding and her voice notes make me smile every time! She is also a woman who will take on your story with passion and fervour because she believes in your characters. She does whatever she can to support you 100%. Erika has done more for It Had to be You and getting my brand out into the ether than I could have ever hoped for, especially from someone I don’t even know! And Carlyle, co-founder of FQP. This woman was the reason I sought out FQP in the first place. She has been splashed across social media and magazines for her abundant successes and she’s the epitome I want to reach.

Where can we find out more about them?  


Fire Quill Publishing is located in sunny South Africa. We strive to only publish and distribute pre-eminent novels to our audience, and work to offer superb marketing services to our authors. Each division is run by a team of experts in their respective fields in order to make your experience in the publishing industry as fun and exciting as possible, whilst still offering the highest quality and professionalism.

Fire Quill Publishing operatesinternationally, and supports international authors.

What are you working on right now? 

I am currently working on an MMA series of contemporary romance that centres around the stoic alpha heroes and the woman that manage to save them from themselves.

Who is your most favourite character youve written and why do they speak to you so much? 

Oliver Kyle for sure! He is the hero in It Had to be You. He is the Chief of Police in his small town which has also awarded him the status of Golden Boy amongst the geriatric locals. He is witty with his banter, quick with his comebacks and it doesn’t hurt that he’s suave to boot. But what I love about him is that he is a little bit damaged by his past. He believes he is destined to be his father’s son and that’s to be a philanderer so he always steers clear of relationships. But his fear has no precedent because as it turns out, Oliver is a helluva decent guy… one that every girl dreams about J

Do world events and politics influence your writing? 

Not really. I create a fictional worlds and I like to keep it free of anything too “heavy”. Although I must admit, thinks like Game of Thrones tend to get referenced from time to time.

How important are places you have visited and where you live to

your writing? 

It’s not really relevant in my stories. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and visit cultural places but that is so different from the homely small towns I write about. I am more likely to be browsing online and see a beautiful cove where people can wade in the bluest waters; that would feature in my writing over a gorgeous giant Asian statue I had visited.

Share with us your favourite line from your most recent release.

It’s more like a two liner:

“You, Oliver Kyle, are a man whore and will never get within an inch of my panties.”

“Now now Emma, did you just issue a challenge?

Tell us five things that you love in life.

1.     My husband: He is my best friend and my greatest supporter, even though he hasn’t read any of my books. He always threatens to change the wifi password when I’m wasting time on Youtube and he manages to spoil me with the simplest things in life.

2.     My two beagles, Baxtor and Harley. These two little balls of fluff are my life, and not just because they are soft and warm on a cold night. They have so much of character and looking into their brown eyes is like searching their souls – dramatic much?

3.     Reading a book by one of my favourite authors, especially when the story is so good that it stays with me well after the last page is turned.

4.     Sharing a belly aching laugh with a friend

5.     Dance like nobody is watching – free and off balance.

Tell us five things that you hate in life.

1.     Unkindness

2.     People that hurt animals

3.     Woman that put down other females - I am a firm believer in supporting each other. Your success is not my failure.

4.     Slow drivers/walkers

5.     Salad

What book started your love of reading?

It wasn’t a single book but a single author – Rachel Gibson. She writes contemporary romance and she is funny and engaging and her characters pop to life on the page. I have devoured every single one of her books.

Tell us about your most recent release.

It HAD TO BE YOU is the Story of Oliver and Emma who were childhood friends, until one day their teens, Oliver just broke away from Emma with no explanation and grew up to become the town Casanova. They have come to accept their love/hate relationship, peppered with snarky banter and witty comebacks. As a joke, Emma’s bestie “buys” Oliver at a bachelor auction as a gift to Emma and instead of a romantic date, Emma is getting the money’s worth out of Oliver as her “construction bitch”, doing all the manual labour around her bakery for free. Except that this backfires on her when her ex walks in. Oliver thinks he’s helping Emma save face; Emma thinks he has lost his mind but suddenly Emma is coupled with Oliver and the whole town knows it! Each day they spend together only helps them heal their past, but Oliver has a secret that could push Emma away for good.

Where can we buy it? 

1.     https://www.amazon.com/Had-You-Crystal-Valley-Book-ebook/dp/B06ZZ2TPJ9/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501954334&sr=8-1&keywords=it+had+to+be+you+melissa+kate

2.     https://www.kobo.com/za/en/ebook/it-had-to-be-you-37

3.     https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/it-had-to-be-you-melissa-kate/1126249646?ean=9780998471419

Where can we find you on social media?

Website: www.melisskatebooks.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/melissakate_1

Come find me!

Thank you so much for hosting me!




15th September 2017


I will be doing a live read from Flame tonight over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/199670263751424/ 8pm UK time.



13th September 2017


I am absolutely made up with the fabulous 5* review I've just received for Flame. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/RZ6DKXBQJPW8I/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SCIKL4C



11th September 2017


Yesterday I returned from a wonderful weekend away at East Anglian Festival of Culture, Meet the Authors Event. Not only was I fortunate enough to sell some books, but I met sone amazing people. These events are a great way of networking with like-minded people and make some lifelong friendships.




5th September 2017


I've finally managed to get back on track with my writing. I took a step back from social media for a few days and wrote around 20K words. So, four out of five of my Beachside Romances are complete and now working on the last one. I'm leaving it until after the weekend and will then make up my mind on which way I want to go with these. Decisions, decisions.


And to add another smile to my face, I've found another fabulous review. This time for Defender of Stargor  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R3SADGYJUCZR11/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01F8U73CY



30th August 2017


Always makes me smile when a reader takes the time to write a review for my work, Battling The Demons. I've just found another one today :-)  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R3CTPA91Q4ULRZ/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B017FN8LGE



28th August 2017


I came back from Chapter Con yesterday so much richer, not monetary but spiritually. So many amazing authors, bloggers and readers in attendance that it blew my mind. The workshops, panels, signing day and Butterfly Ball, were all magical experiences for me. This was my first tie at any kind of event like this and after my initial nerves, I felt as though I’d known people for years. People I’d communicated via social media alone were like old friends and meeting them in person was the icing on the cake. So much knowledge and experience was shared and that is why I feel richer. I cannot wait to connect with everyone again. St Mary’s University was the perfect location. A beautiful, small campus set in picturesque grounds and the weather was perfect too.

A little footnote about chivalry. I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that there are many men out there will to help out a woman struggling. My suitcase was extremely heavy, especially on my return journey. I had assistance at every set of stairs I had to navigate on the underground and getting in and out of taxis and replacement buses. Hats off to you all, you were all perfect gentlemen.


23rd August 2017


Case all packed and ready for my first author signing at Chapter.Con. Will be on my way tomorrow and quite excited about it. Will report back on my return.



21st August 2017


I am blown away by yet another 5* review. This one is for Rise of the Chameleons. I cannot strees how much it means to me when a reader takes time to write one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R2FL764SHBN268/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0160DNG8S



20th August 2017


Phew, just started to get all my kit together for Chapter>Con next weekend. I had no idea how much stuff I had to take! Thank goodness I have a massive suitcase, just got to get it all across London now!



17th August 2017


I'll be doing a live read on Facebook tomorrow night from The Atlantean Birthright, Book 1 of Eternal Love of the Seekers Series, at 8pm GMT. I must be getting brave lol! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1834994606779142/




14th August 2017


Yesterday, I did my first ever live read on Facebook. I was quite nervous to begin with and it didn't help when I lost the connection! But it went down really well and I'd be more than happy to take part in anothr one. Hopefully. Flame may have discovered some new readers. Still cannot believe how much I am pushing my boundaries in the writing world, but it really does boost my confidence. Plus, I get to interact with some great people.




12th August 2017


Had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday. Some good friends took me to Shingle Street and Ramsholt for some book research. Also walked around 8 miles yesterday so got plenty of excerise too! Will spend today working on my research info. I also have to prepare for a live read on Facebook tomorrow night at 8pm. Never done this before so pushing the boundaries yet again!

Cannot close without sharing the most amazing review I've had for The Atlantean Birthright. I was overwhelmed and as always, grateful that a reader to thetime to write such an awesome one. All reviews are imporant and specil, but for this series it's very special. I cannot explain why but one day, I hope to. https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R20QV71M2FH5Q5/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00KKROTL4&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text 



9th August 2017


This is what I call perfect peace. I'm sitting in my summerhouse while the rains beats down on the roof, my fingers tapping along to the beat on my keyboard. Happy to sit here all evening and write.




7th August 2017


It's crazy how many lovely places there are on my doorstep and I've never visited them. Went to a village called Butley yesterday and it was so inspirational that I have another book idea. I really ust get out more and see our wonderful countryside.



5th August 2017


A lovely reader has recently read my whole series of paranormal romances, Eternal Love of the Seekers Series, and left 5* reviews. I feel blessed that someone took the time to post them. It means so much to an author. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. #gratitude#happyauthor



4th August 2017


Gah, it's 2am here and yet again I cannot sleep! I have tried everything and nothing works. I thought it might be because I was hyper after a fabulous FB takeover event, but that finished at 9pm lol. So, here I sit, catching up on social media and writing book reviews!!


2nd August 2017


WOW! I have been blown away by this 5* review for The Atlantean Birthright... https://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Reviews/Maryjane-reviews-The-Atlantean-Birthright-by-Toya-Richardson



1st August 2017


Hi everyone, still so much going on in my writing/publishing world atm, but having fun. Little Bird Publishing House are having a mass blog hop and we're looking for bloggers to help us out please. If you want to check out details, please go to the attached link...  




29th July 2017


Oh my gosh and the craziness continues. More interviews, FB events and goodness knows what else is being thrown my way at the moment! I have to admit though, I am loving it and the buzz it gives is awesome. One small request though, please, please, please can I have more time to write lol.



26th July 2017


So much going on in my author world atm that my head is in a spin. FB takeovers, signing events, talks to groups of people face to face and an interview by another author. Lol one small thing...I also need to write!!



24th July 2017


So pleased with my progress over the weekend with my writing. I wrote just around 10K words. Also filled out questions for an interview with another author and she will also be reading a piece of my work live. Will give more details when the date is confirmed. There will also be an hour takeover and a giveaway. Watch this space :-)




21st July 2017


Just taken part in another FB event. I now love doing the takeover slots, really helps with my confidence and a great way to meet so many new readers and authors. Now I am switching off all social media to write :-)



17th July 2017


I came across another 5* review for Flame just now. It means so much when a rreader takes the time to write one :-) https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R1226A7IBKUYBB/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SCIKL4C&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text



15th July 2017


I spent a lot of yesterday getting gift bags containing swag for the upcoming event, Chapter.Con. There is so much more to being an author than just writing. I always tell people that that's the easy part of the whole process. As I've said before, I have pushed so many boundaries and my confidence is much better than it used to be. Facebook takeover events, open mic, talking to groups, and networking with fellow authors and readers, it can be quite overwhelming at times. Does it scare me? Yes, of course it does, but it is also quite exciting and uplifting. Would I change anything? Not a chance! :-)



11th July 2017


I did a good deed for a poor little bee in my garden on Sunday. It was on the ground, exhausted. I remembered a post on Facbook, which said to put some sugar water down for them. I mixed some up and held a spoon next to it. It dipped its feelers in the liquid and after a few minutes, I put it on some flowers and then it flew away. It is so important to help these little fellas survive because they are dying out at an alarming rate. So, if you see any on the ground not moving, please give them some sugar water.



7th July 2017


So many things going on relating to writing that I don't know which way to turn. It's all good though and I have some decisions to make. When I have things clear in my mind, I will share.


There's also book signings and events coming up, plus a scheme called Book Fairies which I'm looking at. Hopefully, more news to follow soon. Until then, I'll carry on writing and editing.



30th June 2017


Today would have been my wonderful mum's birthday. Eight long years without my best friend and confidant. People say that you'll get over it. I disagree, you never get over it but you learn to cope with it. I wish she was here to see the work I've had published - work which would probably never have come in to being if not for her help and support.



23rd June 2017


On Monday, I went to an open mic event, where authors and poets read out excerpts of their work. I love listening to all these talented people, and having the chance to read some of my own published and unpublished works. It’s also a fantastic way to network with likeminded people.

Last night, I pushed the boundaries a little further and attended a book club meeting with some lovely ladies from the Rushmere Women’s Institute. Their read of the month was my romance/thriller, Flame. This was the first time I’d ever spoken to a group about my work and as you can imagine, the nerves were jangling!

With introductions completed, and giving an overview of the book, I opened the floor to questions. These ranged from where did I get my ideas from, what were my inspirations and the publishing business in general. Afterwards, I gave a ten-minute reading which went down very well. A couple of the ladies were interested in my YA Fantasy, The Defender of Stargor, Book One of The Fireblood Saga. Fingers crossed that some new readers may join Melora on the quest to save her world. After sending the ladies home with a small giftbag, I was presented with some lovely flowers, a thank you for meeting up with them, which was a sweet gesture.

This experience certainly pushed me a bit further and has given me more confidence when talking about my writing experiences. With some large signing events booked over the few years, it was certainly a valuable experience – one I’d love to repeat.



19th June 2017


So much going on right now that it's hard to find time for quality writing. I've got FB takeover events, an open mic event tonight and on Thursday, I'll be attending a local WI meeting. The ladies have chosen Flame as their book of the month so I offered to go along and answer any questions they may have. Wish me luck!



12th June 2017


Had a wonderful break in Cromer at the weekend and fell in love with the place. One of my current works in progress is set in Cromer. I did some research and found lots of inspiration, all very exciting. I was very surprised to see goats grazing on the cliffs, that was a first! I also loved the old fahioned pier too and cannot wait to return.


Being an author, I've discovered that there's never a dull moment and I am pushing myself to do things I thought I never would. I have several takeover slots on various Facebook events, a signing in August and September and another open mic next Monday. Oh, and my romance/thriller, Flame, is being book of the month being read by a local WI group. I volunteered to go along to the meeting next Thursday, wish me luck!!



5th June 2017


Finally, I can start to write properly. I spent a large amount of time researching, which has to be done if you want to get things right. I'm happy with what I've done and now I can get on with the story.


Went on a trip on the Norfolk Broads last Saturday on a Mississippi style paddle steamer. It was a beautiful and warm day, spent with a great bunch of people. It also gave me some more ideas for another romance I'm writing so a great day all round. 



29th May 2017


Another busy few days. Went to see Iron Maiden at the O2 on Saturday. Hadn't seen them for about 30 years, but those guys still know how to rock the place. Their stage set, as always, was incredible. Word of warning for those of you who do not like heights, we sat right at the very back and I felt sick and terrified to even stand up. Fortunately, we managed to swap our seats for much further down.


Plan to research and read today. I really need to get all this research done before I can start seriously writing my fourth Beachside Romance Series book. This is again set on Tenerife, as  the third one is. Had to put a hold on the Cromer one, which will now be number five in the series. Fingers crossed that a publisher will love them as much as I do. If not, self-publishing via Amazon here I come!


I received a 5* review for Battling the Demons, Book 5 of Eternal Love of the Seekers, paranormal romance series. It was a hard one for me to write, as the second one was, because it deals with some hard issues. But in order for the series to move forward, I needed to have these issues in place. But as I always say, please remember that I write mainly romance so there wilk always be HEA...eventually.


Here's the link to the review: https://www.amazon.com/Battling-Demons-Eternal-Love-Seekers-ebook/dp/B017FN8LGE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1496051549&sr=8-4&keywords=toya+richardson




22nd May 2017


I finally got around to creating an Instagram account today. Not much on there, but there will be in time. Follow me at toya_richardson



21st May 2017


I've had a very eventful morning in the garden. Firstly my back went and now it's very sore and then, I stubbed my toe on concrete and split the nail halfway down. Now in my summerhouse setting up an Instagram account and then on with some writing/research.


I submitted Destination: Love, Beachside Romances, Book One, to a publisher a couple of days ago. The waiting game is always a worrying time. When an email finally comes through, I'm almost too scared to read what the reply is. But hey ho, what will be, will be as they say.



17th May 2017


Well, I'm now back down to reality and the holiday is over. I had hoped to update my blog whilst away but had difficulties logging online with my laptop :-(


It was a wonderful 16 nights away and much needed. I managed to read several books and now have the task of writing reviews for them all. Each was so different, but I loved everything that I read.


 I finally got up to El Teide, the volcano on Tenerife. We were going to go right to the top on the cable car, but with high winds all trips had been cancelled. In some ways I was relieved as I'm not too good with heights. Apparently, it had broken down a few days earlier and people had to climb out from the bottom of the cable car!!! At least it helped with research for the book I'm working on. I also went one evening to watch Flamenco dancers. I'd seen them before, but I needed to do more research. I have so much information now that it's quite exciting.



I managed to write lots of notes for another romance set on Tenerife and cannot wait to get started. Trouble is, it runs on from another book set on the island and I have to go back to that one to get the timelines straight. It also means that the one set in Cromer will have to go on the back burner for a while.


I also have two submissions to get out at the weekend. One is for a pubilsher I'm already with, but the other is a new one because my stories don't quite fit either publisher I'm with at present.


On top of that, I'm also looking in to setting up an Instagram account, so all go here!



29th April 2017


I'm off on my holidays tomorrow and looking forward to the break. Hoping to write, read and chill out. I'd also like to do some research for another Tenerife based contemporary romance whilst I'm there. The story is an offshoot from another that I wrote. The writer's mind is always on the go. That's all good though, at least I haven't got writer's block!


I'll try and update my blog from time to time whilst I'm away too :-)



24th April 2017


Spent the weekend with a friend in my hometown of Colchester. I hadn't been there since my mum's funeral in 2009. It felt a bit weird at first, but the place still feels like my home even though I haven't lived there for a very long time. I had a great time and relived some very happy memories and saw places I hadn't seen in years. I did go past the back of my mum's old house and it wasn't as bad I was expecting it to be, although she wouldn't have been happy with the state of the garden! I definitely won't leave it so long for my next visit.




17th April 2017


Editing all done but then something happened. Two very minor characters took on a life of their own and I'm now planning a book about their story! That's the beauty of writing, you never know what's going to happen next! Good job I'm back off to Tenerife in a couple of weeks so I can do some more research!



16th April 2017


Busy day today. I'm doing a takeover slot on FB and then the rest of the day will be spent editing book three of my Beachside Romances that I'm writing at the moment. And at some point, I hope to continue with the fourth book, which is 16K words in. I am hoping to have at least one of them published by the end of the year, maybe two.


Had a nightmare yesterday when my FB account was cloned. Fortunately, an author friend noticed it and reported it to FB, who dealt with the problem quickly. This is such a regular thing on there now, and something to be very aware of.


Hope you all have a great day :-)




8th April 2017


Had yet another productive day in the writing cave. Feel as though I am making headway with my writing projects. Note to self relating to future stories...please try and complete work before starting on the next one! LOL, not sure if that will ever happen though, too much going on in my brain to be that organised. #Ilovebeinganauthor



2nd April 2017


Having a very productive day today. Worrking hard on a synopsis which has to be no more than 500 words long, boy that's hard! Then there's the covering letter with your writing experiences etc, I feel drained lol. Even though I said I was going to self publish, I am going to give it a final go with regards to submitting to a publisher...wish me luck I'll need it!


Now that's sorted I can carry on with my contemporary romance series, Beachside Romances. Book four, a WIP, is waiting patiently for me to get on with it. One final read through of Leah's Story first though, because I added scenes in Destination Love, formerly Island Love, so I'll need to sort out some continuity issues with Leah's Story first.


All of this work being carried out whilst sitting in my writing cave/summer house with music in the background and sunshine streaming in. Life is good :-)



30th March 2017


Been a bit hectic over the last week or so. 21st March was the 8th anniversay of my mum's death, always a bad time for me and  as she died the day before Mother's Day, this time of year always hits me hard. I never made the open mic due to a cough and sore throat, so I look forward to the next one.


My latest manuscript has now gone off to the proof reader. I'm still not certain whether to submit to another publisher or to self-publish as I'd first intended. Will make my final decision once it's been returned to me. I had hop to get started on my current WIP but may have to put on the  the backburner until I've completed work on another nearly finished work. Busy, busy, busy but I love it :-)



19th March 2017


Busy couple of days. I had 2 takeover slots on different FB events, where I met some great authors and readers. I've taken on board all the advice given to me by a beta reader for my latest writing project and spent most of yesterday and today implementing the changes. I am now on a final read-through before having it proof read and then it's time to venture into the scary world of self-publishing. All exciting stuff. I also have another open mic event tomorrow so I'd better get practising my excerpt!



16th March 2017


I have a takeover slot on FB tonight at 8pm GMT. If you want to come over and say hi and maybe win a prize, it would be great to see you :-) https://www.facebook.com/Leeds2018/



11th March 2017


Busy times! I am now attending another signing event this year in Lowestoft, from September 9th to 10th. The Venue is Hatfield Hotel, South Lowestoft, Suffolk. I'll also be doing a reading from Flame. Have now ordered pens, bookmarks and have supplies to attempt necklace making, we'll see how that goes lol. I have 2 takeover slots on FB this Thursday and Friday and need to sort out questions and competitions. After all that is sorted, perhaps I can get on with editing/writing. This author lark is certainly hectic and I love every minute of it. Have a fab weekend everyone



6th March 2017


Happy to say that I've completed an editing task ahead of the schedule I'd set for myself. I am attending 2 signing events this year at Chapter Con and one in Lowestoft, then Leeds next year, hopefully Leeds in 2019 along with Sheffield and Altrincham. I have several WIP at varying stages and now about to sit down and go through a contemporary, steamy romance I've recently received back from a beta reader.



2nd March 2017


Went to see Apocalyptica, one of my favourite groups, at the Royal Festival Hall in London last night. They played covers of Metallica hits and it was amazing. They are such a talented group of guys from Finland and all are classically trained cellists who play rock. If you haven't heard their music, check them out online, they're awesome!



25th February 2017


Received one of my manuscripts back from a professional proofread and am extremely happy with the outcome. Also pleased to learn that there were no glaring holes or mistakes in it. Will definitely have any future work checked in this way. 



21st February  2017


I'm happy to say that last night's open mic session went really well. It's also great to hear other peoples' readings, so much talent and so many different genres. Already looking forward to the next one, better hunt out another excerpt I guess :-)



19th February 2017


Happy to have finished editing one of my WIP today, always brings a great sense of achievement. Now working on  apiece to read at an open mic event tomorrow. I've chosen an excerpt from Retribution an unpublished steamy contemporary romance/thriller. Wish me luck!




18th February 2017


Oh my goodness, I've discovered another fabulous review for Flame. So happy right about now :-) https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2JYLYJGQEYGX5/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SCIKL4C



12th February 2017


Just had to share this. I checked on Amazon yesterday and spotted another fantastic 5* review for Flame. Brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to my heart when a reader takes the time to write one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R36L1YLO0IJ4PK/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SCIKL4C&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text



11th February 2017


Finally, I can sit down and get some more editing done. Once I've completed editing on this contemporary romance, set on Tenerife, I plan to carry on writing another one set in Cromer, which I shall visit soon for research purposes. They're part of a series of romances set by the sea - the other two take place on the beautiful island of Waiheke, off the coast of Auckland NZ. The banner on this page, depicting a sunset, was taken by me on Waiheke. The first story is with a beta reader at present and then I plan to have it professionally proofread. When it's completed, it's time for submission to publishers. I have completed the synopsis, I really find these hard to complete lol, and letter of enquiry. With any luck, I can commence the submissions circus in the springtime.


7th February 2017


 Well, those of you who know me will not be surprised at my latest craziness. I have a pedometer and was pleased to see that by the time I'd returned from work, I'd completed over 18K steps. So I need the loo and what happens...the pedometer flies off my trousers and into the water. Fortunately, after being dried out in the airing cupboard, it's now work again lol.



6th February 2017


Now decided on the design for new business cards and postcards. I've gone with a beautiful sunset photograph I took on Waiheke Island, it's a beautiful picture. Now it's time to close down the laptop and rest my poor eyes for a while.



4th February 2017


What a perfect day. Writing, editing and working out what to use as a design to put on postcards and bookmarks. I discovered picture I loved more than the other four, so plan to use that one. I have a synopsis to write now, so much harder to do than writing a book. Best get on then. Hope you're all having a great weekend <3



2nd February 2017


I'm on full editing mode with my work at the moment and I can honestly say I'm enjoying it for a change. I know it sounds crazy but after my little blip when I felt down about everything in my life, everything seems to be on an even keel once more. Even finding time to actually read too, so things are really looking up :-)



29th January 2017


I am so happy to say that a couple of peole have offered to beta read for me. It is such a relief to know that I will get honest opinions from people. It's so difficult to edit by yourself, great to have fresh eyes giving my work a onceover.


I've also sought help from a proofreader for another piece of my work. I just feel that I need this extra support to ensure my work is as polished as possible.


I had a few days in Vienna recently. It's a beautiful opulent city and if you love architecture, it's a must see. The weather was pretty chilly around minus 4 during the day and minus 8 at night, brrr.



18th January 2017


The plus point of insomnia last night, I managed to get a huge amount of editing completed. The downfall, I look, and feel, like hell this morning lol!



16th January 2017


Hi everyone. I'm editing several MS atm, one YA and a couple of contemporary romances. In the coming weeks, I'll be looking for beta readers to give me an honest opinion on my work, before I send them for proof reading. If you're interested in taking a look at any of them for me, please get in touch with me via my contacts page. Thank you so much.


15th January 2017


 January didn't exaactly get off to the start that I wanted. I'm not ashamed to say that I suffer from bouts of depression from time to time. I normally feel it coming on and can prepare myself and act before it gets hold. This time, though, it knocked me for six. Several little things had happened and then something happened which left me feeling down and quite honestly, worthless. I left social media alone and concentrated on healing myself. Lots of walks, writing and talking to close friends helped and I'm now back to almost full health once more.


I understand that people are not certain what to say sometimes and after speaking with other sufferers these are three things never to say; pull yourself together, chin up and my personal hate, what have you got to be depressed about. If you're not certain what to say, then say nothing. Holding a person's hand or giving them a hug are wonderful medicines.


I've thought long and hard about the direction of my writing and where to take it next. I hope to be able to say more in a few months time. All I'll say for now is that sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith, and that's what I intend to do.




4th January 2017


Well my new year has got off to an excellent start :D Defender of Stargor received another 5* review yesterday. It really means so much to me when a reader takes the time to put their thoughts down.





31st December 2016


I can't believe it's already the end of the year. It's been a bit of an up and down one for me. Bad times and good times and in someways, I'll be pleased to see the back end of it. Still, things that have happened I can learn from and plan to move forward as a much stronger and confident person. Nothing, or no one, is going to bring me down ever again. I never say that the next year is going to be better because, to me, it kind of tempts fate.


I am happy to say that I have numerous writing projects on the go, all at varying stages, so at least the dreaded writer's block has left me alone.


I'd just like to wish all of you a healthy and happy new year. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past year, either through friendship or reading my work and leaving a review.




20th December 2016


New book still going well with the words flowing. I love it when I really get into a story, it sweeps me up and takes me away from the real world and there's nothing more liberating.


I plan to go through The Wardens of Stargor, Book Two of The Fireblood Saga, over the holiday break before submitting it.


I keep looking at all the plot lines and other work at various stages, don't think I'll ever run out of ideas!




17th December 2016


That happy moment when you got up early to do all the household chores, leaving you precious time to write. Just finished writing 3K words on my new contemporary romance. Loving this one, two people both with tragic pasts in need of someone to love them. Not going to be as steamy as some of my work, but this story is more about coping with tragedy and finding your soulmate. #happywriter :D <3



16th December 2016


Rewind on last post. Just found out Black Stone Cherry's gigs in Jan and Feb have been cancelled due to personal reasons. Must be pretty important for then to cancel so many. Whatever the reasons are guuys, are hope it'll all be okay for you soon. xxx



12th December 2016


Oh my goodness, I am beside myself with excitement! I am going to see Black Stone Cherry in Vienna in January! Excited doesn't even cover how I'm feeling right now :D


10th December 2016


Went to see Black Stone Cherry on 8th December, what an awesome gig, the best I've seen them so far and they are always amazing live. They did an accoustic set and after a short break came out and did some fantastic rock and roll! They did a version of Voodoo Child which gave me goosebumps, brilliant! It ws in a smaller venue and I loved being that close to the guys. Had a pretty crappy time recently and thanks to their awesomeness, they made my year!


Since October 2015 things have been a bit up and down and I am now hoping I have finally turned a corner and getting things back on track. I never say that next year is going to be a better year and will take each day as it comes and see where life takes me.



30th November 2016


Happily writing away at my new project. It's a sweet and gentle contemporary romance, it'll probably end up being a lot shorter than my other work, but as it came to me in a dream I feel compelled to write it. Two people who meet by chance, both with traumatic pasts, and how they gradually open up to one another. Not as steamy as my paranormal romance books, more on a par with Flame, although it'll leave you with a warm and happy feeling :D



23rd November 2016


Phew, all go at the moment! I am taking part in an author signing event on Leeds in 2018 and it's amazing to meet so many talented authors. I am very excited about the whole experience. Little Bird Publishing House have several authors attending and we were introduced as a group on FB Monday night. I think we were all very hyper by the end of it!


Defender of Stargor is now on winter sale for a limited amount of time at 99p/99c. If you fancy following Melora on the start of her epic quest to save her world from the Dark Lord, and see if she is able to save the man she loves from succumbing to madeness and death, here are the links..





Happy reading :D



20th November 2016


Went to the Lindt museum in the morning. Everyone is handed a chocolate on the way in, which is creamy and delicious. Then halfway round you have wafers dipped in freshly whipped chocolate, also delcious. It was also fascinating to hear about the history of chocolate with many artifacts from Mexico, and various pots and mugs used for drinking hot chocolate from. Spent a fourtune in the shop but hey ho, it's almost Christmas :D


Afterwards went for a trip on a road train around the city taking in places of interest. Went down may cobbled streets which was great because afterwards went for a walk round them all and found somewhere lovely to eat.


Had a late flight back so plenty of time for walking along the river and a leisurely train ride back to airport. I definitely won't leave it so long for another visit.


19th November 2016


Took a tram down to river front where the Lindt chocolate museum is situated, will be going there tomorrow. As luck would have it, ther was a Christmas market open, so had my mulled wine and took in the atmosphere. I love the smells of Christmas spices wafting from the various stalls. Lots more walking done, I should have had a pedometer on!


18th November 2016


Had an early start for the flight to Cologne today. It was thrity-five years ago that I last visited and it is as beautiful as I remember. The cathedral is a magnificent building which towers over the surrounding area as though keeping watch over its city. Did a bit of shopping and got my bearings. Lots of Christmas markets are preparing to open, it's a shame it'll be after I go home that most of them open. Look very pretty when they're all lit up at night.


16th November 2016


I was recently invited over to Julie Tetel Andresen's blog for an interview. Check out what I had to say on the following link http://julietetelandresen.com/blog/five-questions-toya-richardson/


Went to see Delain in Norwich last night at the Waterfront. It was a fantastic venue and smaller than other venues I've been to recently. It was great and I wish we had one like that in Ipswich for live gigs it would be awesome. Will definitely go there again. 


12th November 2016


Well I always knew my muse was tricky and liked playing games and she's done it again! All set to start writing when I had a really vivid dream that has unfurled into a wonderful love story set in North Norfolk. Made a few notes and now researching the area. I'm definitely going to have to stay there for a few days to get a feel for the place.


5th November 2016


Phew, finally updated my blog from while I was away. Good job I wrote everything down. The break away gave me time to think about a lot of things, it was a peaceful and relaxing break which is what I needed after recent events. I will be embarking on a new job role in about a week's time, so fingers crossed with that. Still have health issue to be sorted, although I think the problem was caused be recent events. Hospital appointment at the end of the month so I should know more then.


I have a copious amount of notes for new stories and some re-writes while I was on holiday, so hope to commence work on those in the next few days. I have a mountain of social media to catch up on first though.



2nd November 2016


Okay, so final day in paradise before we head home to the cold. Had a nice chilled lunch at Chiringuito Pirata by the sea. Then time to return and pack up. It was a long day as flight not until 8.30pm and when we returned to the UK in the early hours of the 3rd it was minus one, brrrrr.


1st November 2016


Went to Duque beach for the day and had a massage on the beach, which was great for getting rid of all the stress and tension which my body went through before we came out here. Read and listened to music. Now feel that I'm ready to tackle new writing projects on my return to the UK.


31st October 2016


Yet another day of doing nothing other than reading and listening to music, with ideas for stories rolling around inside my mind.


30th October 2016


Went to Las Galletas for a stroll along the beautiful seafront. Watching the waves rolling in and all the kiteboarders and surfers riding the waves. Then off to Costa Silencio and yet more stunning views of the coastline, there are some truly beautiful places on this island. Next time I come I'm hoping that I'll get to go further inland.


29th October 2016


Touch of sunstroke today and all my own fault. I didn't wear my baseball cap yesterday, won't do that again in a hurry. Had a long nap, lots of water and read, felt much better afterwards.


28th October 2016


After walking to Los Abrigos, about forty-five minutes away from where I was staying, had a little walk around and booked at table at a beautiful restaurant called Bahia Los Abrigos we headed off to Chiringuito Pirata again. As yoou can guess it's one of my favourite places.


With visiitng places like this so far, it had now given me ideas for yet more scenes in Passionate Discoveries, a book I wrote about a romance set on Tenerife when I was here back in January. Yet another writing project for when I get home!


27th October 2016


Went to Los Cristianos for a day of lazing on the beach. While I listened to my music I thought about Eli and Sandrine, the couple from Passionate Discovieries which I set on Tenerife, and wondered what they would be doing if they were  here now.


26th October 2016


Oh my gosh I have never seen rain here before and boy did it come down with a vengeance! Now hoping that will be an end to it, although it's still very warm here. After it had died down, went for a long walk at El Medano. I love it here because again, it is so peaceful with lots of lovely little restaurants on the front and you can walk for miles watching the sea.

Back at the apartments, I have been watching a couple of black and whit cats who must be siblings. I think they're feral but are well-fed. They follow each other about everywhere and then snuggle up and wash each other, so cute. One of them waddled about with a massive lizard in its mouth the other day eugh, Bon apetite my little friend!


25th October 2016


Wrote some word for a blog interview and for my UK publisher Little Bird too. Then down to El Medano for coffee on the seafront and a spot of people watching.


24th October 2016


Had rain today, that was a shock to the system. We were lucky enough to have a few hours on Duque beach before the heavens decided to open so that was a result!


23rd October 2016


I actually got to watch the US GP today, thought I might miss it but it was playing in a bar  we were in. Unfortunately, Kimi broke down :(


22nd October 2016


Spent the whole day reading. It's good to have the time to actually sit down and enjoy other authors' work.


21st October 2016


Met up with some friends that we hadn't seen for years today. So good to catch up and see how they've been keeping all this time. I'm certain it won't be so long next time.


20th October 2016


Walked from the apartment to San Blas than on to Los  Abrigos for breakfast. Then we took a taxi down to Chiringuito Pirata. I was so pleased with myself that I managed to ask the taxi driver howw much and where we wanted to go. Even better when I understood his response :) I so love this place. In my Tenerife love story, Passionate Discoveries, there's a scene when Sandrine stands at the top of the steps which lead down to the little beach bar. It's where Eli sees her for the first time and I smiled to myself as I stood on thos very same steps and imagined the scene playing out before me.


19th October 2016


After getting provisions from the supermarket chilled out on the balcony for a while. Then down to the lovely little bar at the end of the marina. It has the most spectacular views out over the sea.


18th October 2016


After a detour due to roadworks and confusing directions to the airport parking we'd booked, we finally made it to Gatwick.

When we reached Tenerife there was a delay getting off the plane as the stairs wouldn't lock, then the luggage carousel broke down, then we took the wrong road to the apartment and had to double back. After that, we had to find the key safe on the outside of the building. After ages searching, we realised we were trying to get into the wrong building...oh dear. Found it in the end so alls well!


16th October 2016


Sorry for such a long absence but I've had to deal with health and other issues and it's taken over my life a little bit. The writer's block is starting to fade...finally! And now I have seeds of ideas for other stories.


I will be taken just over two weeks off from posting on here and social media as I'm going on holiday from Tuesday and will not be taking my laptop. I'll have my notebook with me and will update my blog on my return.


In the meantime, I have added some more excerpts from as yet unpublished works in the fantasy and contemporary romance sections of my website. So if you have time, check them out and let me know what you think.



5th October 2016


It's been a little while since my last post. I have been trying to write to take my mind off things, but it appears that I'm suffering from a touch of writer's block. Unfortunately, like we all do from time to time, there are some things going on in life that cause stress. Until I can sort out the problem I think this writing block will continue. Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution!


I also hope to add some new excerpts of work that I've finished over the past few months to my website soon. Maybe that will help t give me focus once more.



25th September 2016


I had a lovely email sent via my website today from a fellow author asking if she could interview me. I was so happy to be approached and have just responded saying I'd love to. I'll post further details later :D


Update on the health issue. I now have to have an echo cardiogram on the 13th October. I'll be glad when they discover what's wrong with me. In the meantime, I'll focus on my writing to take my mind off it. 




22nd September 2016


Just received an awesome review for Defender of Stargor, so proud :D




20th September 2016


I attended another open mic event last night and although still nervous, I really enjoyed the experience. It's a wonderful way to network with other authors/poets, listen to some very talented people, showcase your work and have an enjoyable evening. For another others thinking about doing something similar, go for it.
Wearing the heart monitor for 24 hours was a bit of a nightmare and it happened to be on one of the hottest days of the year. Now waiting to get results back, I'll feel better once I know the outcome.
Ever have those times when you think you've made the right choice and then discover that you haven't? Well, I'm now discovering just. Not going into details but I'm not going to just leave it like I normally do, I'm going to sort it out and quickly. I'm just glad that I am now stronger and more confident about such things.



13th September 2016


Oh the joys of being an author. I started to write out a plot for a new series and was really happy with it. So, I turn on the laptop and begin to type away and guess what?? A sweet paranormal romance idea popped into my head and I started writing that instead. LOL, I guess the other idea will just have to wait. Happy days :D


Got in touch with the hospital today and I have to go along Thursday morning to have the 24 hour monitor fitted. Quite nervous about all of this but at least I'm being checked out.




11th September 2016


Something put a huge smile on my face today, I discovered another 5* review for Flame :D




10th September 2016


Still waiting to hear from the hospital and not feeling great I must admit. I'll have to ring the hospital on MOnday to see what's going on. For all I know everything is okay, or I could be wandering around like a ticking time bomb!


I've had a bit of a battle with my writing too. Not sure which direction to take it next. I have the seeds of an idea for a series, althoughit could go in one of two directions, YA/NA or a full blown adult fantasy. It has a serious message though, about saving the planet. I'm noting down the ideaas and hoping that the direction will become clearer once I've done so.



3rd September 2016


Been up and down here since Thursday. I had a bit of a health scare which resulted in me being in hospital for fifteen hours. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as they'd initially thought. I still have to have some clinic visits and am waiting for a monitor which I will have to wear for 24 hours. At least the doctors and nurses picked up on the problem and for that I'll be truly thankful.



29th August 2016


So those who know me understand that I can be a little scatter brained at times...this latest craziness is just priceless.
I'd been editing a contemporary romance thriller I wrote ages ago called Retribution. I was horrified at the bad grammar etc. and thought I'd made a better job of it at the last round of edits. So, I sat up until 2am this morning and went through it all. And what did I discover this morning...I'd been editing the initial bad copy which I thought I'd deleted.
Guess what I'm doing today lol? #toomuchgoingoninmybrain :D



Went to a bbq yesterday and had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends we hadn't seen in a while. So many stories to laugh about and photographs with dreadful hairstyles and equally bad fashion faux pas...priceless :D



23rd August 2016


I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the open mic event. I was so nervous that I shook like a leaf, although once I got into it I relaxed and enjoyed the experience. It was great to hear pieces read out by so many talented writers and many different genres. They're hoping to make them monthly events so I will defiinitely head out to more of them.



21st August 2016


Okay, so I'm giving a reading at an open mic event tomorrow evening. I am really nervous aboout this although I think that sometimes it's good to push yourself. I've been reading the piece from Flame out loud a few times, so fingers crossed it goes well.



20th August 2016


Oh my gosh, I am almost rendered speechless right about now. I've just had another 5* review for Flame and feeling proud and emotional. It heartens me when people take time to leave reviews. So if you are one of those wonderful people, thank you so much <3






18th August 2016


Wow, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of 5* reviews I've received in a week. Yesterday, I discovered another one for Flame. I'm speechless and incredibly happy :D







15th August 2016


Feeling so proud today, I've just come across a 5* revoew for Rise of the Chameleons, Book 2 of The Eternal Love of the Seekers series :D






14th August 2016


I'm always willing to push the boundaries when it comes to promoting my writing and getting noticed. It started with a radio interview, and interview with the local paper, a website, then social media and taking part in FB events and now I'm going a step further. On 22nd August I'm going to give an open mic event a go. I've chosen a passage from Flame and now just have to read it out loud and practice until next Monday.
Not sure how it'll go, or what to expect, but it's worth giving it a go :D



12th August 2016


Well, it's 10pm on a Friday night and I'm pleased to say that I'm sitting happily writing in the summerhouse. I have fairy lights, candles and a glass of cold prosseco for company. I have my ipod on and it's still warm outside, what a perfect night. And right now I need this escapism. I want to be able to feel at peace and have alone time. Lots to think about and decisions to be made, so watch this space...


9th August 2016


I've just received my first 5* review for my YA Fantasy, Defender of Stargor, and feeling rather proud :D




Went to see Suicide Squad today, what an awesome film and the soundtrack was amazing too :D



6th August 2016


Okay, so now I'm back at work I really must work hard at that work/life balance. I haven't actually written anything since last Sunday and so I am starting to get fidgety again. This always happens when I don't write most days, I guess it's like an addict who needs her fix. I shall definitely be writing today and tomorrow and must get in the habit of at least writing on my days off.


I had a slot on a FB event last night and they always give me a buzz. It's great to connect with other authors and readers.


I've also seen that there's an open mic event at a cafe in a nearby town. I've never done this before, so once again where my writing career is concerned, I am going to push my boundaries and give it a go. It's only 5 minutes so what can possibly go wrong? Lol, knowing me, anything can happen. I just have to choose which book and then what passage I shall read out!!



3rd August 2016


Flame, my contemporary romacne thriller is on off at 99p for a limited time. So, if you're looking for your next holiday read, check it out at this bargain price :D





Okay, so I've been at work for a couple of days. Monday was a training day, I don't work Tuesdays - or Thursdays - and today was my first proper day in the role. There's a lot to learn and my brain is a little fried, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. The people all seem friendly and approachable so that always helps. It's also in a nice setting down on the waterfront so plenty of places to have a coffee at lunchtime :D



31st July 2016


Okay, so sitting in my summerhouse on my last evening of 'freedom'. I start a new job tomorrow, three days a week so I'll still have free days for writing. It's been almost ten months since the end of my last job and will be a bit of a shock to the system. I'll go in with my eyes open and do the role to the best of my ability, like I always do. I just want to be able to go in, do a good job, get n with my colleagues and then go home and forget about it. Had to deal with too manymind games in my previous roles, and not prepared to deal with that anymore. I had a good feeling about the company when I walked in, so fingers crossed my instincts were good.


Happily writing at present and cannot imagine ever being without the ability to create stories. As long as it makes me happy, I'll continue to write. Also hoping to catch up on some reading because I haven't read anyting since January!!



24th July 2016


I was offered the job that I went for and Friday and I accepted. I like the atmosphere when I walked in and the people seemed nice too. It'll feel weird going back to work after being at home almost ten months!


I received another rejection for Island Love and had a little bit of feedback too. They said there wasn't a real hook at the start. I can see what they mean and was grateful for the advice. So, I put a call out to people on FB offereing a copy of the book in return for their honest opinions. If anyone else would like a copy, get in touch with me via the contact page on here, or PM on FB and DM on Twitter :D



20th July 2016


Been crazy busy writing and editing and I now have two job interviews! Just like buses, they all come along at once, let's hope I'm successful!


I recieved a call from someone yesterday who had just finished reading my book, Flame. Not normally her genre of choice but she loved it and couldn't put it down. She acutally cried at the end, in a good way. It heartened me that someone loved it so much that they wanted to tell me :D


After the real downer of a time I've had recently, it's good to have positive things happen for a change. Onwards and upwards then :D



16th July 2016


Think I may well move into my writing cave on a permanent basis! I can't believe how much writing I can get done  there. Book three in my Summer Loving Selection is coming along nicely and as usual, the characters have decided to take it on a tangent that I hadn't envisaged! All part of being an author I guess, wouldn't have it any other way :D



13th July 2016


Sat in my summerhouse/writing cave last night. I was surrounded by candles, fairy lights and the sound of the rain on the roof. It was such a lovely and peaceful environment to write in. I felt calm and at peace and after the way I'd been feeling over the last few days, it was a very welcome experience. And I got through a lot of editing too, so that was a bonus.



10th July 2016


I've taken a backseat from Twitter over the past few days. I love the fact that people retweet for me and I reciprocate, but it's starting to take up a large part of my day. So, I've backed off for a little while so that I can focus on writing and do some research for the contemporary romance that I'm working on.


Have taken up speedwalking again, I do step at home five times a week but need something a bit higher impact. This helps me when I'm feeling low and just lately, mild depression has caught up with me again. I find that wlaking in the fresh air, along with writing, helps to get my mojo back on track. It's just sometimes, several things happen at once and it starts to consume you. But I'm a fighter and I won't allow it to take me to that dark place I was a few years ago, ever again.



7th July 2016


There's a FB event being held a from 7pm GMT today to celebrate the release of Martin Ferguson's new book, Eagle of the Empire. It's going to be a fun evening. I'm doing a takeover at 8pm GMT where you can have the chance to win a copy of my book Defender of Stargor.



4th July 2016


I was recently interviewed by Jonathan Pasquariello and have now appeared on his author feature. Check it out to see what I have to say :D




30th June 2016


Today is always a hard one for me to face. It would have been my mum's birthday today. I cannot believe it's been over seven years snce she passed away. Wherever you are, Mum, I hope you're happy and at peace. I love you so very much and the pain of loss still burns brightly.


I've posted the following on my FB pages today and just thought I'd share it with you. It gives me hope and reminds me to never give up on my dream.


Something weird happened today - in a good way :D I had left some copies of Flame with a small bookshop in Woodbridge just over a year ago. I contacted them last Friday as no copies had sold and said I'd collect them this week. Well, I went in today and the owner informed me that shortly after I'd called, he'd sold a copy! This may not seem like much but I was over the moon that someone had actually picked up a copy and bought it :D
It's really hard out there for us authors with all the editing, marketing and praying that readers will leave a review. So, I think I'm justified in performing a little happy dance around my living room. And if that person who bought it is reading this, thank you so very much for taking a chance on my work and I hope you enjoy it :D <3 xx



27th June 2016


Went to see the new Independence Day film today in 4D. It was a fantastic experience, like you were on a theme park ride for the whole length of the film! The chairs move, there's smells, water, flashing lights, smoke you name it!


I've been writing loads over the weekend and feel happy with what I'm achieving. I've dropped copies of my books at several local libraries and plan to visit another one later in the week. One of them asked if I'd like to do a talk and I said I'd be more than happy to, so I'll wait and see.


23th June 2016


Now trying to get back into a contemporary romance I was writing set on the island of Tenerife. I actually found it a hard slog getting back to it and suffered a small bout of writer's block. Fortunately, I quickly overcame it and have been writing furiously ever since.


I'm discovering that it is becomeing increasingly difficult to find a job. I've tried office work, cleaning and everything in between. My CV is good and I interview well so I don't know what the hell it is. I guess it might be my age, but that is damn unfair if it is. Oh well, I'll just keep on trying, never been one to be called a quitter :D Wish me luck! And in the meantime...I'll continue to write.


19th June 2016


I'm taking over a half hour slot on a FB event tomorrow at 8pm GMT. For the chance to win a copy of Defender of Stargor, and see other great authors on there follow this link



Went to a gig at 02 Stadium yesterday called Stone Free, saw Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica, The Darkness, Blackberry Smoke and various others. Was a great gig and fantastic to see one of my faves, Apocalyptica again. We had to get to the venue by using a cable car over the Thames, not good with heights so was pretty terrified on the way over! The way back was easier because it was in the dark and a lot faster :D


15th June 2016


Woo hoo, time for the happy dance around the room! I have just completed the first draft of The Battle for Stargor, Book Three of The Fireblood Saga. I shall now put it to one side for a couple of weeks before I commence the first edit. In the meantime I hope to work on the new contemporary romance I'm writing. And if I'm very lucky I may even get some reading in too!!


13th June 2016


At last I have paperback copies of Defender of Stargor in my hot little hands. There's nothing better than physically holding something that you've created. It's such a shame my paranormal romance are totally ebound as I'd love to have copies of thos too.


I've been busy answering questions for a blog I'll be appearing on very soon and quite excited about it. I also need to knuckle down to write more. Time appears to have escaped from me somehow, God knows where it's gone!! I am up to almost 60K words now on The Battle for Stargor and leading up nicely to Melora's battle with Heliades. Still not sure how this is going to pan out, but that's the fun of not writing a plot and allowing the story to take control.


I went for a job interview this morning and will find out at the end of the week if I've been successful. Would be a nice little job, but not sure how the interview went. Then the handle on my bag brok and some nice person soaked me whilst waiting for bus at a damp and soggy bust stop. Was feeling rather fed up until I got home and saw that my paperbacks had arrived.


Went to see Warcraft and the new Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles films on Friday. I really enjoyed both of them, a good way to have a bit of escapism from the real world for a while.



8th June 2016


I managed to write around 1K words of The Batttle for Stargor yesterday, but I really need to be writing more. I got sidetracked when I had an idea for another Young Adult series, which surprised me because after I finish with The Fireblood Saga, I honestly thought that would be it. But the muse had other ideas, not that I'm complaining. I've made notes and put them away for another day because I have other works which need editing and finishing after this one is done with.


5th June 2016


Had a fabulous day yesterday. Saw AD/DC at The Olympic Stadium and it was awesome. I had misgivings about Axl Rose singing but have to admit that he was great. I also had a Eureka moment at the gig when a storyline came to me. I was amazed because it was for a Young Adult book, which has the potential to be a series. I actually thought that after my Fireblood series I was done with that genre but obviously not and even though Iam more of a romance author, my muse has other ideas and I am more than happy to run with that :D


Even more excited now, I am going to see Apocalyptica one of my favourite groups ever, along with Alice Cooper, The Darkness and Blackberry Smoke at the O2. Woo hoo this more than makes up for not seeing Motley Crue last November :D



3rd June 2016


I'll be taking part in the following release event for Katie M John's Beautiful Freaks Paperback Release Event from 8pm to 9pm GMT tonight. Come on over and join in the fun and meet some great authors. I'll be posting excerpts of my work and giveaways, nothing to do with FB etc. Hope to see you there :D


Been manic the last few days. The Battle for Stargor is going well and I'm over three quarters of the way through the first draft. My writing cave/summerhouse is almost ready to be kitted out with furniture etc. and just needs a little more varnishing...if the weather holds!


I'm probably like most authors out there and find that writing the book is really the easiest part of the whole author experience. I'm going on several FB events to try and highlight my books with giveaways etc, but with so many other authors all vying for readers, it's really hard.


My books haven't had any reviews for a little while and it's hard to know what else to do. I appreciate that it's hard to write reviews, I know because I've written several for authors and things like hotels. But at the end of the day, whether my books sell well or not, I enjoy writing and have loads more ideas for other books. So, for any other authors out there who may be struggling this is what I have to say. You write becuase it is your passion, something you love dearly and cannot breathe without it. And so, while you have breath in your body and absolutely love creating your stories keep going :D



30th May 2016


Been a busy weekend and have spent a lot of time varnishing the summerhouse, can't wait to kit it out and then get writing in there. I still have to do the floor, so once I've updated my blog I'll get on with that.


I was going to spend an afternoon reading yesterday, but that plan fell by the wayside. Instead, I sat in garden with iPod on watching all the different birds visiting our garden, it was very peaceful. But full steam ahead today and have just about caught up on Twitter. If I leave it for more than a day it takes forev er to retweet, but always happy to do so for people who support me too :D


One of my fellow authors at Little Bird Publishing House is having a cover and book blurb reveal today, so come on over and meet the lovely Hazel Robinson at




26th May 2016


Met a couple of friends for a meal last night and had a great time. We'd met up on a long weekend away about three weeks ago, having not seen each other for years. We decided to make a date and meet up because it's too easy to say stay in contact and then never do. I'm so pleased that we did and we plan to do it again in about a month's time :D


I've written over 2K words for The Battle for Stargor today and now am nearly up to 52K, so I'm very pleased with that. I love it when she sit down and start writing, your fingers flyng over the keyboard as the story unfolds. Ahh, happy days :D


And the summerhouse arrives tomorrow so I get my writing cave at long last. Peace and quiet so I can write undisturbed, I cannot wait!



22nd May 2016


I've just come bck from a few days away with a great friend in Sheringham. It's a beautiful, sleepy seaside resort on the North Norfolk Coast and if you're looking for somewhere to chill, or be inspired, that's the place to be. We had a fabulous hotel/pub right on the seafront and went for walks along the prom. The beaches are unspoiled and beautiful. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach was very peaceful and we were blessed with beautiful weather too. Also went for a ride on the Poppy Line, which is a steam railway. Very much recommended as it goes through beautiful countryside and the stations are all beautifully maintained. Was very sad when we had to say goodbye, but we will be returning.


The internet was a nightmare to get when I was away, so I had to leave a lot of what I wanted to do until I returned. But actually, that wasn't a bad thing. Sometimes I think we need to take a break from technology whether we want to or not.


Catching up on social media at present. I couldn't believe how many retweets I had waiting for me on Twitter! I've placed some one-liners etc. for my books on Facebook and have also been going through, The Battle for Stargor, which is the final part of the Fireblood Saga. I'm almost through editing the 47K plus words Ive already written and should be good to go tomorrow to continue writing the story. It's all go here!!!



17th May 2016


So after Desire Unleashed Paranormal Romance and Defender of Stargor Young Adult Fantasy both releasing in May, it's now time to settle back down to writing. Although I'll continue to place teasers etc. on FB and Twitter I can't wait to get back into writing. As part two of the YA trilogy is complete, I need to get on with the final part, which is about 47K words in. Then after that I have two erotic novels which are partway through...and ideas for another YA series are waiting in the wings too! Not to mention several finished works which I should really think about submitting. No rest for the wicked they say, in that case I really must be wicked lol!



13th May 2016


Well, what can I say? My FB party was fabulous and I met so many amazing people on there, it was a real blast! Although I thought I might crash and burn, I was really hyper and didn't get to sleep until about 3.30 and was awake at 7am! I guess it'll catch up with me later today :D


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and took the time to answer competition questions and interact, and all the authors who had a slot too. There's some amazing talent out there and I already have some work downloaded on my Kindle.


I also want to say huge thank yous to everyone invloved with Little Bird Publishing House, for all their help and support it has been invaluable to me. And also to all the wonderful authors there too, it's an amazing family that I am proud to be part of :D


12th May 2016


Exciting day today, Defender of Stargor is released. I have a FB event which starts at 7pm and closes at 3am tomorrow morning. I plan to be there throughout the whole event and I guess I'll be a tad sleepy after that! If you'd like to check the release event out come over and say hi, it'll be great to meet you. Just follow this link  https://www.facebook.com/events/1681518208769299/permalink/1681769955410791/




10th May 2016


Have come back from an amazing weekend away. Met up with people I haven't seen in a long time and had lots of laughs and fun times. It was an Ipswich Town Away Match Weekender, these trips have been going on for thirty-five years, so it is sad that this one was the last one, but they take a lot of organising and with all the legal requirements it's understandable.


We had several vists which included a steam train ride with lunch, Denby Pottery, brewery tour, Rockingham Castle, tour of Derby County FC's ground. The weather was extremely kind to us too and it was all sunshine and warm breezes.


Now I need to focus on the release of my YA Fantasy, Defender of Stargor, Book One of the Fireblood Trilogy, which is on Thursday. It's now on pre order, which is really exciting.


5th May 2016


In preparation for my release event on FB for Defender of Stargor I have been busily working on what to say throughout the event. I've got some questions, four teasers from the book and an intro to put at the very start of the event.


I'm starting to get used to this knd of marketing/event now. By the time Chapter Con comes around I'll be more confident about this sort of event.


4th May 2016


I've decided to try my hand at making some swag to go with copies of Defender of Stargor that I'll be giving away on the FB release event, 12th May. I'm qute pleased with the way the bookmarks have turned out, especially as I'm not known for my artistic flair!!


I haven't written for a few days whilst I prepare for this release and I'm hoping that once DOS is out there that I can get on and focus on book three :D


1st May 2016


Desire Unleashed, book 8 of The Eternal Love of the Seekers series, is released today. It's my personal favourite and I had great fun writing it. Grab a copy and enjoy the thrills, danger, suspense and sexual tension :D




30th April 2016


I cannot believe that it's already a quarter of the way through 2016, where the hell did those months go?


Busy time ahead with two books out within 12 days of each other. Desire Unleashed releases tomorrow and the Defender of Stargor on 12th May, I'll probably be running around like a headless chicken for the next few days. I'm also away for a long weekend next week, which has come at the wrong time with everything else going on.


Tomorrow, I'm going to try my hand at making some swag to go with the Defender of Stargor books. Not know for my artistic flair, this could end up a complete disaster lol. Anyway, I'm willing to give it a go :D


27th April 2016


I'm well over halfway through The Battle for Stargor now, 45,200 words to be precise :D


I understand that most writers dislike the editing process, but I cannot stress enough how important it is. I always re-read the last chapter I write before starting to write again and just as well that I did! I'd managed to muddle up two character's names and lost the thread of what I was putting down. It's all sorted now, happy days :D


24th April 2016


Well I've finally defeated the dreaded lurgy and the virus is now beating a hasty retreat :D I've got back into writing and have actually written one of the final scenes for The Battle for Stargor. It popped into my head so I thought I might as well get it written down.


Had a bit of an adventure on Friday the 22nd. Went to the railway station with a friend and decided on the spur of the moment to pay a visit to Chelmsford. It was a fun day out and will definitley do it again. There are so many places within easy reach, so it's a shame not to give them all a look :D


19th April 2016


Isn't it typical. I was really getting into The Battle for Stargor when bam, I get struck with some flu/cold type virus accompanied by headaches! Needless to say, the muse has been dormant during this time. Feeling much better today so with any luck, I should be back on track by tomorrow :D


17th April 2016


If anyone fancies joining in the fun for Defender of Stargor release party, or taking a half hour slot, please follow this link https://www.facebook.com/events/1681518208769299/permalink/1681769955410791/


15th April 2016


The exact date for Defender of Stargor to be released is now 12th May 2016. Little Bird Publishing House are hosting a launch event on that date. If you have time, come and join in the fun, it will be good to see you there.


No writing achived today as I am full of the lurgy and find it difficult to focus when my head is pounding. Happy days!


13th April 2016


Some exciting news relating to Defender of Stargor. It's due to be released mid May 2016 and the cover art is absolutely amazing. Can't wait for it to be published, more details to follow soon :D


12th April 2016 


Started work on The Battle for Stargor yesterday, just reading through the 36K words I've already written and should get started on the rest of the story tomorrow. I love it when I get my teeth into a project and then when it comes to the end - especially a series - I always feel a little sad as well as happy.


So many stories chasing around in my head at the moment, and notes written, that I think I'll ne writing well in to my 90s at this rate :D



8th April 2016


Wardens of Stargor is now complete and plan to carry on with The Battle for Stargor tomorrow. Happy with the way things are going and hope to finish it in a couple of weeks time.


Then it'll be time to get back to a couple of sizzling romances that I've put on hold whilst writing the fantasy trilogy :D


5th April 2016


I went to see Eddie the Eagle at the cinema yesterday and thought it was a wonderful film. I came away with the thought that if you want something bad enough, no matter how others may ridicule you or try to put you down, follow your dreams all the way.


Happily working on The Wardens of Stargor and should be finished with the final rework by the end of the week. Then it'll be right on with The Battle for Stargor. Also looking forward to getting on with other projects which have been put on hold until the trilogy is completed. :D


1st April 2016


Dangerous Temptation, book 7 of The Eternal Love of the Seekers series is released today...all go here!


Hurrah, I've finally finished reworking Defender of Stargor and pleased with the way it now looks. Going to take a breather for the rest of the day and start checking The Wardens of Stargor tomorrow. Then when that's over, time to carry on working with The Battle for Stargor. I also have a couple of MS ready to submit and a few more projects which require my attention. I don't think I'm going to get writer's block anytime soon :D


28th March 2016


What a manic day today! Took 3 hours to fill out 2 job application forms, then had to catch up on Twitter and Facebook. Now all that is complete it's time for me to continue editing Defender of Stargor. With any luck I'll break the back of it today :D


26th March 2016


Busy busy atm! Have Flame's blog tour to keep an eye on so making loads of updates on Twitter and Facebook. For the chance to win a paperback copy of the book and a giftcard, head over to my FB page https://www.facebook.com/toyarichardsonauthor/ and give me a like to be in with the chance to win. I'm also offering a signed copy of the paperback too. All you have to do is tell me what your ideal romantic date would be and the winner will be picked at the end of the tour.


Also busily reworking parts of Defender of Stargor and loving it. Already added around 8K words. Ooops could turn out to be another monster :D


21st March 2016


Seven years ago today I lost my amazing, wonderful mum. She was also my best friend and I miss her each and every single day. I wish she could see how far I've come and if not for her love and encouragement, I am not certain I'd be writing like I am today.


I hope you're watching, mum, and I want you to know that every book I am fortunate enough to publish, will be dedicated to you memory. xxx


18th March 2016


Manic day today. I've been busily working through the edits for Defender of Stargor. I am going to be adding some scenes and taking out some which are not really needed. All exciting stuff. I cannot believe how much I have grown as a writer since I wrote this book and The Wardens of Stargor. I have learned so much, and learning more each day :D


16th March 2016


I don't seem to have time to breathe lately. Been for an interview early this afternoon, but not really certain how it went. It's always difficult to gauge how you come across. I did stumble a little so who knows.


I'm hoping to anounce a couple of excting things relating to my books very soon, but waiting to have confirmation first :D


Not sure how it will go but I've entered two of my books for the Kindle Book Awards 2016. I have nothing to lose so I thought I'd go for it. All part of the writing and learning experience.


Now have to crack on and catch up with social media and then with a bit of luck, I may get some writing in too :D


13th March 2016




Lots going on at the moment, that I don't know which way to turn first. There's going to be an exciting blog tour for Flame towards the end of this month. I'm also up to just over 33K words in the Battle for Stargor and the story is really starting to gather momentum :D


I'm also starting to gather things together relating to my writing to hand out to people. I've just become the proud owner of a stack of business cards that I'm really chuffed about. next I'm thinking about bookmarks and other giveaways :D


9th March 2016


Thank goodness for that! After a couple of days away from The Battle for Stargor I got right back into it. I cannot believe how hard I've found it to write this book. I've written just over twenty now - and a couple of other WIPs - and never suffered this badly before. I guess it happens to all of us at some point, just glad it's been easier today :D


8th March 2016


Finally, I've had some business cards made. I've been meaning to order some for years, so feeling happy that they'll be with me soon :D


Had a couple of days without writing, but fully intend to crack on tomorrow. Just needed to distance myself from it for a little while. Now my brain is fully charged and raring to go!!


4th March 2016


Well it's all happening today. I've seen two 5* reviews for two of my books today. It makes me feel proud and happy that reaaders have gone to the trouble of posting their thoughts regarding my work. As an author, you can never thank people enough for these.


Love and Deception review - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Deception-Eternal-Seekers-Book-ebook/dp/B01BCUNFLM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1457103812&sr=8-4&keywords=toya+richardson#customerReviews


Flame review - http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1N2D75MB4T5GK/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SCIKL4C


1st March 2016


The Power of Love & Passion, book 6 of The Eternal Love of the Seekers series, is released today :D The passion, danger and thrills start to really pick up the pace in this instalment.


I've also written another 3K words on The Battle for Stargor. I was a bit concerned that I might struggle with this final book in the series, but I'm really into it now and it's really starting to get exciting :D


28th February 2016


Happy with what I've achieved today, 3K words written on The Battle for Stargor and I had a lovely long walk in the sunshine afterwards. Always helps to get my head straight, especially when I have music playing on my iPod too. I've caught up with all of my social media and just this little piece for my blog, then my work here is done.


Only two more days until book 6 of my Eternal Love of the Seekers series, The Power of Love and Passion, is released. The story starts to really pick up the pace in this book, danger lurks around every corner for the Seekers, and the passion is uber hot!


24th February 2016


Unfortunately I didn't get the job I had a second interview for. I was gutted, but not anything I can do about it so time to move on. It's a lot harder to get employment than I realised, onwards and upwards!


In the meantime, happy to immerse myself in my writing, my happy place :D I'm enjoying The Battle for Stargor. I was concerned that after leaving it so long bwteen writing book 2 and 3 that I'd get writer's block - it was over 4 years ago that Thw Wardens of Stargor was written. In fact, I got straight back into the story and relishing every minute of it :D


21st February 2016


Book two if The Fireblood Saga, The Wardens of Stargor, is now complete and polished. So far, I've written just over 6K for the final book, The Battle for Stargor, and am happy with the progress. I actually got up at 8am today, planning on having a bath, but I was still sitting here in my pjs writing at 10.30! I love being an author, it's great to get caught up in the world you're writing about and just go with the flow.


I can say, in all honesty, that I cannot imagine my life where writing, editing and planning don't figure. It's an integral part of who I am, almost like a living, breathing entity :D


16th February 2016


Lots of editing going on at present and already gearing up to write book three of my Fireblood Saga. I'm editing book two at the moment and this will help me to focus on the storyline for book three.


I took part in an event hosted by Little Bird Publishing House on FB over the weekend. It was really great to connect with lots of different people. I gifted three copies of Flame, so I'm hoping the people who'll receive them will enjoy the story.


Had a trial session at an employers this morning. It went really well and keeping my fingers crossed that I'm successful.


14th February 2016


Happy Valentines Day to you all. Whatever you're doing, I hope it's a great day for you.


I've been busily writing, editing and research and cannot believe how quickly time has run away from me!


Lots in the pipeline, so much to do and so little time. Still, that's just how I like it :D


12th February 2016


There's still time to enter my competiton to win a copy of Flame. See post below. I'll announce the winner on Monday :D


Busily writing at the moment and just enjoying being immersed in wonderful loving stories. I'm considering which direction to go in next. I feel I'm at a crossroads at the moment and not certain which path to choose.


6th February 2016


Flame, my romance/thriller, is one today, can you believe that? Where has the year gone. And to celebrate, I'm giving one person who reads this blog to win a signed copy. All I ask in return is that you use the contact form on this website and tell me what is your dream romantic holiday destination, and why. This comp will close at end of Februrary 14th.


There are also chances to wn a copy on my FB & Twitter pages. Good luck!! :D


5th February 2016


The concert was absolutely mind-blowing! Highly Suspect, Halestorm, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry...Damn you guys brought the roof down!!! I cannot wait to see BSC again, each time I see them they get better...if that's even possible. One happy rock chick here :D


4th February 2016


Watching my Black Stone Cherry DVD at present. I'll be going off to Wembley to see them soon and cannot wait. Nothing like a huge dose of rock and roll to soothe the soul :D


1st February 2016


Love and Deception, book 5 of the Eternal Love of the Seekers Series, is now out all excting stuff!


I had hoped to continue with my new writing project today, but I've now got book eight back from the publishers so I'll be giving that the final read through for now.


30th January 2016


Busy day today. Written quite a bit more of my new romance book, it's always so exciting to get your teeth into a new project.


I'll be having a competition to win one of three signed copies of my romance/thriller Flame in the next few days, so keep an eye out :D


I also saw a great 5* review for Rise of the Chameleons at this link :D http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3QPKWLBJ3T9NA/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0160DNG8S&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=341677031&store=digital-text


28th January 2016


Well, chapter one of my romance novel based in Tenerife is now complete and I'm happy with it so far. It's going to be a novella, rather than a full blown novel, but those of you who know me will understand that it never quite pans out that way. So, we'll wait and see...


Busily job hunting, but it's harder than you think out there. I'm honestly not certain if I want an office based job anymore. Perhaps it's time for a career change, although the only other career I desire is to write.


I've also taken the time to clear up the garden and go for long walks in the winter sunshine. Nothing quite like it for soothing the soul and putting everything into perspective.


24th January 2016


Apart from some wonderful story ideas, I have also caught a cold on way back from Tenerife lol. Today is spent updating this blog, copious amounts of RTs and catching up on all the wonderful washing, happy days :D


23rd January 2016


One of the final scenes in my new story takes place at Tenerife (South) Airport. I did a little smile to myself whilst standing at check in and again, I could see the scene unfolding :D


22nd January 2016


Last full day was spent at Duque Beach and again, I spent most of the time writing. I guess all good things must come to an end and I did take loads of pics to prompt me regarding the story on my return to the UK.


21st January 2016


At last, went to my favourite place :D We call it Pirate's Beach, not sure of its proper name. There's a great little bar there though called, Chiringoto Pirata Bar. It's nothing fancy, but the vibe is great with seating by the top of the hill looking down at the samll beach, or undercover seating to keep out of the sun. The food is delicious too and enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.


I wrote a whole chapter in my new work whilst sitting there. It's set at the bar and I could actually see the scene taking place as the couple meet each other for the very first time. It was surreal to see the attraction unfold and think yes, this is the ideal place *sigh*


20th January 2016


Duque beach once again for another chillout, spent most of the time scribbling again. I did have a beach massage, which gave me a very good idea to put in my new book ;-)


19th January 2016


Went to El Medano during the day and sat by the waterfront eating tapas and watching the world go by. So many people that the writing brain was full on, wondering what they were doing, where they came from and were they happy or sad. Good job I had the trusty notebook with me so I could jot down the ideas crowding my brain.


18th January 2016


Today went to Duque beach at Las Calletas, love this one as the scenery is amazing and again so peaceful. Surrounded by cliffs, trees and flowers and many cafes and restaurants. I chilled completely, had a read and listened to my trusty iPod.


For the evening went to El Miradoe restaurant at Los Abrigos. Sat outside on the balcony with the waves crashing, the moon glimmering off the sea and delicous seafood. This is definitely going to be the setting for a scene in one of my new romances.


17th January 2016


Went for another walk to San Blas on my own this time, with just my iPod for company, I love times like that. The sun was shining and glistened off the sea like a carpet of jewels, stunning. Went to Las Galletas later for coffe at a beachside cafe, quite windy and there were several people surfing on the rolling waves.


16th January 2016



I had 14 hours sleep so more than made up for lack of sleep yesterday. I took some amazing pics of the sunrise, very inspirational for a writer :D. Went to San Blas which is about 30 minutes away and story ideas started to fill my head. Then sitting back on the balcony later and bam!! another fabulous story idea came to me. Funny, I've been here many times before and never had ideas like this!


15th January 2016


OMG only about 15 minutes sleep and then up at 1.30am to go to the airport! It was freezing cold outside and the flight was really bumpy, I knew it's be bad when the cabin crew strapped themselves in too. But that's okay, because it was lovely and warm when we reached Tenerife and I forgot all the trauma beforehand :D


14th January 2016


At long last, Leah's Story is now finished, at least the first draft is! I feel much happier knowing that I have finally completed it. The edits will have to take a back seat for now. I'm having a final read-through of Wardens of Stargor, this is book 2 in my YA fantasy Fireblood Saga. Once that is done, I can focus on writing the third and final part. So as usual, it's all go here.


Off to Tenerife very early tomorrow for a chill out, read and maybe even do a little bit of writing :D


12th January 2016


Head over to the following link at Little Bird Publishing House to see what fellow authors Hazel Robinson, Jo Richardson and myself had to say about our favourite subject, romance :D




11th January 2016


Had a lovely break in Cambridge. I didn't realise how beautiful the city was. The architecture was fantastic and I loved walking around the colleges and inside a church. Will definitely be returning. It had the same vibe as Norwich, although it's a city, it had a really relaxed vibe to it.


The accommodation was deinfintely on a par with Fawlty Towers! Two bathrooms shared between seven rooms, with not even a loo or sink in the individual rooms! Paper was peeling off the walls and we even had an extra in our room...a dead fly! Oh, and music from the bar below until three in the morning. I had to laugh, there wasn't anything we could do about the situation so we made the most of it. Next time, it'll definitely be a room with an ensuite.


I've just about caught up with the social media that had built up whilst I was away. I'm not writing at present as I'm feeling pretty burnt out. I'm away at the end of the week, for a week, and will start writing again when I get back...unless the muse comes knocking while I'm away :D


7th January 2016


Just seen a 5* review for Dangerous Revelations on Amazon :D




It's such a great feeling when a reader has taken the time to put a review online because I know they're not always easy to write. But believe me, authors always appreciate them :D


5th January 2016


Happy to see a 4* review for Dangerous Revelations on Goodreads today :D https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28423994-dangerous-revelations?from_search=true&search_version=service#other_reviews


I also received other good news today, but won't be sharing until everything is finalised. Suffice it to say that I am extremely excited!! 2016 is definitely beginning to get better :D


3rd January 2016


Dangerous Revelations is now on sale, I'm really excited about this because the series starts to really heat up and more characters are now introduced :D


Hope everyone had a great start to the new year. Unfortunately, I had a tummy bug on New Year's Day and sciatica! Great start to the new year :D Let's hope that it'll get better from now on.


I've had a bit of a rest from writing. I started to feel as though I was burnt out and not feeling the love. So many things were going on that I couldn't focus and had dreadful ttrouble sleeping. Still, I am feeling refreshed after a few really good night's sleep and hope to get back to writing really soon.