• 27th December 2013


    I'm in shock at the moment, I am now being sent contracts for the other six books in my Eternal Love of the Seekers series. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream or run round the room...I think I did all in the end. I cannot believe this is happening to me. Like all authors writing is our passion and we do it because we love creating wonderful stories and amazing characters and when you realise other people are interested in your work, it seems surreal.


    I was a bit emotional on Christmas day morning thinking about my mum. I really wish she could see how well I am doing, it's times like this that I miss her so very much. She was my mentor and best friend and as I've said before, it was her death which spurred me on with my writing - and kept me sane! I cannot wait to dedicate The Atlantean Birthright to her.


    I have done an edit on The Atlantean Birthright and will check it over once more before sending it back to my editor. I'm nervous and excited about what she will think. I am now thankful that I got up to date with all my synopses otherwise I'd be tearing my hair out right about now!!


    Off to the Ally Pally tomorrow afternoon to see the PDC darts championships. I went last year and had a great time, so really looking forward to it. 


    24th December 2013


    Heard from my editor yesterday and the good news is she likes the story and the characters *phew* :D. I do have things which need sorting out and with her assistance and advice I know I'll get it rectified. Points of view requires working on and a couple of scenes which need show and not tell. It's all a real learning curve and strangely enough in the books I've written recently, I think I've cracked it - although I will be going over them after I've finished with The Atlantean Birthright. I'm not concerned if the release date has to be put back because I want to take my time and ensure it's as good as it possibly can be.


    I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas. And a huge thank you for everyone who has taken the time to check out my website and blog. :D xxxxx


    23rd December 2013


    Pleased to say mum in law is having a two week break at one of my brother in laws. Although when she returns, she will need to have an assessment done.


    The holiday season is always hectic, but I do try to find time for quiet contemplation for those who are not as well off as others.


    Still waiting to hear from my editor with nervous anticipation. Would like to start a new writing project, but want to wait and see how much work I will need to do on The Atlantean Birthright.


    I am also preparing one of my one-off Paranormal Romance books for submission, so plenty of work for me to do. Although it's not really work to me as it's my passion and one that will never fade.


    17th December 2013


    Just felt the need to say something about how distressing it is to see someone you love succumb to Dementia. My wonderful mother-in-law, who has been like a second mum to me, has gone downhill over the last month with it. It was distressing to see her standing in the corner of her kitchen, clutching a bag and crying. She keeps seeing things that aren't there and repeats things over and over - at that point I really wanted to weep with her. It has to be one of the low spots in my life and if you've never seen anything like it, I sincerely hope you never do. I don't think she'd eaten for a couple of days and had drunk very little, so I ensured she had something. She's now going away to stay with one of my brother-in-laws over Christmas, but it is worrying about what will happen on her return. I hope and pray that a cure is found soon for this wicked disease.


    16th December 2013


    Well, I think it's time to do a victory dance up and down the living room now! Just finished my eighth synopsis and book blurb and I feel an immense sense of relief :D Writers take it from me, always make sure you write a synopsis and book blurb after each and every book and not when you have eight to do like me!


    I spent the weekend with a very dear friend in Norwich. It was wonderful to chill out, wander around the lovely city, have a few drinks and a good natter. It's amazing how much a couple of days away from it all can recharge your batteries, I really should do it more often.


    13th December 2013


    Saw the Hobbit today, oh wow what a fabulous film! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, can't wait for the third one! There was an extended trailer for Captain America the Winter Solider too, which looks awesome a good all round trip to the cinema :D


    Off to Norwich for the weekend with a close friend tomorrow, she's had a really bad time with the loss of three close family members this year and deserves a break away from it all. It's such a beautiful city with a friendly relaxed vibe, I'm sure we'll have a great time.


    Hoping to have finished my 8th and final synopsis tonight, or when I get home on Sunday. It'll be a huge relief to know they're done. Then I'll wait to hear from my editor with any changes that may need to happen to The Atlantean Birthright *gulp* :D


    7th December 2013


    Wow, my site has now had just over 10K hits, that's amazing and I hope people like what they have seen.


    Still busy with the dreaded synopses at present but now I am on No.7, at least I can see the end in sight and maybe by next weekend No. 8 - the final one - will be done and dusted. I should be hearing from my editor in the next week or two and so I'll be freed up to make any changes that she might require me to do.


    I was hoping to start a new writing project soon although when I started doing the synopsis for my Atlantean series, I have ideas for at least one more book. I wasn't going to touch that series again for a while but I really want to now :D


    Time to sign off for now, I have presents which need to be wrapped up or they'll never be sorted in time for Christmas. Off to see the Hobbit next Friday and really excited about that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    30th November 2013


    Still busy with the dreaded synopses. Now started on No.6, but this book is 127K words in length so will take a little longer to complete. I shall definitely be celebrating once they're all finished and in the future, I will ensure I complete them after each and every book!


    I made a right fool of myself yesterday! I was in the office on my own for most of the morning and so I donned my IPod and started singing White Trash Millionaire by Black Stone Cherry at the top of my voice...didn't notice someone had come in. Tee hee, I think I probably traumatised him with my off-key singing!!


    There was a dreadful helicopter crash in the centre of Glasgow last night and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. 


    23rd November 2013


    Now starting on synopsis number four, which means I am almost halfway through my backlog. My editor has got back to me and said the edited version of The Atlantean Birthright will be with me by mid December and still be on target to be published in June 2014. At least it gives me the time to sort out all my outstanding synopses :D


    Saw The Hunger Games Catching Fire today. It was a good movie but just a little bit slow in getting to the action. It was left hanging so that will lead nicely to the next film.


    I am going to be spending New Year and my birthday - which is just after New Year - with a great friend in Scotland. It will be good to get away for a few days and switch off completely. Will be taking my laptop with me too, just in case my muse has more writing for me to do.


    16th November 2013


    I have learned a very valuable not wait until you have a pile of books to write synopses. I have eight books which all need a synopsis. I was stupid enough to leave it and now have the headache of writing one for each. As a writer, writing your creation is the easy part and even editing is not that bad but the synopsis...*groan*. Let's just say that I cannot get on with any new work until I've completed the synopses.


    Still waiting to hear back from my editor and now becoming extremely nervous. I keep thinking, what if she's finding it difficult to edit, what if she wants me to change a lot of it? Gah, I guess most authors feel the same way, especially when it's your first work because it's your baby. Oh well, guess I'll find out soon enough and when I know, I'll let you know too.


    10th November 2013


    I have a nervous wait at the moment. My editor is due to get back to me within the next few days after looking at The Atlantean Birthright. I try not to think about what she's changed, or what she thinks about my work although it's constantly on my mind. I've been focusing on the edit of my current work and after that's finished I thought I'd better write synopses for my other work, which I haven't done yet. I always find it so hard to try and condense what's in my books to one or two A4 pages, but I'm sure I'll manage.


    Hopefully, over the next week or so, I'll be attempting to set up a Face Book page for my work. I am quite nervous about it though and have been digging my heels in a bit over it. The thing is, I think I'll have to relent and do it for the sake of promoting my work *sigh*. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, take care and have a great week ahead.


    4th November 2013


    Had a great weekend when my mate came down from Scotland. We made the most of the time and had lots of fun and went to see Thor 2...twice. I have to say that the movie was much better the second time around. And be warned, if you go to see it please stay until all the credits have gone because it's well worth it.


    Busily editing my latest writing creation at present. It was only going to be a one off but as it normally does when  I write, it's going to lead nicely into a series. I never intentionally set out to do that, it just happens. The Atlantean Birthright was only supposed to be a one off, and that turned into a series of seven - and it's also been left open for more! But hey, I absolutely love writing, it's been my saviour on many occasions so long may it continue.


    30th October 2013


    Went to see Avengers Assemble, Thor 1 & Thor 2 last night at the IMAX screening, started at 7pm and finished at 01.45 am. Got home about 02.30 am but couldn't sleep because I was cold. Thank goodness I took today off! Thor 2 was really good, but I still think the first one was much better.


    Had a couple of days without writing, so intend to start editing the work I've just finished tomorrow. Also still toying with the idea of a short erotic story too.


    28th October 2013


    Phew, it's been very windy here today with lots of damage. I was lucky with my property, only a bit of the shed roof come away, so I consider myself fortunate. Didn't make it in to work today. After almost 2 hours at the bus stop, a kind motorist stopped and told me there were trees down and the bus couldn't get through. So, after being attacked by flying milk cartons, newspapers, small branches and fizzy drinks cans - and being cold and wet! - I decided to call it a day.


    The positive out of all of this...I have finished the first draft of my latest book. Result:D


    26th October 2013


    Just getting over the sniffles, think it must have been a shock to my body after all the heat in Tenerife!


    Back on track with my writing once more and really happy. I was so scared that I'd got permanent writer's block and feared I'd not be able to write again! As soon as I loaded up my current work, all the enthusiasm came flowing back and it's made me so very happy - and relieved! Still thinking about entering a short story competition, never written a short one before so would be a good experience for me.


    My editor should be getting The Atlantean Birthright back to me by mid November. She's already given me great advice about marketing and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with my work. Okay, time to have an Indian takeaway now and then on with some more writing, happy days!!!


    19th October 2013


    Have very sad news, just when you think life has thrown all the rubbish it can at you something else happens. My cat, who was 15 years old died in his sleep on Thursday. I am devastated, he was part of our family and much loved. He died in his sleep, thank goodness, and my son was with him...doesn't help with the pain though. I am hoping that things will start to turn around for me soon. I try to remain strong and positive, although sometimes it's hard. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Two more full days in the sun before home on Monday, so must make the most of it.


    17th October 2013


    Yet another day in paradise, very warm and chilled :D Had a touch of sunstroke the day before last, silly woman I should know better! Still enjoying reading and most of the way through Christine Feehan's Dark Lycan, really good book. I am raring to go with my writing again, but will wait until I come home before I get to it. Thinking of trying my hand at a couple of short, erotic stories and may even enter them in competitions.


    14th October 2013


    Very hot and sunny in Tenerife today and the wind is also blowing wildly! Sitting in a bar checking Twitter and updating my blog to find a very scary thing. There is a type of fly, which looks just like a housefly, and it spits acid at you and it hurts like hell!! Gah, thought that sort of thing only happened in Sci Fi novels!! Hmmm, perhaps I could use it somehow. Heheheh, invasion of the mutant, acid-spitting, flies! It could turn out to be a bestseller! Okay, time for me to catch up on some more reading. The break from writing has done me good, I think I was overloading on too much - if that's possible! - and has given my brain time to rest and go back fresh to my work on my return home.


    12th October 2013


    Feeling much more upbeat now. I am enjoying my break and catching up with all the reading I haven't had time to do recently. It will help to refresh my mind and then I can start writing like crazy once more. Tenerife has also given me lots of inspiration with its beautiful coast and the wildness of the mountains, I feel more stories coming up:D


    10th October 2013


    Wow, anyone else have trouble trying to set up a Skype account? Started off easily enough but now keeps rejecting my password, will leave it for another day. Had a couple of bits of bad news regarding jobs and got a bit down about it, but I'm a fighter and will pick myself up again as I always do :D I refuse to give in to depression ever again. I am doing lots of reading and chilling on holiday and intend to enjoy the break to the full. Will worry about work when I get home. Now off to read and sunbathe, have a lovely day :D xx


    7th October 2013


    Arrived safe and sound in Tenerife. the weather is glorious and very hot. Now sitting in Aries Bar in Amarilla Golf having an ice-cold glass of lager. Have hopefully caught up with everyone on Twitter for the moment. May be writing at some point over the two weeks, but really need to chill especially after the last week I've had. But for now, I shall read, travel and listen to my music. Take care lots of hugs. :D xxx


    6th October 2013


    I hadn't been on Twitter for a few days so I thought I'd catch up on all the retweets etc. Much to my chagrin, it appears I have reached my limit for the day :( It's a real shame because I am going on holiday for two weeks and it will be difficult for me to access my account on a daily basis. I will try my best, but it will be erratic. I couldn't even tweet to tell people this, I'm sure they'll understand because they're a really lovely bunch of people on there:D


    5th October 2013


    Hasn't been a very good week for me with lots of things going wrong and piling up on top of me. One or two things I can deal with, but when it feels like your world is crashing down around you, then it becomes hard to claw your way back to the surface. I guess what's fortunate for me is that I now know the signs and can fight back. Plan to focus on my writing whilst I'm away on holiday, it's the main thing that helps to soothe my soul and I can immerse myself completely in it. Disappointed that I'll be missing the Writer's Café in Ipswich tomorrow, as I would have liked to read some of The Atlantean Birthright. If anyone reading this is going, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know if they plan another one in the future.


    I did go and see Through the Never yesterday on IMAX, it's the Metallica movie  and it was awesome. Well worth a look if you're a rock fan! Rock music is the other thing that helps me when the "blues" creep up on me, great therapy.


    29th September 2013


    Have been to see Our House at the New Wolsey Theatre. It was a play set to the music of Madness and it was brilliant. The cast obviously had a great rapport with each other and their enthusiasm came through too. It was uplifting and made you want to dance around.


    Spent a lot of my time this week editing my latest work in progress. I've cut chunks out and added more in and no doubt there will be more to do before I'm satisfied with it. I love the way it's coming along though, and have a feeling that this could well turn into another series. When you get really in to what you're writing, it's like you're there with the characters, sharing in their highs and lows. I am so blessed to enjoy this hobby of mine, long may it continue.


    18th September 2013


    Been very busy lately and thought it was time to update my blog. I am almost 50K words into my new writing project and loving every minute of it as I always do. Fingers crossed that I can complete the 1st draft before I go away on holiday. I also need to think about submitting some more of my finished work, but have to write the synopsis and book blurb, which I find difficult. It's always hard to write a summary of what I've written and find it's something I really need to work more on.


    Had a very productive day yesterday. I have my fingers tightly crossed for something I did, but won't know the outcome for two weeks. I have everything tightly crossed for a successful outcome as it's something I desperately want.


    Went to see White House Down at cinema yesterday a good action film with some funny one-liners. The best bit though was the trailers for Thor, The Hobbit and the new Metallica movie. Can't wait to see all three!!! Have a lovely day and I'll catch up with you soon when I have some more news. :D


    5th September 2013


    Phew, time has past so quickly and I realised I haven't updated my blog for a little while! Since the last time I've been to my Goddaughter's wedding, which was a wonderful day filled with love and happiness. I also got kicked out of Twitter for a little while for sending too many Tweets. Gulp, didn't know that happened! All I was trying to do was help fellow authors, poets and artists. Will just have to be careful from now on:D


    I now have a temporary job and work 9 - 2 Mon to Fri, which has been a real shock to the system after not working for 10 months! I find that I have to make sure I have specific times for writing and tweeting or I'll never get anything done. So now I write a little before and after work. My latest work is about 100 pages long and am editing it before going any further.


    Can't believe that The Atlantean Birthright will be released next June, the time is going quite quickly now. Am waiting to hear from my editor who hoped to get back to me before end of October. So now I wait nervously to see what she's done.


    28th August 2013


    Very sad day today. Went to my dear friend's mum's funeral, so sad as her father only passed away ten short weeks ago. At least they are resting in peace together now, although the pain of those left behind remains. I just want her to know I was so proud of the way she did her reading, and her brother and nephew too. And when you faltered my lovely, it was hard for me not to go to you and give you a hug. But you recovered and read a beautiful piece. Know that you have friends who will be there for you when you need them, all you have to do is call.


    27th August 2013


    Thought I'd give you all a laugh today because I am now officially a numpty! Was chatting to my son and about to put my ear buds in to listen to my iPod. Due to my lack of concentration, they flipped out of my hands and straight into my son's cup of tea! He rolled his eyes at me and when I went to wash them out under the tap, he'd said it would only make it worse. The good thing to come out of all of this, he's given me his ear buds with skulls on to wear instead :D


    26th August 2013


    Had a great time yesterday, went to see a local band called Waxing Captors great as they always are. Visited the beer festival too, which was on at the same time as a maritime festival down on the waterfront. It was heaving down there and the weather was lovely.


    24th August 2013


    What an awful day today, typical Bank Holiday weather. I don't think it's stopped raining all day! On Thursday I saw Mortal Instruments and Elysium. They were both great films, but Mortal Instruments was fantastic and I can't wait to see it again. I haven't read the books but will have to get them. The film was 130 minutes long, but it went really quickly. Well worth a look, especially if you're into that genre.


    At least with the rain and being on my own all day, it's given me a chance to get down to some serious writing and catching up with everyone on Twitter. I love the way this book is going and even though I tired to write a plan, it's turned out differently. I do love to write by the seat of my pants though, it's really exciting and even I, as the author, and never really certain which direction it's heading! Although I have already written the ending for this one. It came to me as I was daydreaming and I just had to get it written down.


    Hope you're all having a great weekend whatever you're doing. Take care and I'll be back real soon. :D


    20th August 2013


    The new book is going well and now on just over 15K words. Normally in my Paranormal Romance work, the sex scenes are always sensual, long and drawn out. With this new one, I am toying with the idea of writing some erotica, but it is quite hard to do and hats off to all you wonderful writers who have achieved it. I have written one scene that a friend, who is very open and honest about my work, has read it and thinks I've done really well for a first time. Think I'll take this slowly though and build up my confidence.


    14th August 2013


    A very sad day today. My lovely, close friend who lost her father 3 months ago, has lost her mother this morning. As always honey, my thoughts are with you and your wonderful family at this sad time. And as always, I am here for you 24/7.


    12th August 2013


    Well, it's 4.50 am here and I am wide awake! Think it's because I've been with friends in Norwich all weekend and am still a bit hyper! Had a fab time and met some really lovely people. I always hate it when I have to leave because it's such a beautiful and friendly place, but at least it's not too far away form where I live and I can go again soon...hopefully.


    I've caught up with as many people as I could on Twitter and will pop by later just to make certain I haven't forgotten to thank anyone. I was only gone for a couple of days and there were loads to catch up with. I'm hoping to get on with my new writing project a bit later today but for now, I guess I really should try to get some sleep!!! Take care everyone :D


    7th August 2013


    Started work on another Paranormal Romance book yesterday and already have a word count of just over 2k. I've got a feeling that it may end up being a series as I am also focusing on different worlds as well as Earth in this storyline, so I guess it could also be a little bit of Sci Fi too. I wrote a little a small plot line although I am writing by the seat of my pants mainly, but then that's what I like.


    A very dear friend of mine has just found out that her mother is very ill and so soon after losing her father too. I just want her to know that my thoughts are with her and the rest of her family. Take care honey and you know where I am if you need me.


    5th August 2013


    Oh my goodness I am laughing so much that I can't stop crying now! Someone sent me a Tweet with a video link, it was a cockerel crowing but it sounded like maniacal laughing. It was absolutely hilarious and I'm now laughing all over again!!!


    Okay, serious now;-) Nearly finished editing Possessive Desire and hope that by Wednesday I can start on my new writing project. I will do a small bit of planning - unheard of for me!! - as I want to write another series, but want this one to be quite in-depth and may take a while. I'm looking forward to the challenge though, as I need something to get my teeth into. I still haven't ruled out more books for The Eternal Love of the Seekers series but for now, I'm leaving them to get on with their lives in peace. Have a lovely week ;D


    2nd August 2013


    Well here I sit at 1.40am with another attack of insomnia, but no surprise really as it's still 25 here! Thought I'd sit in bed with laptop and check out Twitter and now it keeps crashing on me, probably fed up of my ramblings :D I guess I could have started editing Possessive Desire, but I'm not in edit mode. Oh well, I'll try Twitter once more and if it's still not playing ball, I may just surf for a while.


    1st August 2013


    I've almost finished editing Forbidden Fruit, book seven in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series. I love all my characters but the hero and heroine in this book are my favourites, and I've fallen in love with them all over again:-) I should complete it today and then I can edit Possessive Desire. After that, it's on to new stories and I can't wait. Off to the cinema to see Red 2 tomorrow, should be a fun movie. Have a great day :D


    26th July 2013


    Just finished editing book six in the Eternal Love of the Seekers series and have also named it, finally! It's called The Power of Love and Passion. Now all of them have titles, which I am happy with. Only book seven to edit now and will be happy once that's complete. Then I can edit Possessive Desire and move on to a new project.


    Saw The Wolverine yesterday and then had a few drinks with a good mate. The film was awesome and was a fun day. Trouble is when I went into Twitter today, I had lots to catch up on:-) Better go back in and see what else needs a response. Have a great weekend :D


    23rd July 2013


    My goodness it's just as well I'm not working at the moment! It's 02.44am and I have yet to fall asleep. The temperature is 21 degrees here and although it may not be that hot for some, when you're not used to it it's a nightmare to sleep in. I hate to say it, but I am praying for rain and cooler weather just so I can sleep! I've been editing so much and tweeting that my eyes feel like they're bulging. Oh well, the positive side is that I have got lots of editing done:-)


    22nd July 2013


    So excited today, got an email from the lady who will be editing The Atlantean Birthright. She's hoping to get it done by October, or sooner if she's able. It's now starting to feel that, at last, my book is getting ever closer to becoming real and not just a dream. I know the release date of June 2014 still seems a long way off, but it will soon come around:-)


    Just finished editing book five in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series and have come up with a title for it at last, I've called it, Love and Deception. I have a title for book seven so hopefully by the time I finish editing number six, that too will have a title.


    It is so hot here at the moment at 30 degrees. I love the heat, but wish it was just a little less sticky. Still, I guess I can always sit in the freezer if things get too bad! Have a lovely Monday:-)


    17th July 2013


    Yet again I have an attack of heat induced insomnia! it's almost 1.50am here and I don't even feel sleepy. Still, I can sit in bed with my laptop and edit my work. I am working on book four in The Eternal Love of the Seekers at present and now have a title for it, Dangerous Revelations. Hopefully, I can get some sleep soon but in the meantime, I will carry on editing:-)


    14th July 2013


    Saw Pacific Rim on Friday. Wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it was a great action movie and one to watch if you love that genre. Been busily editing as per usual and have just finished Battling the Demons, book 3 in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series. Four more in the series to edit and I must find titles for books 4 - 6 too!


    Village Day here yesterday with music from 10.30 to 22.30, some really great local bands and it's a free event. The weather was absolutely baking and there were several burnt bodies walking around!


    Finally, a good friend of mine has been offered a publishing contract for one of her books, so proud and happy for her:-) Will post more details when she lets me know release dates etc:-)


    10th July 2013


    It is 2.38am and I have yet to go to sleep! I went downstairs at 1am and got my laptop and have been on Twitter and editing my work ever since. Thinks it's time I tried to sleep now. Just as well I'm not working at present, or I'd be like a zombie! :-)


    9th July 2013


    Checked Red Sage Publishing site yesterday to find I am now listed as one of their authors. I got excited about it because it's making it seem more real to me now. There's a piece on there that I wrote a long time ago. I looked at it and wondered if other people would think it sounded silly, but it came from the heart. If anyone wants to check it out and give me an honest opinion, please do. Phew, weather boiling over here, I know I shouldn't complain, but it really is going from one extreme to another.


    Still working my way through books 2-7 of the Eternal Love of the Seekers series and editing book 3 at present. Hopefully when I get to 4-6, I can finally think of titles for them all!! :-)


    3rd July 2013


    The writer's café on Monday night was very good and I enjoyed the experience. Authors were given 5 minute slots to read some of their work, I wasn't prepared for that so I didn't read, next time I will. I loved to listen to the work of others, so many different genres and all very interesting. The next one isn't until October and it's a shame really because it would be good to meet up with other authors on a regular basis. Your friends and family can understand your passion to a certain degree, but not as much as fellow authors can.



    1st July 2013


    Had a great weekend at Silverstone, although mad at the fact Lotus didn't change Kimi's tyres when they should have done. This resulted in him finishing 5th instead of 2nd:-( Oh well, at least he's still 3rd in the championship:-) The weather wasn't what I expected either, the forecast had said 17 degrees, but it was absolutely baking hot. I went armed with wellies and raincoat, when I should've had sunscreen and sunglasses. There were an awful lot of burnt bodies out there...including mine!


    I am dying of embarrassment atm too. I am a bit of a scatter brain and I posted a tweet on Twitter about going with my rain gear and instead of saying wellies...well, let's just say I put an I after w instead of and e...doh! Even more red in the face now:-)


    Off to a writer's café in Ipswich tonight. Not sure what to expect, but thought it might be a good way to network with other writers.


    28th June 2013


    Very excited today because I am off to the British GP early tomorrow morning for the weekend:-) Hoping for a win for Kimi Raikkonen, so fingers are crossed - and some good weather would be a bonus! Will be doing a little bit of editing tonight and then chilling before I go to bed - 4.30am wake up call for me in the morning! Anyway, whatever you're doing over the next two days, I hope you have a lovely weekend:-)


    24th June 2013


    Went to a friend's father's funeral today and she did a reading. I just wanted to say that she was very nervous about doing it, but she did it very well. So proud of you honey. And her nephew did one on behalf of all the grandchildren and it was excellent too. Her parents had been married for 63 years and never spent a day apart, so very sad. I am certain he will keep watch over her from above.




    23rd June 2013


    First round of editing now done on Possessive Desire and actually added another couple of chapters. Still needs tweaking, but putting it to rest for the moment. I now want to go through books 2-7 of my Eternal Love of the Seekers series one more time. I still have to think of titles for books 4-6. Hopefully, going back fresh to them will help me to think of some. I haven't got synopsis or book blurbs for them either, so I guess I should focus on that before going on to new projects.


    Went to see Behind the Candelabra yesterday. It's a film about Liberace. Not my normal genre, but have to say it was a very good film. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were both excellent in their roles too.


    18th June 2013


    I have finished Possessive Desire and am now busily editing it. I think I may even add some new scenes to it as I have had some more ideas. I have actually read a little bit more too, because as much as I love creating new stories and characters, I enjoy a good read. It also helps me to relax and actually helps me to clear my mind and write more.


    Finally got to see Byzantium at the Ipswich Film Theatre on Saturday. It was a fab take on a vampire story and was extremely dark and gritty and had an almost human take on being a vampire. I think it was based on a play. Glad I saw it though and will be one for the DVD collection.


    I'm out with a group of mates this Friday and will be singing karaoke, so be warned and take your earplugs out with you if you're in Ipswich that night:-)


    13th June 2013


    Phew, finally home from Tenerife! I was supposed to be home yesterday, but there were a few incidents on our plane. First of all take off was delayed by just over 2 hours due to air traffic controllers in France on strike, then a lady wasn't feeling well and was taken off plane and the final part of the nightmare was the worst! A drunk man caused a rumpus on the plane and it was so bad that we had to land in Gran Canaria and the police came and arrested him. The crew had gone past their hours and so we had to stay there for the night. The hotel was plush and we got to meet all sorts of lovely people from the plane, which you normally don't get to do. The downside was that we had to be up at 4.30am today and I am absolutely shattered now.


    Feel a tad frustrated because I'd wanted to spend today writing, but now have to put that on hold until tomorrow. I also wanted to catch up with people on Twitter and although I did go on there for a short while, I was too tired to so it any sort of justice. So now I think I'll have a bath and get to bed. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, I will feel refreshed and raring to go again:-)


    8th June 2013


    Hi, still sunning myself in Tenerife and I've actually taken a break from writing until I get back. Before I came away, I was fully intending to write an awful lot here. I actually decided to take a break because my brain really needed a rest. Because I am unemployed at present, most of my free time has been writing like a Trojan and I wasn't even sleeping due to the fact that my head was so full of storylines and I was finding it increasingly difficult to switch off. Although I have itchy fingers over here, I am only checking emails, Twitter and updating my blog. Sure I have many stories flying around inside my mind, they will stay there until I get back.


    5th June 2013


    Hi, been in Tenerife since 1st June and loving the heat and the relaxed atmosphere. I did panic when I thought I couldn't access the internet, but bar near to my apartment has wifi, so happy now:-) Funnily enough though, we have clouds here today! Have hopefully managed to respond to everyone on Twitter, but hope to keep my eye on it until I return home. Been sent final draft of my cover art for Atlantean Birthright and I have to say the artist has done a fantastic job, so very happy with what she's done. Must admit I haven't written anything on holiday yet, but hope to do so later today. This place is extremely atmospheric and inspirational for a writer...when you get off the beaten track. The clouds rolling over the mountain are fantastic and have given me more than enough material for more books.


    Would you believe it, I had a phone call from my son last night at around midnight. He'd been playing football and fell over, all his weight going onto his foot, which went pop (eugh!), then he text me at around 3am to say he'd got a bad sprain. Why does it always happen when the parents are away? Mind you, he has loads of mates and they will see he's okay:-)


    I want to send out all my love to a very dear friend of mine who has recently lost her beloved father. I won't say her name as she is quite a private person. Honey, I just need you to know all my thoughts are with you at this sad time and I send my heartfelt love and condolences to you and the rest of your wonderful family. Think of all the happy times and if you smile about them, do not feel guilty, he would want you to celebrate his life I am certain.


    1st June 2013


    Was hoping to see the film Byzantium yesterday, only to find it isn't being shown at our cinema. How very disappointing:-( Off on holiday tomorrow and not sure if I'll be able to access the internet where I'm going. I will be taking my laptop with me because I have almost finished the first draft of Possessive Desire and would like to get that finished. Fingers crossed I can get internet access because I will miss not being on Twitter or accessing email and internet for 11 days!!


    29th May 2013


    Been sent the artwork for The Atlantean Birthright cover today and I loved it. Just emailed back to approve it and feel quite excited, at last it's beginning to feel real. Spent 5 hours at the Suffolk Show today, lots to see but such a shame about the dismal and damp weather. Hasn't put people off though, there appeared to be quite a crowd there.


    28th May 2013


    Have got up to 60K words on Possessive Desire and hope to have finished the first draft by the end of the week. I like to walk away from it for a couple of days before I start work on the first edit, it gives me time to develop a fresh eye for when I go back to it. I have also made notes for another one off book I have in mind, so it's good to know that the dreaded writer's block has gone away. Hope you're all having a lovely day:-)


    24th May 2013


    Had a slight panic yesterday! Was writing a scene for Possessive Desire and right in the middle of it, my mind went blank. I sat and stared at the screen and re-read what I'd written previous to the mind freeze and nothing would come to me. I've had writer's block before, but never midway through writing something. I decided to turn off the laptop, take a few deep breaths and go for a walk. When I came back I still couldn't get my head around that scene so what did I do? I had an idea for the ending of the book, so I wrote that instead! And today I came back fresh and have now written the troublesome scene. I had lots of good advice from other writers on Twitter such as turn off laptop and have a coffee, take a few deep breaths and start again, sit down and read a book and lots of other similar ideas. I guess we're all different and have to find the way that suits us best. I must admit, the thought of having a severe case of writer's block and not being able to ever write again is pretty scary. Thank goodness I have loads of other ideas written down for future works. A world without writing, for me, is unthinkable.


    21st May 2013


    Time goes so fast, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to. Goodness knows what it'll be like when I get back to work at some point! Possessive Desire is still going really well and I am up to 53K words and loving this new journey. Of course there will be all the editing to do afterwards *groan* but at least if I get the whole story down first, I'll be happy. I wonder if any writers ever come to the end of the road and have no stories left to tell. I couldn't bear for that to happen to me, writing is an integral part of my life. To not have new ideas and characters running through my mind all day - and night - would be unthinkable. I am also thankful that I signed up to Twitter too, there are so many wonderful authors on there, writing amazing books and always happy to share hints and tips, I don't know what I'd do without that support network now.


    15th May 2013


    Very sad day today. One of my husband's friends died of cancer last night, he was only about 57 and had been ill for just a short while. This just goes to show us all how finite our lives are. One of my friend's expressions comes to mind "Life is for Living" and it is oh-so-true. Treat each day as your last and ensure you live it to its fullest extent. Rest in peace, Paul, and my thoughts and prayers go out to your family at this sad time.


    14th May 2013


    Now updated the book excerpts on the site and happy with what I've uploaded. I actually thought of a title for book seven in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series and it's, Forbidden Fruit, very apt for the subject matter in the book:-) Now I just have to think of titles for books four to six! Work still going well on my one off story, Possessive Desire and I am now well over forty thousand words into it. Right, that's all for today. Better go and catch up on Twitter and get on with some more writing. Have a great day:-)


    13th May 2013


    Checked on the Red Sage Publishing website late last night and did a search on my name to see if there was anything about me on there yet. Got very excited as there was!! My book The Atlantean Birthright is due out May 2014. It may seem like a long way off, but to actually see that an excerpt was on the site made me feel one step nearer to achieving my goal. Very happy bunny today:-)


    12th May 2013


    Busy time this weekend. I have job applications to fill out, F1 on TV and off to theatre tonight. Do not think much writing will get done:-( Still, I will make up for it come Monday and set aside quality time to get on with my new work. Hope you're all having a great weekend:-)


    8th May 2013


    I can't believe what a mess I've made of the last two chapters of my WIP - Possessive Desire. Now I'll need to delete and start them again. Still, it is all part of the learning curve and points out why editing is so important. If I hadn't edited, I'd never have discovered my mistake.


    Top tip of the day - This is for writers and anyone else who needs to jot down thoughts when they have them. If you go out without a notepad and pen and you find you have a Eureka moment, get out your trusted mobile phone and text the ideas to yourself:-)


    5th May 2013


    Still having glorious weather here and am making the most of it, you never know when the cold and rain might descend again! Sat out in the garden writing today and was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't realise I'd got burnt by the sun. That'll teach me not to wear sun cream, will be more careful next time. Still the positive end to this story is that I have written 3K words today, I'm very happy with that. Hope you're all having a very good Sunday whatever you're doing:-)


    3rd May 2013


    Well, last night I went to bed at around 10.30pm and couldn't sleep. So, I got up just after 11pm, grabbed my laptop, hopped back into bed and started to write. It is 02.33am and here I am, still wide awake and still writing! Still, at least I did something constructive with my insomnia I guess. Right, time to shut down laptop and try and get at least a few hours sleep:-)


    29th April 2013


    Feel like I've achieved a lot today. The sun has been shining all day long and apart from a short attack of writer's block, everything has gone well. When my mind went blank, I put on some rock music and like always, it worked. Someone on Twitter asked me if it always worked and yes, it does. I guess we all have different triggers and mine happens to be loud, heavy metal music:-)


    25th April 2013


    The sun is still shining, I can hardly believe the change in the weather. People seem happier when the sun puts in an appearance and at last my flowers are blooming in the garden. It's so warm that I am sitting out in the garden working on my laptop, don't you just love technology:-) I've written a short plot line for Possessive Desire so that I can refer back to notes on the different nations living on this planet and it's working out great. Already on chapter five and pleased with my progress. Won't get much done tomorrow I fear because I'm off to see Iron Man 3 in the day and then to a friend's house in the evening. Better get on with some more writing now then:-)


    22nd April 2013


    What a beautiful sunny weekend we've had here and now it's Monday and the sun is still shining brightly. Had a lovely day on Saturday and went to visit a friend in Bury St Edmunds. We sat in the Abbey Gardens for a long time just chatting and as we walked around the gardens and the ruins, it really gave me inspiration for more stories to write. Will have to go and sit there one sunny day with my laptop and get writing. My new work, Possessive Desire, is going well and although I don't normally write a plotline, I have had to jot down a few notes because it's set in a different world and needs some fine tuning. Still, it's all part of the journey being a writer and wonderful to see how the characters and world you've created evolve.


    Unfortunately, whilst trying to upload samples from book 6&7 from my Eternal Love of the Seekers series I've managed to delete the sample from book 5. Doh, I'm hoping to rectify this by the end of the week with some more tuition. The trouble with my brain is that if I don't do things on a regular basis I tend to forget. This time I will ensure I make notes to refer back to! Well, time to get cracking on the writing front. Have a wonderful day wherever you are:-)


    18th April 2013


    Yesterday I started work on a one off Paranormal Romance which I've called Possessive Desire. It's strange to be working on another project after being involved with The Eternal Love of the Seekers for so long, but it's time for them to live in peace for the time being. I'm still having trouble thinking up titles for books 4-7 in that series, so it was strange that I could come up with one so quickly for my newest work. I was hoping to upload excerpts for books 6&7, although I can't remember how. If my brain can't work it out, I'll have to ask my website designer for help. Enjoy your day:-)


    16th April 2013


    Well I've finished book seven in my series, quite emotional in the end. Although I wasn't going to write any other books in this series, it has been left open in case I want to write more in the future. For now I have another project in mind and it's just a one off story - mind you that's what I said about The Atlantean Birthright! Am feeling excited about creating new characters and watching them grow and evolve. Will take a break for today, but will start on the new work tomorrow. I need to catch up on Twitter, haven't been on there since Sunday and it's so easy to lose track of what's going on.


    Went to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds on Sunday. It was a live recording from the O2 being shown in the local cinema. It was awesome and kept me on the edge of my seat, will have to get it on DVD. Well I'm off to read a book now. There are so many wonderful authors out there whose books I want to read, but never seem to have the time. Most of them are ebooks too and as I don't have a Kindle, I feel like I'm missing out. I will have to save up and get myself one.


    11th April 2013


    Been fighting a 48 hour flu bug and think I've just about defeated it with exercise and housework. Sad I know, but it's better than dosing up with pills and potions:-) Editing is going well on the last book in the Eternal Love of the Seekers series, although it's such a long book that I think it'll be a little while before I can start on a new project. I have loads of ideas bouncing around and I know it'll seem really strange to bond with new ones because my characters in this series have become like personal friends, and I shall really miss them. Right, better get on with said editing now. I have so much on at the weekend and am not certain if I'll get time for editing, but who knows. Enjoy your day whatever you're doing:-)


    6th April 2013


    At last, we have brilliant sunshine here! Let's hope it's going to stick around for a while:-) Editing book 6 at present and hope to get to number 7 by late tomorrow, or Monday. I must remember to blink when I do this because my eyes get really sore from all the concentrating. Hopefully after the editing is done I can get on with some new work, although I will miss all the wonderful Atlanteans. Who knows, perhaps in the future there may be more, depends what my muse says:-) Saw GI Joe and Dark Skies yesterday. GI Joe was a typical action flick and Dark Skies left me thinking about the fact that we most definitely are not alone in this Universe. Anyway, guess it's time to carry on with the editing. Hope you all have a lovely weekend:-)


    1st April 2013


    I hope you've all had a great Easter break, have to admit it's been far too chilly! Still, I have 3 books which need editing so that has kept me very busy. I did go to see The Host at the cinema on Saturday, it was a bit slow in places but a good film. When I have the time, I shall get the book to read. Will have to get back to the editing soon, as I have ideas for a one-off Paranormal Romance and I don't like to start that until I've completely finished with The Eternal Love of the Seekers series. Enjoy what's left of the Easter break and keep warm. :-)


    28th March 2013


    Really pleased today as I've finished book seven in my Eternal Love of the Seekers series. What I plan to do now is to go over book five and six for final edits and then go back to seven. It's good to have a break before editing what you've just completed, you can come back to it fresh that way. I have left it open for possibly more in that series, but no plans at present to start work on any. There are ideas in my head for one off stories, which I plan to pursue after my editing. But for the rest of the day I will be catching up on Twitter and later, I will be out with friends and going to my favourite pubs, one of them has an excellent rock jukebox and I think the DJ is there tonight too, cool! Whatever you're doing over the holiday weekend, I hope it's a good one for you:-)


    26th March 2013


    As a writer don't you just hate it when you're really in the zone and then you have to go out? I only have a couple of chapters left to write in the book I'm currently working on, but have to go out now and it was right in the crucial and suspense-filled moment. I never write a plot either, so by the time I get home I will have probably changed my mind about what I was going to write. It's all part of the exciting journey we take when writing:-)


    22nd March 2013


    I was thinking about what a published author said to me at a writing workshop a couple of years ago and I think it's very apt. He said, and I quote, "Writers should write because they love what they do. If they're doing it for the money only, then maybe it's time to stop". He was still working as well as writing and I think that holds true of most of us. The amount of people who think I'll be able to retire once my book is published is amazing. Good job I'm well grounded and realise that isn't the case. As long as I love creating believable and likeable characters, with a good storyline, I shall keep on writing. Have a lovely weekend:-)


    21st March 2013


    Nearly 1am and I cannot sleep. Today is always a hard day for me to deal with. It's four years to the day that my mum died and I still miss her very much. The pain never lessens, but I find ways of getting through it by thinking about all the great times we shared and the support and advice she always gave to me. Today, as I always do as a tribute to her, I will watch one of her favourite films Shirley Valentine and raise a glass of wine to honour her for the love and friendship we shared. Mum, if you can see this, I want you to know that when The Atlantean Birthright is published, I will dedicate it to you. You never lost faith in the fact that I could get so far with my writing even when I thought about giving up and now, mainly because of you, my dream is about to become a reality. Sleep well and know that I think of you often.


    18th March 2013


    So happy today, written 7k words in such a short space of time and very pleased with what I've achieved. This is definitely the career for me, it's when I'm at my happiest. The day was also sunny and bright, which always makes people feel relaxed. I hope you've all had a fab day too:-)


    17th March 2013


    I was up at 4.30am today to watch the Australian GP, guess I could be called crazy but I love the first race of the season. Just 15 minutes to the start of the race:-) Not certain whether I'll get much writing done after the early start, but I achieved a lot yesterday and managed to get to the cinema too to see Red Dawn. It didn't get favourable reports by the critics, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Have a restful Sunday.


    15th March 2013


    Well, my characters have now decided not to allow me to sleep. I woke at 4am this morning with a great scene in my head and just had to write it down. Better get used to early starts this weekend because the Australian GP is on. The things I do for my obsessions, but I love my writing and GP because they make me very happy - and sane! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :-)


    11th March 2013


    Today has been a perfect day for writing. The snow has been raging outside, so it's given me the chance to write all day without interruption. And for a change, my characters have been well behaved and gone exactly in the direction that I've wanted them to. I thank them from the bottom of my heart because this has allowed me to accomplish much more writing than if they'd gone off on a tangent.


    9th March 2013


    Having a very successful day today. I have now finished part one of my last book in the Eternal Love of the Seekers series and now ready to tackle part two, this one is going to be explosive in more ways than one. Had a nightmare yesterday, dropped my mobile phone and the screen fell face down on concrete and smashed, so now have to buy a new one:-( I swear it's karma because I should have been home working on my book yesterday and went to the cinema instead. Mind you, I've more than made up for that writing today. I love it when I have the house to myself, I can turn up Planet Rock really loud and write to my heart's content with no interruptions! Whatever you're plans, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


    6th March 2013


    Nightmare day today, we really do rely heavily on technology these days don't we? I desperately needed to get into my email and most of the day it kept crashing on me. Fortunately it is now up and running again *sigh*. I've been working on the final book in my Paranormal Romance series, The Eternal Love of the Seekers, today and was going to have it as part one and two in a single book. Trouble is it's turning into a monster and I am only about halfway and up to 73K words already. I have a sneaking feeling it will need to be split into two books.


    4th March 2013


    I am excited, nervous and scared all at once today. I have just esigned a contract with a publisher for The Atlantean Birthright. I will update my blog as and when things happen. There is still a long way to go and it's going to be a huge learning curve for me. I wish my mum was still alive so she could see what I've achieved, if not for her I honestly don't think I'd have come as far as I have. I love and miss you so much, mum, I hope you're watching. This one's for you. :-)


    3rd March 2013


    Wow, it has been a hectic few days for me, but exciting too. Yesterday I was in London for the day with a close friend, her nephew and his partner. It was great to go to areas of the city that weren't tourist driven. Visited a fantastic cemetery in Stoke Newington with a really old church right at its centre. It gave me some wonderful and inspirational ideas for more books too! Spent today editing and feel happy now I've completed it. I am one step closer to my goal and everything is now starting to feel real and not just a dream. More to come later in the week. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your coming week is a good one for you. :-)


    26th February 2013


    I Have been struck down with some flu type virus for the last few days. I blame my husband, he had it first. I am frustrated as the book I'm working on has been left on the edge of a huge dilemma and because of my headache, my hero and heroine are left standing on a knife's edge. Don't worry, I'll resuce them from danger very soon. I am hoping to have some very good news to share with everyone over the next few days, when I know I'll put it on my blog. I am so excited I could scream - if not for the fact my head would probably explode! Have a fantastic day. :-)


    20th February 2013


    I planned to focus solely on submitting my work to publishers today. I took a quick look at the 7th Paranormal Romance I'm working on at present and wrote 2 more chapters. I love it when that happens and it makes me smile. Oh to be able to do this for a living, writing brings me such fulfillment and happiness.


    19th February 2013


    It was such a beautiful sunny, crisp winter's morning that I went for a walk. It was incredibly inspirational and I had many ideas for my latest book running around in my head, so I came home and will be writing for the rest of the day now. I hope your day is filled with sunshine and inspiration too. :-)


    17th February 2013


    I have had one of those days where everything has been perfect. Don't you just love it when that happens? I wasn't certain where my writing was going to take me today, but it took me to a wonderful place and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. The only downside was that in between writing and tweeting, I almost burnt the Sunday roast! It was okay though, I saved it just in the nick of time. I hope your Sunday has been a great day for you all too. :-)


    16th February 2013


    I have had a very productive morning of editing and writing, it always makes me feel so fulfilled and content. I saw Beautiful Creatures yesterday, what a wonderful film. I have to admit that I am also looking forward to Hansel and Gretel, that film looks full of magic and action. Okay, time to hit the shower, get dressed and spend some quality time with one of my good friends. Whatever you're plans are for this weekend, make certain that you have some quality "me time". Take care. :-)


    14th February 2013


    Happy Valentines Day everyone:-) My 21 yearold son is cooking dinner at our place for his girlfriend tonight. I will be going to watch A Good Day to Die Hard. It's no wonder I write about romance! :-) Will be seeing Beautiful Creatures tomorrow, I'm sure that will be much better. Whatever you're doing today, may it be filled with love and happiness.


    12th February 2013


    I love the fact that when I write I honestly don't know in which direction the story is going. Of course I have a good idea where it should go, but as I start to type the scenes, the characters take them on a completely different path. It's exciting and makes every new chaper an adventure for me.


    10th February 2013


    Another good day with lots of writing done. My poor cat wasn't happy with the volume I was playing my rock music at, so he got up and walked away in disgust, oh dear I'm sure he'll forgive me. I've been on Twitter for a few weeks now and actually enjoying the experience. I've never been into social networking, but it's great fun. Next step will probably be Facebook *gulp* but I am only taking baby steps at present. Anyway, off to write some more - with the music turned down a little! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. :-)


    9th February 2013


    The day is going really well for me. My son is at work, my husband is out and the cat is asleep. No one to bother or disturb me, so I've done a great deal of editing and plenty of creative writing. Don't you just love days like this too? But whatever you're doing, I hope it puts a smile on your face. Enjoy your weekend and make every second of it count.


    6th February 2013


    I don't about other writers, but my stories keep me sane and help me to escape when things get tough. For me, it's the best stressbuster available. I just crank up my rock music - Apocalyptica on at the moment - and the words flow from me. Still, the sun is shining and that helps to put a smile on my face. Hope you're all have a great day.


    4th February 2013


    Oh my goodness, have you ever started writing a book and realised it's far too long for one novel? The final one in my Paranormal Romance series is definitely heading that way. I've never had that happen before, yet another new experience for me. I guess the other ideas I have for the same genre will have to wait a little bit longer:-)


    3rd February 2013


    Gardening done, housework done, dinner sorted! Now time to put some loud rock music on, load up my writing and spend the rest of the day happily writing. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon *sigh*.


    1st February 2013


    This will probably sound crazy, but I have real trouble thinking of titles for my books. I've written 7 Paranormal Romances - book 7 is a work in progress - and I only have titles for the first three. Any does anyone suffer from this affliction...or is it only me? Hmm, I wonder if there's a cure for it. Speaking of work in progress, I'd better get on with number 7. Have a good day. :-)


    29th January 2013


    Went to see The Hobbit - again - today, I love that film. Nothing like a dose of fantasy on the big screen to get those creative writing juices flowing.


    26th January 2013


    I don't know what I'd do without the Planet Rock radio station and my ipod. I always find it easier to write when I have rock music playing. It doesn't matter if it's a hot sex scene, fight scene, or even just a gentle and tender embrace it always seems to be easier for me to write whilst listening to this genre. Takes all sorts I guess :-)


    24th January 2013


    Sent out another submission today to a publisher following me on Twitter. I never realised what a useful tool it could be, but I have seen many interesting people and links to websites on there. Who'd have thought that a technophobe like myself would end up enjoying being on this social netwroking site. Who knows, maybe I'll try Facebook next...


    23rd January 2013


    I have received a rejection today, but it was a very positive one. I was really heartened that they responded and gave me some good feedback. Normally it's just a "thanks, but no thanks". This publisher took the time to reply not only with advice, but the reasons why they couldn't take me on. It meant a lot to me, especially as I know what busy people they are. I have a very positive vibe now.


    22nd January 2013


    In a very reflective mood today. When the agent I was with at the time suggested trying to self-publish my fanatsy book, Defender of Stargor, I thought why not, let's give it a go? Would I do it again? I don't think so. Although if I am not successful with this round of submissions with my Paranormal Romance, I will probably try to sell it on Amazon, it seems like a good route to go down.


    Don't get me wrong, some of the experience I gained was positive. I had this website built, I spoke with the local press and radio station too. I bought some of my own books and donated them to several libraries, hoping this might be another way to highlight my profile. It was a good learning curve and it made me more confident in my approach to things. The downside was the intial outlay and I am certain the book was way too expensive.


    The most important thing was that I dedicated the book to my wonderful mum, who passed away almost four years ago, as a tribute for all her love, encouragement and friendship that she gave to me.


    Hope you all have a good day.


    20th January 2013


    It's like a winter wonderland here today. The place place for me to be is at my laptop writing. I shall spend the rest of the day starting the first draft of my 7th Paranormal Romance. I never write a plot and I am actually going to start in the middle. I know it sounds crazy, but I find it the best way for me and when I've written several scenes, I join them all together like a jigsaw puzzle. Does anyone else write like this, or is it just me I wonder.


    18th January 2013


    Late night for me tonight, the last ever episodes of Fringe are being aired at 01:10. Although I can't wait to see them, I am sad that the series is coming to an end.


    Lots of snow here today and I think there's more to come. Haven't written anything today, but have been reading a book by Carol Goodman called, Water Witch. It's the second in a series called The Fairwick Chronicles, so compelling that I find it hard to put down.


    17 January 2013


    Completed first edit of my 6th Paranormal Romance in Eternal Love of the Seekers series today and now looking forward to starting work on the 7th and final book in the series. I cannot ever see myself ever being without ideas for characters and stories to weave around them. I will continue to do what I love the most in the world...writing.


    Ooops is that the time? Guess I'd better think about something for dinner. Time sort of disappears when you're lost in other worlds doesn't it?


    16 January 2013


    Welcome to my blog, this is the first time I've used one, so it's all scary stuff!


    Nearly finished updating these pages, just waiting for my website designer to help me put the finishing touches to my website.


    Updates completed for now. I have uploaded some excerpts from my Paranormal Romance books and will change the contents from time to time. Book number six is being edited at present. I love writing and creating new characters and stories. The exciting thing is that I never write a plot, I just sit down and let the story lead me where it wants to.