• 23rd December 2014

    Have been shown the final draft of the cover for Flame and I absolutely love it, it's just perfect for the story. Can't wait to share it with everyone.

    Been busily preparing some of the food I can do in advance for Christmas Day, so it should be stress free on the day.

    Also managed to write 7K words for Retribution and am happy with the way the story is coming along. So all in all a productive day and off to see friends tonight have a takeaway and a catch up :D


    20th December 2014

    Phew, had a very busy few days and so glad that I now have two weeks off to recharge my batteries!!

    I've had a couple of Christmas meals which were great fun and the meals were lovely too. Normally at Christmas they can be a bit hit and miss so it was a real bonus for the food to be delicious.

    Yesterday I went to see the final part of The Hobbit and as with all the others, it was fantastic and I really loved it. Afterwards I met some friends and we had a few drinks and ended up - as always - singing Karaoke. I sang Enter the Sandman by Metallica, but then I did something really embarassing and sang...Crazy Horses by The Osmonds...oh dear, must have been the lager talking - or singing!!!

    So excited when I went on Twitter today. Little Bird Publishing - who are releasing my book, Flame, in February 2015 - were over the moon about my work and said it was so enjoyable it didn't feel like work. Then I had an email from them which said I'd done an amazing job with the editing and very little needed changing, that is really great praise. So all in all a good few days for me :D

    I Intend to chill out for the rest of the day as I've done all my housework and caught up with emails and Twitter. Tomorrow I will start to go through the changes that I need to make in Flame.


    15th December 2014

    Had an awesome weekend in Norwich with a fab friend and had lots of laughs, so good to leave the real world behind for a while. It went so quickly too and we had two nights there instead on one. As they say all good things must come to an end, but we're off to London for two nights in January :D

    Trying to use tsu for the first time today and haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Technology and I always get in a bit of a muddle. It seems a bit like Face Book and I didn't get on well with that. Oh well I'll persevere and see how it goes. Twitter is a great and it took me a little while to get used to it so fingers crossed!


    10th December 2014

    Bit emotional today. My auntie sent me a little photograph album filled with pictures of my lovely mum. I hadn't seen most of them before, so it was wonderful. One in particular was me when I was a small baby being held in her arms and it made me cry. It will be one of my most treasured possessions and worth more than anything money can buy. I will look at it often and smile at my memories of my wonderful mum.


    8th December 2014

    Even doing little acts of kindness can make you feel so much better. I was on the bus last week and a young lad of about 12 was fishing around in his backpack for his fare. What he didn't realise was that a bunch of screwed up paper that fell out of it was in fact money. It gave me great pleasure to pick it up and hand it back to him. He said thank you and the smile on his face was heart-warming. Then a woman was struggling to get off the bus with an overloaded trolley, so two of us helped her off. Simple acts, but gave me the feel good factor.

    Had an extremely busy weekend and two Christmas meals so by the time the New Year gets here I will definitely need to go on a diet!

    Little Bird Publishing are working on the cover art for Flame this week, I am really excited to see what they come up with. I also got lots of work done on Retribution at the weekend and very happy with how it's progressing. All in all a good few days :D

    3rd December 2014

    Okay time for another Hump Day Hook - even though I've written this on the 2nd ;-) Please check out this link for other great blogs/excerpts from authors

    This is another excerpt from The Atlantean Birthright, please feel free to leave any comments via the guest Book tab, enjoy :D

    Armand leaned against one of the bedposts, watching her silently. His heated gaze unnerved her. She was an innocent, but she knew how a man looked when he wanted a woman and it was exactly how he looked at her now. Her hand found the flimsy, midnight-blue scrap of silky material that passed for a nightdress. She sat down on the bed and realised he was still staring at her, possessively. His eyes were now fixed on what she would be wearing and he swallowed hard as though trying to control his feelings. The heat between them rose to boiling point.


    2nd December 2014

    Goodness I can't believe how quickly time has gone and it will soon be Christmas Day! Looking forward to the 2 week shutdown at work so I can get some quality writing time instead of snatching an hour here and there. I have so many meals/parties to go to that I will definitely need to go on a detox in the New Year! Just as well I do some exercise at home and go for walks!

    I've written over 30k words for Retribution so far and am now editing it before I go any further. I have the ending already planned in my head so will get that typed up next I think. It's going well and I feel so happy when I'm writing, it keeps me calm and gives me a great sense of achievement.


    30th November 2014

    It's just gone 2am on Sunday morning and I just can't sleep, thank goodness it's not a work day :D Met up with some friends for lunch yesterday and then went to see The Imitation Game. It was a great film and in my opinion, Benedict Cumberbatch deserves an Oscar. Based on a true story quite sad in places and is shocking to see how gay men were treated back in the fifties.

    Think I shall try and go to sleep after I've finished up here. Don't want to be too dozy later as I want to do some more writing. Friday was a really productive day and I got about 4K words written


    26th November 2014

    Here's another excerpt for the Hump Day Hook. This is from my contemporary romance/thriller Flame, which is due to be released by Little Bird Publishing in February 2015. Feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook. Check out some amazing authors at

    Amberley felt a presence in the garden; her immediate thought was Steve had tracked her down. Slowly she stood up and turned around to see the attractive man from outside the pub watching her. She was not frightened, more intrigued as to why this sexy looking guy was in her garden.

                He was about six foot three, athletic build with shoulder length black hair, a small silver earring in his left ear and the most incredible sea blue eyes she had ever seen. He looked great in his tight, faded denims and T-shirt as well. Then it clicked. She’d seen that smile before…on his mother’s face.

                ‘Greg?’ she said, her voice barely audible.


    25th November 2014

    Had a very busy weekend writing some more for Retribution. Think I did about 5k words in all and was more than happy with that. And just written another 2k this evening, so feel like I'm on a role at the moment.

    Also been thinking of a marketing strategy for Flame, which is released by Little Bird Publishing in February 2014. As it will be in paperback, I am going to approach local, independent bookstores to see if I can do a signing there which would be very exciting. I have a coupe of other avenues that I want to explore, so I think I'm going to be very busy for the next couple of months:D

    Went to see the third instalment of The Hunger Games on Saturday and have to say that so far, it's the best one in my opinion. It was around 2 hours, but didn't feel that long to me. That's always the sign of a good film :D


    21st November 2014

    If you want to know what Armand De Silva - the hero from The Atlantean Birthright - does in his spare time, check out the speed dating blog at Red Sage at this link :D


    19th November 2014

    I'm back on Hump Day Hook, been missing for a while due to holidays. Below is another excerpt from The Atlantean Birthright. Please feel free to leave any comments in my guest book.

    Before she could react she felt something tight around her waist, holding her steady. The more she fought, the tighter it became. It was then she noticed curtains on part of the wall in the room, which she’d failed to see in her eagerness to kill Dieter. Two of his associates had been hiding behind the material. She attempted to throw the knives at Dieter; they became hot in her hands and fell with a loud crash to the floor.

    The tight band around her waist was made of copper. She knew that she would be unable to use her chameleon, or any of her other powers, while she was bound in this way. For some unknown reason this metal managed to numb the Atlanteans’ abilities. Inwardly she cursed her stupidity. In her desperation to save the woman, she had forgotten to check if he was alone. Now he’d caught her and she knew there would be no escape for her this time.


    17th November 2014

    I am now extremely happy to announce that I have signed an agreement with Little Bird Publishing House, who will be publishing Flame - a contemporary romance/thriller - in February 2015.

    I love all my books but this one is a very special one. I started writing it well over ten years ago - it was the first novel I ever wrote. It was slated by someone who proofread it and I put it back in a cupboard and forgot about it. My mum persuaded me that it deserved a chance - it was the one and only book she ever read as she wasn't a reader. So it went through quite a few changes and I did send it off to several agents and publishers with still no luck. My lovely mum never gave up on me and was desperate to see me published.

    So my happiness at finally achieving what she wanted to happen is bittersweet because she passed away in 2009. I have come so far since that time and her passing was definitely the catalyst for where I am today. I just hope she's watching me somewhere and smiling down.

    Mum, this one's for you. I love you and miss you and just wish you were here to share in my happiness.

    16th November 2014

    Bit of a shock coming back from the hot sunshine of Tenerife to the dank, dark and miserable weather here. The weird thing is it is still warm, wish we could have a cold snap right about now to kill off all the bugs going around.

    I've caught up with Twitter and written several reviews for books that I read on holiday since my return, so happy with that. Plan to start going through Retribution - the contemporary romance/thriller I'm writing at the moment - and do some editing before carrying on with the writing.

    The rest did my brain a lot of good. I know it sounds crazy but before I went away I had so many ideas buzzing in my head that I need to step back for a while. Now I'm refreshed and ready to get going again.

    I hope to make a very exciting announcement in the next day or two, so watch this space :D


    12th November 2014

    Oh well, my sunny sojurn is almost at an end *sigh* and will soon be time to return to UK and the chilly weather :( I have so many ideas in my head for other stories though, so must write them all down on my return. I am almost ready to announce an exciting new venture regarding my writing, but you will have to wait until Monday for further revelations on that one ;-)

    I will also have to remember my reviews to write on my return, I loved reading each and every one of them. But for now I am signing off to enjoy my lat couple of days of sunshine :D


    9th November 2014

    Still enjoying the Canarian sunshine and feeling totally chilled out. Seemes strange not to be writing, but am happy to be reading other great authors' works. Will have a few reviews to do on my return to the UK. I've got plenty of ideas for other stories, so think the rest on my brain has been good.

    Went up into the mountains yesterday evening for a proper Canarian meal and loved it. I've also been practising my Spanish and the locals always seem pleased when you try to speak their language, and I think it's good to at least try. Think I should try and take conversational Spanish lessons. Right, off to finish my coffee and chill some more now :D


    5th November 2014

    Having a wonderful time chilling out in the sun, reading, drinking Cava and enjoying the break from all routine things. Journey down to Gatwick was a bit of a nightmare taking double the time due to heavy rain and broken down lorries. Thank goodness we allowed lots of time!

    Poor lady in front of me on the flight was terrified of flying. The EasyJet cabin crew were wonderful with her and an off duty piolt came and assured her she'd be fine. As I hate flying too, it was also conforting for me to hear. The lady did wonderful though and I hope her flight back is not as stressful for her.

    Have been to Duque beach to day, I love it down there so peaceful. I put on my Ipod and read my kindle, perfect. Am reading The Stone of Mesa by Frion Farrell, so good that it's difficult to put down. If you love fantasy - or even if you don't - this book is a must.

    I haven't done any writing myself, but still have a head full of ideas so not troubled about not writing. Anyway, my Cava calls :D Be safe and I'll put an update on here in a few days.


    2nd November 2014

    Well it's been one hell of a hectic weekend. Friday I went to a party and they were playing heavy metal, so I was in my element although my neck was sore the next morning...too much moshing:D

    Saturday I stayed on my own at Wembley and went to see Black Stone Cherry. I have seen an awful lot of groups over the years, but those guys blew me away. They were so awesome and I loved every single minute of it, I want to see them again now!!

    Got home mid afternoon on Sunday and had to catch up on Twitter, update my blog and emails and then pack. Off to Tenerife tomorrow and as I manually tweet, I won't be able to do that much while I'm away. I need this holiday to chill own and relax as I haven't had a week off since March/April, so the old batteries need recharging. I intend to read, sunbathe and do some writing.

    I will be updating my blog whilst I'm away too :D


    25th October 2014

    Been a bit hectic the last few days. Last night at midnight I was interviewed on a US radio show called Cultured Shock. It's about 30 minutes long and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - even though I had to read out an excerpt from The Atlantean Birthright! If you have the time to check it out and listen to my ramblings you can find it at this address

    Within the next few days I hope to have some exciting news about one of my other works, but will update you later about that :D

    I've had a pretty good chill out day today and went to the cinema to see new Mutant Ninja Turtles film and it was really quite good. Lots of laughs and a bit of escapism. Hope to spend most of tomorrow writing :D


    22nd October 2014

    Please check out other wonderful authors at There are some very talented people in there :D

    Here's another excerpt for the Hump Day Hook. Feel free to leave a comment in my guest book. It's from Flame, a contemporary romance/thriller I've written, enjoy...

    Greg noticed a tiny bruise on Amberley’s forehead, the result of their clash of heads the day before. He gently stroked it with his fingertips. She was rooted to the spot wanting him to do more. He placed a fingertip under her chin, gently tilting her face upwards.

    ‘I’m sorry about the bruise,’ he whispered, ‘here; let me kiss it better for you.’

    As his lips touched her skin, she felt as if she was burning up and whimpered at the contact. She put her arms around his neck bringing him closer to her. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes, their lips almost touching and the heat from their bodies scorching the air around them.

    18th October 2014

    Went to see The Maze Runner on Thursday and was quite disappointed t be honest. The trailers looked great, but I was left wondering how they made a film so long with not much going on.

    Saw Vampires Rock at the local theatre yesterday. It's a bit daft but there are loads of 80s rock songs to sing along too, always good for a bit of nostalgia...I was surprised how man words I could remember too!!

    Feeling slightly burnt out with all the marketing for The Atlantean Birthright. There is so much more to being an author than I ever realised and unless you've been there it's really hard to understand. You also realise that you have to have infinite amounts of patience too and I am certain it'll be a continual learning process. It feels weird once the book is released and I keep thinking what now, what's next? Don't know if other writers feel the same way.

    I have some other work I need to edit and a coupe that I have submitted to UK publishers because one thing I have cannot allow the grass to grow under your feet in this game. But more importantly always remember that you write because you love it - because its' your passion. Whatever happens with book sales etc, I will never lose the passion to put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - and continue doing what I love best...creating new characters and stories and watch as they come to life :D

    Okay, heavy talk over and I am now going to give you a fact that will make you laugh - one I have kept carefully hidden for years ;-) The first song I ever moshed along to was...Crazy Horses by The Osmonds!! LOL, that's my rock chick image blown right out of the water. But - in my defence - I went to see a local band a couple of years ago and they did a heavy metal version of Crazy Horses and it was awesome. I guess that makes me fully vindicated for my actions when I was a teenager :D

    Time for my walk now, the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. Whatever you're doing have a great weekend, be good to others and take time to chill :D xx


    14th October 2014

    It's a few hours early I know, but here's my Hump Day Hook for The Atlantean Birthright this week...If you want to leave any comments, please put an entry in my guest book:D

    Armand rested his body against the doorframe with his arms folded over his chest, appreciating how much energy she had. He loved the way her body moved as she kicked the crap out of the punch bag. Her bottom, in particular, moved very sexily inside her tracksuit bottoms. She held onto the bag panting heavily, and what he wouldn’t give to be that lucky punching bag right now. Slowly she turned to face him, as though she realised she was being watched. Her skin was covered with perspiration and her face was pink…would she look that way after making love? He shook yet another wicked fantasy involving her from his mind.

    Also check out other talented authors at this site:


    13th October 2014

    Back at work now after almost a week off with sickness, dizzy spells and flu like symptoms. Have to say I'm feeling much better now thank goodness.

    I was excited to see that The Atlantean Birthright has 2 5* reviews on Amazon, makes it all worthwhile when people you've never met make such positive comments about your work. Please check them out if you have the time at

    Never one to let the grass grow under my feet, I am about to submit my contemporary Romance/Thriller - Flame -  to publishers. Fingers crossed :D


    8th October 2014

    Today I've joined the Hump Day Hook at where authors can leave excerpts of their work.

    If you'd like to leave me a comment, please leave one on the guest book link at the top of this page :D

    Here's an excerpt from the newly released The Atlantean Birthright:


    “I behaved like an idiot. I…I…” He looked at her helplessly, as if having trouble finding the right words to say. It was the first time she had ever seen him this vulnerable since he’d told her about Nadia. The need to comfort him was overwhelming.

               “You were having such a good time and seemed so carefree, I have to admit I was jealous and I let my feelings get the better of me.”

               “Jealous?” she asked, her tone shocked. “What the hell were you jealous of? I don’t understand, I was only singing.”

               She moved closer, until she was right in front of him. She looked deep into his eyes, completely confused by his admission. She stood perfectly still as he moved his hands slowly towards her, she shivered as he cupped her face in his hands. Was he going to kiss her at long last?


    5th October 2014

    Phew talk about steep learning curve! Now The Atlantean Birthright has been published I am looking at other ways to market it. It is a really steep learning curve for me and I have to say that writing the book has been the easiest part of my journey to becoming a published author. But it does help you to be more confident and to take all the advice that you're given.

    Went to see Dracula Untold on Friday and I enjoyed it much more than I thought it would. It was a different take on how Dracula became a vampire, worth a look if you like that kind of movie.


    3rd October 2014

    Today is party day :D Off for lunch with a friend, then cinema to see Dracula Untold and partying the evening away with friends to celebrate becoming a published author...probably karaoke will rear its ugly head somewhere along the way :D

    Think Saturday and Sunday will be spent chilling and re-working Flame. Think this may take a little longer than I first expected, but hoping it will be worth it in the end. I owe it to my lovely mum to ensure it's perfect.


    1st October 2014

    Release date for The Atlantean Birthright is finally here. I didn't know how I was going to feel when I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was to sob like a baby. It finally hit me that the one person I wanted to share this moment with me the most, had passed away over five years ago.

    My mum would have been so excited and we'd probably have had a lovely lunch and shared lots of laughs too. Her death was the catalyst which made me begin writing like a woman possessed and to this day, I still have the drive and passion to write.

    So at lunchtime, I am taking myself off to the local pub to treat myself to wine and food and I will raise my glass to my wonderful mother. Mum, wherever you are, I hope you're looking down and smiling at how far I have come. You may not be here with me in person, but I carry you in my heart and mind always <3 xxx


    28th September 2014

    Just finished the first draft of my latest book, Outlawed Love. I'm happy with what I've written, but as with all books, it will need to be edited and checked at least a couple of times. Even though I have ideas for other works, I am going to re-work Flame as I feel the time is right to do it. I have a hard copy of the original and mean to check that against the final soft copy, as I still think the final draft no longer feels like my work because too many changes were made.

    Still keeping up with walking every day because it helps with feeling down and stressed. Hope I still feel the same way when it's cold and wet :D

    For now I think I'll do a bit of tidying up in the garden and then have a read.


    26th September 2014

    Oh dear I am such a wimp. Lol, there's a new series on TV called The Strain and it absolutely scared the holy hell out of me...I can't watch it on my own! It is really good though but I do have to say that I prefer my blood suckers to be hot, sexy, males and not have big snake things coming out of their mouths to suck their victims' blood!

    Am feeling even more nervous now that The Atlantean Birthright is less than a week away from its release date. I know it's crazy as this is something I've dreamed about for a very long time, and I also know it won't be to everyone's taste, but those old butterflies are really churning in my stomach right about now!

    The cure for this is to get on with some more writing to take my mind off that's what I'll go and do :D


    22nd September 2014

    The Giver was a really good film. When it first started I thought it was going to be very slow, but it was well worth watching.

    Had a great time with friends at the weekend. We went off to Norwich and it was great to forget about everything and just enjoy good company. We laughed lots, shopped lots, chatted lots, ate lots...and had drink or two :D What a wonderful time, can't wait to go again.

    Think I've just about caught up with everyone on Twitter now, couldn't believe how long it took me :D

    Now going to chill for the rest of the day and back to work tomorrow :( Plan to go for a walk a bit later and do some writing, happiness.


    18th September 2014

    I've now finished the editing for Outlawed Love and am now writing the end of the story. I was getting concerned that I wasn't going to be able to pick up the story, but once I started writing the words flowed onto the screen. I gave a huge sigh of relief I can tell you, nothing worse for an author than a case of writer's block.

    I can't believe that it is now less than two weeks before The Atlantean Birthright is released. It seems to have crept up on me all of a sudden. I have a virtual book tour from 1st to 3rd October being arranged by Tasty Book Tours, so that is going to be exciting and scary too :D

    Off to the cinema tomorrow to see The Giver, I'll let you know what it's like.


    14th September 2014

    Think I've just about caught up with everyone on Twitter today. It's amazing how much you can miss by not being on there for a couple of days. I always re-tweet manually too so it takes a lot longer, but I like to do it that way as it's more personal.

    Went to see The 100 Yard Journey yesterday and I have to say that if you're feeling down and sad it is a great feel-good factor film with a great ending, worth a look in my opinion.

    Now it's time to get on with more editing and then finish Outlawed Love, then it'll be back to Flame to see if I can alter it to the way I want it to be. The book is very important to me because it was the one I was writing when my mum died and she was always asking about the characters and reading excerpts from it, so it will be a labour of love for me.


    12th September 2014

    Why is it when you think that everything is going well that something comes along to try and knock you back down again? My back pain has decided to pay me another visit and it's driving me crazy. I'm quite an active person but am now having to be careful and try and rest. Oh well, at least that means that I can sit and write some more. Good job I always see the positive in things :D

    I've decided that once I've finished the book I'm working on at present, I shall revisit the first book I ever wrote. It's a romance/thriller called Flame. I paid a vast amount of money to have it critiqued and by the time I'd finished all the suggested alterations I felt it was no longer my work. I now feel that the time is right to give it a complete overhaul because I have learnt so much since then and feel that I can do the book more justice now. Even thinking about that has made me forget my back pain...result :D

    At present I'm reading a book by Eric Wilder called Big Easy. It's set in New Orleans and is a murder/mystery with a large helping of Voodoo. Again it's a genre I normally don't look at, but I'm really enjoying it. Thank goodness for my Kindle as it gives me more access to all sorts of wonderful authors - and I never thought I'd hear myself saying that! :D


    6th September 2014

    Anyone who's ever suffered with stress or depression will know that once you've experienced it, it has a habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it to. I have been feeling low for a little while now and struggling to fight it. Exercise and writing are my main two saviours when it gets really bad and I have been focusing on editing two books that I want to submit to other publishers and am now finishing writing another romance fantasy called, Outlawed Love, it just makes me feel so much better. It give me a purpose and something positive to focus on.

    I'm also reading much more on my Kindle now. I've just finished reading My Prison Without Bars by Taylor Fulks, it is about her life and how she was viciously abused by her Step-Father for several years. It was a very brave and courageous thing to do to bare her soul to the world and it had me crying, I was so proud how she has survived and become a successful woman and a great mother. It also made me face my demons as I was abused by a stranger several times when I was just nine, although nowhere near as traumatic as Taylor's experiences it did make me realise - finally - that none of it was my fault.

    I'm now reading one by Eric Wilder called Big Easy, set in New Orleans and about Voodoo, I'm loving it. I only used to read one or two genres but now I have my Kindle I have access to so many more authors and genres who are ebook only.


    30th August 2014

    I can now confirm that the age of chivalry is definitely not dead. I had a lovely afternoon out with a friend yesterday chatting in a local pub. One of the straps on my dress broke and neither of us had a pin to hold it together until I got home. A guy in the pub saw what had happened and actually asked the bar staff if they had one, being a perfect gentlemen he never mentioned why he wanted it. And when they said they hadn't got one he went across to a shop and got me one from there. How sweet was that :D

    I know some of us girls don't like guys to help us, but I for one am more than happy when one steps in as a knight in shining armour and saves the day...and my modesty :D


    28th August 2014

    Wow that week went by quickly. I had meant to write in my blog before now but you know how it is...time flies :D

    I've been busy editing a book I wrote a little while ago called Trust and Compassion, this one is more fantasy/romance than paranormal. I've learnt a lot since I first wrote it, so quite a bit of polishing up to do. It was going to be a one-off, but I have an idea that it's going to turn into another series!

    Never been one for letting the grass grow under my feet and have now submitted one of my non-series books to another publisher. It is called Possessive Desire and is again a fantasy/romance. I hope to upload some excerpts on my website soon, but cannot remember how to do it. I'm not all that good with technology, so will have to get some help:D

    Not long now until The Atlantean Birthright is released and the closer the date gets, the more nervous I get. I just hope anyone reading it loves the characters and stories as much as I do. I'm more than happy to take any constructive criticism and I realise that it's not everyone's "cup of tea". Whatever happens I will carry on doing what I do best...writing and loving every minute of it.


    22nd August 2014

    Well, the information for my tour is up on Tasty Book Tours site now I can't believe The Atlantean Birthright will be released on 1st October, it has come round so quickly now. Also if you have the time please check this link out

    I finished writing book No. 8 in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series yesterday. Will leave it a few days before I edit it as I like to give myself a break away before I start on the editing. I also plan to submit one of my other works over the weekend so will need to give it one final edit.

    Saw Lucy at the cinema today. It was a little bit weird and lots of blood, but I enjoyed it. Thor 2 premieres on Sky Movies tonight an even though I have the DVD, I shall be watching it with a nice glass of wine :D

    17th August 2014

    Went to see Expendables 3 on Friday. It was one of those films which you didn't have to take too seriously, full of kick-ass action and a bit of escapism.

    Have tried to write more for book number 8 of my Eternal Love of the Seekers series, but my cat has had other ideas. The little tinker keeps climbing up on my lap between me and the laptop, what a diva :D I managed about 1k words today but have neck ache due to stretching over her. I know, I know, I should have just moved her but she was just so comfortable, lol what a sucker I am :D

    Well, my promotion for The Atlantean Birthright via Tasty Book Tours starts tomorrow and I am as nervous as hell. Not really sure what to expect, or what will happen. I did forward them a copy of my book for reviewers, so now I sit back and wait I guess *gulp*. Time to chill for a bit and then - when the cat isn't looking - I'll carry on with some writing!


    14th August 2014

    I came across a 4.5 * review of The Atlantean Birthright at this location  Was very confused as the book doesn't get released until 1st October...problem is now solved as the publisher sends out copies to reviewers ahead of the release. So much to learn, but all enjoyable :D


    11th August 2014

    I have decided that writing a book is the easiest part of being an author. I am now in the process of setting up blog tours and other promotional events for the release of The Atlantean Birthright. It is a really steep learning curve, there's so much to take in that sometimes it's overwhelming, but also exciting.

    It's at times like this that I wish I could give up work and concentrate solely on this. Keeping up with Twitter, updating blog and writing - of course - is a full time job. I also love to read and promote other author's work too. If only I could see into the future and discover the lottery numbers in advance...then I could get the winning ticket. Wishful thinking on my part - always the optimist! Until that date, I will just keep on doing what I'm doing, it's amazing what you can do in your free time if you set your mind to it :D


    9th August 2014

    Went out with friends on Thursday who I hadn't seen for ages. We had a great time and even though it had been a while, it was as though we'd only seen each other a few days before.

    Saw Inbetweeners 2 yesterday, no where near as good as the first one. There were some funny moments, but overall not as enjoyable. But if you're a fan of the guys, it's worth a look.

    Busy weekend, I have editing and writing to do, marketing for The Atlantean Birthright and I have a review to write for C E Black's Enduring Kiss. Better get moving then, have a great weekend all :D


    3rd August 2014

    OMG, I am a real numpty. Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and then went on Twitter to give my impression of it....oops called it Defenders of the Galaxy! LOL whatever, it was a really good film and had lots of funny one-liners in it. Stay until the end to see a lil bit more.

    Just read Sari Caste by Catherine Kirby, what an amazing book, it isn't my normal genre but Catherine's writing style had me hooked from start to finish :D

    Time to get on with my own writing, but am tempted to read more now :D

    1st August 2014

    It's my friend's last day of radiotherapy today, so relieved for her. She's dealt with it all very well and taken it all in her stride, so proud of her :D

    At last physio has worked on my back and it is starting to feel better. Work for me next week, but no lifting or overstretching...think I can manage that.

    Still can't believe how quickly I got hooked on my Kindle. Don't get me wrong a book in my hand will always be my first choice, but it is a great way for me to read all the different genres written by authors I follow on Twitter, there are some really talented people out there :D It's also great to be able to leave a review after I've read their work, this is very important for authors.

    Still busily writing away myself and loving how the story is going. I was hoping to edit a chapter at a time although I get so engrossed in the story that it never happens and as always, it will be done once the book is finished.

    It's only two months until the release of The Atlantean Birthright, it seems to have been a long time coming and now it's almost here. Still doesn't seem real, but I'm sure it will once the book goes on sale :D


    25th July 2014

    Gah, just as I thought I was making headway my physio said my back was too inflamed to work on. Back to the doctors and got more pain relief, if I move too quickly I'll sound like a giant castanet, lol! At least it's only muscular and not spinal which is a huge relief. Hopefully he can work on my back next week.

    I know I shouldn't complain but damn it's hot here. Couldn't sleep last night and was Tweeting at 3.30am today and the temperature was still 18 degrees! Hmmm, perhaps I should buy a chest freezer and try sleeping in that instead :D

    Oh well, time to chillax in front of TV until I - hopefully - fall asleep :D


    21st July 2014

    Back is feeling a bit better now, although I still keep getting spasms in my leg. Off to the physio on Wednesday so that should start to sort it.

    I was merrily writing today and I was really surprised at the change of direction my story took. When I started writing this morning, I had a clear idea of the outcome of that specific chapter...not a chance, my characters decided to take it in a completely different way! That's what I love about not having a plot, the characters sometimes make the decisions for you. It's really exciting and I love where it's taking me.


    17th July 2014

    The back is still playing up and the heat isn't helping. But then I remembered a line from a film, "I feel a little pain in my back, but that is good because it means I'm alive" - or words similar to that anyway.

    Had a lovely surprise last night. A friend I hadn't seen for years knocked at my door and it was great to catch up on everything that's been happening - and indulge of reminiscing about the "old days". I will definitely make the effort to keep in touch because it's such a shame to lose friends in that way.


    15th July 2014

    Holed up with a bad back and sciatica atm. All I did was bend down to dead head some flowers and this burning pain went from my back to my leg :( On strong painkillers but so frustrating not to be able to do the simplest things.

    At least I now have books loaded onto my Kindle so I can spend my time reading many wonderful books. It also gives me time to write a bit more, although it's uncomfortable to be sat in one position for too long. At least it's not life threatening and it will get better, it could've been worse.

    Still can't believe how much I love my Kindle, especially after I said I'd never use one. I still love my books, but this will be so easy for when I travel.


    8th July 2014

    Have you ever had one of those weekends where you've never wanted it to end? I've just had one such weekend, I was with 2 great mates and we had such a laugh the whole time. My poor tummy ached and I cried with all the hilarious moments we had, can't wait for the next one guys it was amazing, thank you for making it such a fun time :D

    Loving the direction my writing is taking at present, it's great when you allow the characters to take the story in the direction that they want. It's exciting for me because I never know where I'm going to end up, long may it continue.

    I follow some really wonderful writers on Twitter, most of them are Indie authors, that I've now decided that I have to start using my Kindle. I'm a bit old-fashioned because I like to have a book in my hand to read from. But most of the authors I follow are e-book only and so I can read their wonderful stories, and give them the reviews that they deserve, I will be using my Kindle from now on.


    1st July 2014

    Went to a birthday party on Saturday night and it was a beach theme. The guy's mum and auntie had worked hard making it look awesome with sandpits, blow up sea creatures, wind breaks and lots of silly props to have pictures taken with. The food was delicious and even had chips in cones which looked like newspaper. Well done ladies!! Didn't get home until about 3am Sunday morning and my poor head was a tad delicate :D

    At work on Monday I was glad that I get in first because I sat at my desk and thought blimey, the screen is really dark and I can't see properly...that's what happens when you put sunglasses on instead of your reading/computer glasses!!!

    This sounds silly but I keep looking on my publisher's website so I can look at my book covers. Daft woman I know, but it still doesn't seem quite real to me. It's not really that long until The Atlantean Birthright is released in October...even scarier.


    21st June 2014

    A friend has just told be she searched my name on and all my books are now shown on there. There are also excerpts from all seven of them, this is very exciting. I still find it all a bit surreal and that it's finally happening...I am about to be a published author.

    Never give up on your dreams is what I say, if you believe enough it will happen for you.


    20th June 2014

    All go here on the writing front!! Up to 18K words now on Secret Desires and really getting in to the story now, I think it's going to lead to several more in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series :D

    I've also seen on Red Sage Publishing website that there is an excerpt on there from The Atlantean Birthright. Check it out and let me know what you think

    I subscribe to a magazine for women writers/readers called Mslexia. I've placed an ad on their noticeboard regarding the release of The Atlantean Birthright in October. They have 27,000 subscribers and it's online too, so that's a helpful bit of marketing.

    Time to go, I feel the need to write more :D


    15th June 2014

    Had the best news ever on Friday. My friend's breast cancer hasn't spread anywhere else which is such a relief to her, her family and friends. Now a course of radiotherapy for 3-4 weeks and tablets and hopefully that will be an end to it.

    I've written 5K words today on my new works, Secret Desires, and am loving the excitement that goes with creating new stories and watching how the characters grow and evolve. It's one of the best feelings in the world to me.


    13th June 2014

    So much for having a gentle peace loving cat! This week we've had a frog and mouse in the house. The frog was easier to find and put back outside but the baby mouse was a different matter. I managed to pick it up but Masai the cat knocked it out of my hand. In the end it took my husband, son and a container to rescue it. The door from the conservatory to main house is now kept shut and Masai isn't allowed until we've checked her over for furry victims!

    Hoping to carry on with new writing today and the rest of the weekend. I'm writing book eight of The Eternal Love of the Seekers series - Secret Desires. So far it's going well and great to finally take off the editing head and continue on with new and fresh ideas.


    9th June 2014

    Finally finished editing on Saturday, yippee...just wait to hear from editor now to see what I need to work on. I had intended to start fresh writing on Sunday but as the weather was so nice, I decided to sit in garden with a glass of Cava and read...bad mistake! I'd put a cap on and listened to Black Stone Cherry on my IPod while I read, what I didn't do was put suntan lotion on!! What an idiot because after two hours I looked like a lobster! So painful and a lesson learned to always put your lotion on. Thank goodness I had a cap on!!

    Will probably start writing again tomorrow, think it's a good idea to allow my brain to chill after all the editing I've done recently. Guess I should go and finish the book I'm reading then :D 


    2nd June 2014

    Over the weekend the creative director sent me the final four draft covers for my book. I love them all, they are truly unique and wonderful. I have asked if book seven can be changed, so we'll what happens.

    Spent most of yesterday editing and when I've finished book seven's edit, I am going to start new writing and cannot wait.


    31st May 2014

    Went to see my friend yesterday, she's still sore and a bit tired, but is upbeat and confident that all will be well.

    Went out with people I used to work with last night. It was great to meet up with everyone and have a fun evening. After several shots and a few beers we went on to do Karaoke and a good time was had by all.

    Just finished editing The Power of Love and Passion - book 6 in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series - and now going to catch up with people on Twitter. I'm also thinking of placing an ad in a magazine to promote the release of The Atlantean Birthright in October, hoping it isn't going to cost too much. I've emailed today, so now waiting to hear back.


    29th May 2014

    My friend's operation went well yesterday. She's sleepy and a bit sore, but at least the lump has been taken away. Two week wait now to see if it's all clear and then a course of radiotherapy.

    Hoping for some better weather so that I can get out in the garden, a bit too soggy at the moment. Still, I have heaps of editing to do so that'll keep me busy. Also heard from creative director at my publishers and have seen drafts for the covers of books 2 & 3 in my series and they look awesome :D


    26th May 2014

    Phew heard from my editor today and apparently they want to publish my Eternal Love of the Seekers series one a month from October! All exciting stuff, have sent books two to five to her today. Will now have a nervous wait to see if much needs to be edited.

    My lovely friend goes in for her lumpectomy tomorrow, so my thoughts and prayers will be with her and I am certain everything will be fine.


    24th May 2014

    Saw two films at cinema yesterday, X-Men Days of Future Past and The Two Faces of January. Both were very good and completely different. X-Men was action packed and awesome like all of the X-Men films and as usual, stay until after the credits and if you're watching in 3D then keep your glasses on. Any film with Viggo Mortensen in it is always great and well-acted and The Two faces of January was yet another brilliant film with him in. Definitely makes up for the disappointment of Godzilla last week!

    I've been playing Black Stone Cherry's new CD - Magic Mountain - almost constantly since I bought it. The guys from Kentucky are so damn awesome and talented and I just love their music. I can't wait to see them in November. I also use it to write to and in one of my books - Dangerous Temptation - I am changing a whole scene to incorporate the use of "Dance Girl" one of the tracks on Magic Mountain and am really excited by this. I also bought Classic Rock magazine to find a free CD with more of Black Stone Cherry's music on it...result! :D


    16th May 2014

    I lost my mum in 2009 and since that date I have been trying to think of an appropriate tattoo to commemorate her life. I had it done today. It is a picture of a skull with purple roses and the name Mister Nightbones. When I was little she bought me a plastic skeleton, which I named Mister Nightbones and have loved skeletons ever since. Her favourite colours were purple and pink and her favourite flower was a rose, so that it why I had it done. I love it and now I have a constant reminder of my lovely mum.


    14th May 2014

    That's it now, have signed all my contracts for the rest of the Eternal Love of the Seekers series, feel excited, nervous, scared...I hope anyone who reads my books enjoys them. I guess it's always a nervous time for an author...and my first one isn't released until October :D

    This should make you smile. I left off work yesterday afternoon and got rained and hailed all over, plus a car sprayed me with water and I was soaked to the skin. It's over 10 minutes from my work to the bus stop and when I got on the bus, the rain stopped and guess what...when I got off it started to rain again :D It's a beautiful afternoon so I am now gong outside to plant lots or Petunias.


    11th May 2014

    Spent a lovely evening with my friend yesterday evening and it was filled with love, laughter and positivity.

    I have to change the title of one of my Atlantean books as another author with my publisher already has that title. I actually like the new title better, Dangerous Temptation.


    7th May 2014

    My friend has had her results back and it has shown that she has breast cancer. It appears to be highly treatable and she is being very upbeat about it. She is an extremely strong person and I will do all that I can to support her. She's been there for me through some very tough times over the years and it's the least I can do for her.


    6th May 2014

    Been a rollercoaster ride the last few days. After all the good news I've had, a very dear friend of mine is having an operation tomorrow on a lump to determine whether or not it's benign. I am praying for a successful outcome for her.

    I have now completed all the paperwork for my six books - should get the contracts to sign this Friday. There are three lots for each, one is all about descriptions for the cover art, one for book excerpts, blog for release, all different sizes of synopses and then one about me. Phew, I was shattered after I'd completed them all and it took about two full days to finish. I am hoping to get on with some "real" writing tomorrow because I had lots to catch up on with Twitter etc :D

    Went to the theatre last Friday to see a play about Tom Jones early years before he was famous. I'm not a fan of his but the play was really very good. I also saw Pompeii at the cinema and it was awesome. Went to a lovely wedding reception on Saturday night and the bride looked stunning, it was also great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. I intend to have a very quiet and peaceful weekend next week because this last one was incredibly hectic.


    30th April 2014

    Had a day full of good news today. My son has been given a management placement for three months by his company. He's worked really hard and deserves it, I am so proud of him.

    Then I had official confirmation that my publishers are definitely offering me contracts for the rest of my Eternal Love of the Seekers series. I am really excited and happy about this. Better get on with more editing now:D

    As things usually come in threes, I wonder if I may get a win on the lottery tonight :D

    Off to see Pompeii tomorrow, will let you know what it's like.


    27th April 2014

    Still busily editing my Eternal Love of the Seekers series. It's amazing how much you see after not looking at it for a while and each time I edit I feel I am learning much more. I love writing so much and cannot ever imagine a time when I'm not writing, or editing.

    Saw The Elephant Man yesterday. It was performed by The New Wolsey Young Company and they were amazing and extremely talented. Well done to them all for putting on such a professional performance.


    25th April 2014

    Wow, what a hectic week I've had!! I feel as though my feet have hardly touched the ground, I haven't even had the time to go on Twitter! I was planning on a really chilled out bank holiday weekend last week and it started off well with gardening and working on one of my writing projects. Then I had an email from Red Sage Publishing with the final proof of The Atlantean Birthright to check over. It was the last time I could edit it and look for any mistakes that could have been made when it had been to the copy editor. It took me two full days to read it slowly, line by line, and make a list of all errors I could find. It has now gone back with my dedication for the book.

    I asked what to do with regards to the other six books in the series. I've now been offered six contracts for them and have just finished editing the second book Rise of the Chameleons and have sent it, along with all synopsis and book blurbs for the rest in the series. It means I have now put all other writing projects on hold for the time being while I go through these books with a fine tooth comb. I really could do with not working at all so I had more time to devote to getting this done. At least I have Fridays off, so I'm luckier than some people :D

    Tomorrow is my friend's birthday so I will probably have an edit free day tomorrow. We are going to see a play about the Elephant Man so should be good and then on to have an Indian meal and am looking forward to it. Let's hope the sun shines for us. but for now I'd better get back to editing, book three here I come...


    18th April 2014

    What a very productive Good Friday I've had :D Completed over 3K words today and left the heroines in a serious predicament...but I know they'll survive and come out fighting. I probably won't get any done tomorrow although I'll have Sunday and Monday to get so much more done.

    It's been cold here today but I planted lots of veggies in the garden carrot, mange tout, sugar snap peas and dwarf beans. Nothing like picking them straight from the garden and cooking them, they taste so much better. I've planted some pansies in my pots but still have lots of empty ones to fill and will get more hopefully later in the weekend.

    Off to the cinema to see Spiderman tomorrow, hopefully it'll be good. I've heard mixed reports so will make my own mind up about it. I'll report back after I've seen it.


    13th April 2014

    Went to see Noah last Thursday and I have to say that the critics got it right this time. I was bitterly disappointed with it, I felt Emma Watson acted really well but the rest was just not good :( Saw Within Temptation at Wembley Arena last night they were good, but not really my kind of thing. I also found out where my hotel is when I stay down there in November to see Black Stone Cherry and's right next to the tube station!! I also have no sense of direction and am happy to report I can easily find my way from hotel to venue and I only have to change tubes once so even better :D

    We had a long walk by the Thames and it was great just to chill and take in the sights before going on to the gig. It was a little cool with the wind but we warmed up with all the walking we did. As I didn't get in until 2am this morning, I am going to relax for the rest of the day and perhaps do a little gardening followed by a bit of editing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :D


    8th April 2014

    A friend of mine kindly Tweeted The Atlantean Birthright cover to her followers, which prompted me to check out Red Sage Publishing. I saw that the release date had been changed to October this year. Oh well, at least it isn't as bad as I was first told which was December.


    6th April 2014

    I have come to the end of a week off and it's been perfect for me. A lot of my time was spent writing on my new project and I completed 20K words, which sees me over two thirds of the way through it. I still hope that one day my dream of being able to write for a living will come true. It makes me happy, fulfilled and content and I love seeing my characters grow and evolve.

    I saw Hercules, Labor Day and Divergent at the cinema. Hercules was very disappointing and the one I was looking forward to the most as I love mythology. Labor Day, not one of my normal genres of choice, was a beautifully acted love story and brought tears to my eyes. Divergent was set in the future and kept me on the edge of the seat and I may have to think about reading the books now. I also met up with friends, read and did some gardening and the whole week has left me feeling relaxed and happy.

    Going back to work tomorrow fills me with trepidation, but at least I have Fridays off. I could never work full time again because my free time is very precious to me. It gives me the freedom to follow my love of writing which always leaves me filled with a sense of great satisfaction.


    31st March 2014

    Had a very weird experience yesterday. I was pulling garden furniture out of the garage when I heard a fluttering of wings. Looking at the window I saw a butterfly caught behind a very thick spider's web. I managed to pull it away and saw six butterflies appear from behind it and fly away into the garden. We buried our cat Thomas in the garden last year when he passed away and all six of the butterflies came to rest on top of his grave, it was extremely strange.

    I spent most of yesterday in the garden preparing my copious amounts of pots for planting and getting the solar lights out. It was lovely and warm outside and gave me time to think about my own mum and how much I miss her still, and about my mother in law who has only recently passed.

    I am on holiday this week and have spent a wonderful day sitting at my laptop and writing. I love the creativity and watching the story unravel from my mind, down to my fingertips and then onto the screen in front of me. It's always a thrill because I never know which way the story is going to go, I always let my characters decide for me. I cannot ever imagine my life without my stories, it's a huge part of who I am.


    28th March 2014

    So very excited today. I've booked my ticket to see Black Stone Cherry at Wembley Arena and so I won't be alone my wonderful friend is coming with me and staying at hotel whilst I go to the gig. We will make a huge weekend out of it that's for sure. I love the guys' music and cannot wait to see them live:D

    Went to see Captain America today on IMAX screen. It was excellent and much better than the first one. If you do go stay right until after the credits. You may think there is only 1 teaser but there is a little one right at the end.

    Reading Autumn Rose by Abigail Gibbs at the moment, it is really good and I am finding it hard to put it down. I must get on with my own writing tomorrow, or my characters will be getting impatient.


    22nd March 2014

    Yesterday was a pretty hard day for me, as it is each year since the death of my mum. She passed away five years ago on the 21st March and the pain of missing her never goes away, I just find different ways to cope with it. I can't wait for The Atlantean Birthright to be published so I can dedicate it to her. Her one wish was to see me published, I hope she's watching me now.

    I have been busily writing today and loving the sensation of excitement and anticipation as the story unfolds. Still never used the plot I wrote and as usual, the story pours from my mind to my fingertips and onto the word document. When I sit down to write it's always exhilarating because I never know what I'm going to write next.


    16th March 2014

    Been an eventful few days. The role I have held as a temp has now been offered to me on a permanent basis which is good and I get to keep Fridays off so will be able to carry on with some quality writing. On Friday I went to the cinema to see Non Stop and Grand Hotel Budapest. Non Stop was a good action film and Grand Hotel Budapest was hilarious. My friend and I laughed at the one liners whilst the rest of the audience sat in silence, oh well you can't please everyone I guess!

    A friend stayed over last night so we could get up at 4.30am to watch the Australian GP and christened the start of the race with a bottle of Prosecco. It's great to have the start of the racing season again and I think it's going to be an interesting one.

    Have been writing loads and am making the most of being off until Tuesday to do as much as I can. It's been great having the house to myself because I can sit listening to Planet Rock Radio and happily type away on my laptop with no interruptions.


    8th March 2014

    Very productive day today. I have written another 5K words for my new fantasy/romance, Outlawed Love, set on a world where the ruling race, the Eternals, do not believe in love or any other kind of compassionate emotions. Emotional interaction of any kind with the other two races, Finites and Corrupted, is strictly forbidden and the birth is either aborted, or the Finite parent is executed and the child tracked down, hunted and killed for sport. Some of the Corrupted manage to escape over the years and have formed their own society. They also quickly discover that they've inherited the powers of the Eternal side of their parentage and their mutated gifts make them more powerful - and dangerous than the Eternals realise. But when the prince of the Eternals falls for one of the Corrupted - the derogatory name the Eternals give to a person born of an unholy union between a Finite and an Eternal - their world stands on the brink of open war. I'm loving it and I have to force myself to take a break from writing or I'll fall asleep at the keyboard.

    I did take a break and went out to clear the garden so that it's ready for new plants. I find it therapeutic and gives me time to think and reflect on things and helps to put things into perspective. Right, time to do a bit of reading I think. Hope you all have a great weekend :D

    Forgot to say that I went to see 300 Rise of an Empire at the cinema yesterday. I loved it very bloody and full of action and much better than 300. Bonus too in that we got to see yet another extended trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier, I can't wait to see that one either!


    5th March 2014

    New writing project is going well although still trying to get the hang of writing a plot. I think I may even drop the plot writing and get on with letting my fingers fly across the keyboard instead. I have written a good bit of the back story but actually finding it frustrating when all I want to do is get the story down. I won't get any writing done tomorrow as I'm off out to town with some friends and cinema during the day on Friday. But after the cinema, I think I'll spend the rest of the time getting my story out of my head on onto my laptop. Sounds like a good plan and I'm sticking to it.

    Also trying to read Christine Feehan's new book , Dark Wolf, at the moment and need to put a slot by for some quality reading time as well as writing time :D

    It's good to know that from this week I will be working four days a week with Fridays off. Life is so short that we must put time aside to do the things we really want to in life and that is why I changed my hours of working. I love to write, it's who I am and my biggest passion in life. And if we don't give ourselves the chance to do the things that see us grow and evolve, then surely it's a waste of our time. I never want to look back at my life and regret not doing things. As one friend says to me, "One life, live it", oh so true.


    26th February 2014

    I had one of those Eureka moments and it's filled me with excitement. I was working on book eight of the Atlantean series but have now put that on hold. I've had an awesome idea for a book and am actually writing a plot for this one - I neverwrite them normally!! Once I started jotting down notes, I found I couldn't stop. It's going to be fantasy/romance rather than paranormal and it's fired up my enthusiasm for writing even more than normal :D

    Just as well that I've asked my boss if I can do my hours over four days so that now I have a full day free for more writing. So glad that I took my lovely mum's advice and wrote down all the stories in my head, wish she was still here to share it with me. I guess she's watching from somewhere, love you mum.


    24th February 2014

    It's a good job my bank is on the ball! I had a call from their fraud department advising me that they'd put a stop on a large withdrawal for some online purchase which I hadn't made. It was a shock to discover it was just under £500!!!! Fortunately the card has now been cancelled. It is a real worry that someone can get your details so easily without you ever knowing. Be ever vigilant for this kind of crime.

    No writing for me tonight, had a long soak in the bath and intend on reading for the rest of the evening. Nothing better than immersing yourself in someone's wonderful stories :D


    23rd February 2014

    Still submitting other work to different publishers but decided to just approach one at a time. Also enjoying writing the 8th book in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series. So much for leaving them in peace for a while. I had intentions of writing another one off although as soon as my fingers flew across the keyboard, they were telling yet another story about my Atlanteans.

    Went to the cinema yesterday and saw A New York Winter's Tale & The Monuments. Both very different genres, but both equally brilliant in my opinion.


    12th February 2014

    At last I'm back in the land of the living. I've had some awful tummy/flu bug which knocked me for six, still not eating properly but feel better than I did earlier in the week.

    We now have a beautiful little rescue cat called Masai. She's adorable, almost black apart from a little white bib and then a bit more on her lower tummy. She's very nervous but also affectionate. It had been about four months since we lost Thomas and thought it was time to give another homeless cat a safe and loving home.

    I heard from my editor, Rosie, about my revision of The Atlantean Birthright and she was full of praise which was a relief. It now goes to the copy editor before it comes back to me for one final check. It's a bit disappointing that I've been told the release could be put back to December, but that's the publishing business for you I guess.

    There's been no more mention of the possibility of contracts for the rest of the series as suggested by my editor. Never being one to let the grass grow under my feet, I am going to start submitting my other works to publishers to see what response I get. And in the meantime, I will carry on writing other stories that keep popping into my head.


    6th February 2014

    It's a good job I'm not back at work until Monday, it's 2.50am and I cannot get to sleep. So here I sit in bed with my trusty laptop editing the Atlantean Birthright. At least I'm making good use of my insomnia :D


    5th February 2014

    Mum in law's funeral was yesterday and it was a beautiful and very emotional service. The sun was shining brightly and she is now at peace and back in the loving arms of her husband. Sleep in peace both of you and know that your are thought of fondly all the time.

    My son and I went to the local Blue Cross centre today and have reserved a beautiful black and white cat. Once my husband has been to meet her at the weekend, we can then arrange a date to bring her home. It will be lovely to have a kitty back in the house after losing our last one back in October.


    2nd February 2014

    Friday I went to see Out of the Furnace. It was a very good film, really gritty and not my normal choice of viewing. It's well worth a look, although ending could've been a bit better. Yesterday, went to see I Frankenstein, this is definitely more my type of movie. A fight between gargoyles and demons, kept me glued to the screen right to the end and when it did finish...I wanted more. This week it will be Robocop, the trailers for this look really good so here's hoping!!

    Got Atlantean Birthright back from editor today and it's looks like I have some work to do. It will probably mean the release date will be put back, but I'd rather get it as perfect as possible. I think it could take me a week or two to get it back on track. This is when it becomes a pain if you work because it kind of gets in the way. Mind you, I have some time off this week due to mum in law's funeral on Tuesday, so hopefully editing will give me something to focus on after it's over.

    Got to have a lovely long chat with my friend, who now lives in the US, on Skype last night. Technology can be a wonderful thing and it was great to see her new born baby too. What did we all do before we had all this at our fingertips?


    30th January 2014

    Well I couldn't resist the temptation any longer...I have now started work on book No.8 in The Eternal Love of the Seekers series. I just couldn't leave my lovely Atlanteans alone any longer and have penned about 1.5K words so far. I'm sure that over the weekend I'll write many more, happy days:D


    23rd January 2014

    It seems like a long wait for the funeral to take place and I think, in these circumstances, you can't start to put closure on what has happened and attempt to move on with your life.

    In the meantime, I continue to edit my work but when I've finished editing the one I'm in the middle of at the moment, I am going to start a new writing project. I had wanted to write a few more books and leave my Atlanteans in peace for a while, but I have many ideas knocking at the door and so I am going to get on with them. I know I'm still waiting for my editor to get back to me, but I am not going to let the grass grow under my feet while I have new characters - and some old ones - begging to have their stories told.

    After hearing several different things recently, I remembered what a published author said to me whilst at a workshop a couple of years ago and I quote, "Write because you love to write. If you're doing it because you want the money, then you might as well stop now." I think that is oh-so-true because like all things creative, it is a passion and that is why we love doing what we do. If you start to think of how much money you can earn, surely it takes all the pleasure away and becomes nothing but a chore. Well, that's just my opinion and so I will continue to write as long as I love what I am doing.

    19th January 2014

    First of all I'd like to say thank you for all the words of comfort people have given to me and the rest of the family. It means a lot at a difficult time like this. It was stressful as there had to be a post mortem, which was carried out at the end of last week. It meant that all plans had to be put on hold until after this had taken place.

    We've all been dealing with our grief in different ways and I've tried to throw myself into writing and gardening, but can still feel depression and stress lurking behind me and will have to keep fighting it. At least the sun is shining here today, so it was lovely to get out in the garden and think back to happier times when she was still alive, those memories are the ones which will help us through this sad time. At least she got to stay in her home and the family didn't have to make the decision about any kind of sheltered housing, which would have been the last thing she'd have wanted.

    That's all for now, will update my blog when I have any news regarding the editing of The Atlantean Birthright. Take care. x


    13th January 2014

    Just a quick entry. My lovely mum in law died at 12.30am today and will be sorely missed by all her family.


    12th January 2014

    I've just come back from a brilliant weekend in London. A very dear friend took me for my Christmas and birthday present for an overnight stay. We went to Vinopolis, which is a wine, beer, spirit and cocktail tasting experience. Really good fun and an interesting way to spend a few hours. It's in Southwark and well worth a visit. On the way back to the hotel we discovered, quite by accident, a place a friend of ours is always banging on about. It's a German beer Keller called Katzenjammers, so we nipped inside and had a fantastic time and it's really good fun, I will definitely spend a bit more time in there on our next visit to London.

    And guess what???? The travel jinx is still with me *groan*. The tubes were a bit up and down because of engineering works and on Saturday and Sunday we had diversions although we did manage to get to where we wanted to go...eventually. Then the train back to Ipswich was delayed whilst police and rail staff took a couple of rowdy passengers off the train at Liverpool Street. We were surprised to see that it was a couple of pensioners, so that made us laugh. When we got to Ipswich I discovered buses to my home had been cancelled, so I had to freeze until someone gave me a lift home. Hopefully, when I next venture on a journey, everything will run smoothly...but I won't be holding my breath! 


    9th January 2014

    Had a bad day yesterday. My mum-in-law's condition doesn't seem to be getting any better and it's soul-destroying to see someone you love actually losing their mind. All we can do is be there for her and ensure she gets the best of care.

    Then one of my lovely author friends is being cyber-bullied again! It makes me so sick that people can be so vicious when someone has done absolutely nothing wrong. There has to be something done about these vile people, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Years ago, I was bullied at work and wasn't strong enough to do anything about it and that's why it makes me so angry when I read about it happening which such a vengeance online.

    Okay, rant over. Today's another day full of hope and happiness and I will hold on to that. On a lighter note, I'd forgotten to say that another mishap on my journey from Euston to Carlisle was when we stopped in the middle of nowhere. And the reason was *drum roll* a plastic sheet on the line, really??? Oh, and my bus home from work yesterday didn't turn up. Note to all, nevertravel with me...unless you want to be late :D

    Still waiting with baited breath to hear what my editor thinks of my first edit, the nerves are fully jangling now. Working my way through the rest of my series still to make certain I haven't made any huge bloopers! I think there has to be a time when you say "no more editing" as I believe it's one of those things when you can go on and on and still make changes.


    5th January 2014

    Happy 2014 to all of you, I hope it brings you health and happiness.

    I have been away to Scotland for a few days break with a good friend and chilled completely. Those of you who know me, know that I am jinxed when it comes to travel! In the past I've had buses not turn up, trains cancelled, engines on trains failed and sadly, people throwing themselves in front of trains. I decided I'd fly to Scotland one year and flight was delayed due to cracked windscreen! Anyway, for the past few years things have gone smoothly...until earlier in December. I went to Norwich with a friend for a weekend and three times we went up and down stairs due to a change of platform. Then on my trip up to Scotland, my train from Carlisle was cancelled due to flooding and on the way home, my train to London had a power failure just outside Euston. I made my connection to Ipswich with literally seconds to spare! If anyone has advice on how to avoid being a travel jinx, I will be happy to hear from you :D I'm off to London next weekend, so let's see what happens.

    The weather was really bad in Scotland and we had rain, winds and hail - which I thought was someone throwing stones at the window - most of the time I was there. But I had a fab time with my friend, we chilled, watched lots of DVDs and films on TV, normally involving Middle Earth or Norse Gods!!! She's set me up on Facebook but still not certain about it. I have a very private, personal page at present to see how I get on. If I do end up liking it, I'll set up an author's page. As I had problems accessing my Twitter account up there, I am going to have  a lot of catching up to do, but I'll get there in the end.

    I am waiting to see what my lovely editor thinks of my first edit of Atlantean Birthright. I have just polished up my synopses and book blurbs relating to the series and am currently going through the books again to ensure they're as good as they can be. Fingers crossed *gulps nervously*.

    Finally, my lovely writer friend Frion Farrell has just released her first fantasy novel, The Round Spear, and has put an acknowledgement to me in it. I was very proud and emotional - lovely.

    Time to go now, back to work tomorrow *groan* that will be a shock to the system after two weeks off!!! Anyway, take care all of you and I'll be back soom.