Contemporary Romance & Romance Thrillers - The books displayed here are all PG18 because there will be loving sex scenes included in them. Some are unpublished, let me know what you think.





Destination Love - Unpublished - Beachside Romances, Book One 


Book Blurb

Faith Morgan’s book is about to hit the big time. Sick of her controlling boyfriend, she escapes to her aunt’s home on Waiheke, an island off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. She vows never to get involved with another man and to focus on her writing career. Dean Jameson loves his life on Waiheke. To him, it’s a little piece of heaven on Earth. After a girlfriend betrays him in the most hurtful way, he sticks to dating tourists to keep emotionally detached. Their lives change forever when Faith steps off the Ferry and their eyes meet, their attraction is instantaneous. They embark on a passionate love affair, but when the time comes for Faith to leave the island, will their love survive?



Dean stood up and she felt the breath leave her body. Looking out of the window, she saw that the sunlight was fading. Anticipation of what would happen when they were alone crawled over her body like teasing fingers.

“I said I’d take Faith for a quick walk before dinner, she wanted to see the sunset from up here. Are you ready?” His eyes bored into her and she knew he wasn’t asking her about her readiness to view the sunset!

Faith looked at her aunt and his parents and they shared a knowing look. She cursed the easiness with which her cheeks coloured up. Looking at him through her lashes, she took the hand he offered and followed him out of the house. They walked in silence until they came to a beautiful grassy terraced area which looked out over the vineyard, through the trees and on to the ocean. He still had hold of her hand and she shivered under his touch. He turned to face her and pulled her closer.

“You’re shivering, baby, are you cold?” His words sounded like velvet seduction.

She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, her voice had deserted her. He’d called her baby twice now and the way he said it made it sound so very intimate. He went and stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against the hardness of his male form. He rested his chin on her shoulder and she had to stifle a moan while Goosebumps covered her skin. The closeness of him, his aftershave, his male scent and his breath tickling her ear set all her hormones on fire.

“Watch,” he whispered, “the sun is about to set.”

Placing her hands over his, she relaxed against him and watched the sun start its journey downwards. It was absolutely magical and she let out a sound of happiness. The yellow disc appeared to grow bigger for a while before it slowly began to shrink. Its golden rays spread across the water like a soft, shimmering cloth. The sea rippled, making the reflection appear to be molten gold glistening on top of the water. The yellow was surrounded by an orange hue, spreading warmth upon the sea.

“Oh, Dean, it truly is magical. I’ve never seen a sunset like it before.”

Before she even thought about the consequences of her actions, she turned in his arms and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He seemed surprised that she’d initiated a kiss. He took her face in his hands and slowly allowed his lips to descend over hers. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, her head upturned – a silent request for him to take it further. She didn’t know what to expect, but she certainly didn’t think it would feel like she was burning up with a fever. His lips captured hers and moved over hers in an unhurried, slow, seductive pace.

She moaned at the contact, an encouragement to deepen their embrace. His teeth nipped at her lips and tugged gently on the bottom one. His tongue slipped inside her mouth and moved sensuously against hers, coaxing her to join in with the dance of desire. She tangled her hands in his hair, bringing him even closer to her. He growled low in his throat, it was a possessive sound which only turned her on even more. His hands slid gently up and down her bare back and she squirmed and shivered with each teasing caress. Oh how she’d love their kiss to go on for eternity.



Leah's Story - Unpublished - Beachside Romances, Book Two


Book Blurb


Leah Stevens misses her friend, Faith, like crazy. She’s spending time on the island of Waiheke in New Zealand with her aunt. Her best friend has found love in the form of Dean Jameson. After Skyping Faith with some bad news, she hands her phone to Neil Sykes, Dean’s best friend. Something about him warms her heart. And after several calls, they realise that they could have something deeper than friendship.

When she goes to visit Faith, it isn’t long before they too start to fall in love. They’ve both been scarred by past relationships but manage to grow stronger as a couple. Leah starts to feel smothered and panics, pushing Neil away. He is distraught and after a serious accident, do the couple have what it takes to stay together?


Excerpt - To be reworked


She was thoughtful for long moments and wondered how she’d cope when Faith did leave England completely. It was lonely enough now for her but initially, she had thought her friend would be back to stay…but that was before Dean.

“Hey, are you okay?”

His gentle words were her undoing and she wept.

“Sorry, I’m not normally this much of an emotional wreck. I guess it’s all the stress to do with my old job, then Alan being an ass. I will miss Faith like crazy when she leaves here permanently and the selfish part of me would love her to remain here. But she’s my best friend and I love her, so all I really want is her happiness and she’s found that on Waiheke with Dean.” She brushed her tears away with the back of her hand.

“Damn, I wish I was over there with you right now so I could give you a hug and tell you everything will be okay.”

His honest words brought on a fresh wave of tears.

She placed her fingertip on the screen and whispered, “I wish you were here too.”

He placed his fingertip on the screen as well and for long moments, blue eyes locked on green eyes. Leah felt wings take flight in her chest. Was this the point where they admitted that their friendship could be something more? They both moved their fingers away from the screen at the same time.


Lust Under the Sun - Unpublished - Beachside Romances, Book Three 

Book Blurb

Sandrine has never been one to take risks. Fed up with the way her life is going, she opens and atlas at a random page, shuts her eyes and punches her finger on the page. It lands on Tenerife and this is where she decides to live for six months.

What she didn’t plan on was falling in love with her sexy neighbour Eli. The attraction is instantaneous and what starts out as a scorching hot love affair soon turns into something more.

When she sees Eli with another woman, she’s heartbroken and books a flight home as soon as she possibly can. But what she saw was an innocent meeting, can Eli get to her in time before she leaves his life forever?


Excerpt - To be reworked


A voice coming from the top of the steps caught her attention. Sofia was calling to them.

“Oh dear, she will be happy to see us like this,” Eli chuckled.

She put her head in her hands. “I think you’re right.”

Her stomach rumbled at this point and hunger for food overtook her hunger for other things.

“Time to eat,” she stated and began the task of putting on her dress.

“Oh yes, but I’m actually hungry for something other than food.”

She turned back to face Eli, certain she’d misheard him. Did he really just say what she’d kept in her thoughts? But by the way he eyed her body, she realised that she hadn’t. He again gazed at her breasts and actually licked his lips. A small, broken sob escaped from her. His eyes widened and she felt like a small animal trapped by a predator.

“Err, I…um…” She couldn’t even string words together.

He held his hand out to her, she took it and he pulled her to him. Her breathing accelerated and her bikini bottoms felt damp, but not from seawater. He stroked the side of her face and she closed her eyes.

“I don’t know what’s happening here, Sandrine, but whatever it is, it’s affecting both of us. I apologise, but I cannot help myself to be honest.”

“I…I know and it frightens me,” she admitted.

He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Don’t worry, I would never overstep the mark with you, but I needed you to know. You’re a very desirable woman, with a good heart.”


Love After Pain - Unpublished - Beachside Romances, Book Four - WIP


Book Blurb

Erin has had enough heartache to last her several lifetimes. Betrayed by the man she thought loved her who she discovered was married, and left to deal with the death of their stillborn baby on her own. With her best friend Tash, she goes to live in Cromer, on the North Norfolk Coast, for a few months. Her mind and heart are numb to all thoughts of ever trusting a man again.

Levi is broken. The death of his parents and sister destroyed his soul. His friends support him as best they can, but his demons torment him forever and when the black moods descend, no one can reach him.

Their lives change forever when their eyes meet across a crowded restaurant, cliched, but true. And as they become deeply involved with one another, can Erin save him from his suicidal thoughts, and does Levi have the capacity to love and cherish Erin the way she desires?


Excerpt - To be reworked

She opened her eyes and fixed her gaze on a guy entering the restaurant. Her musings were scattered to the four winds when she took in the sight of him. He stole her breath from her body, it was as though he brought light and warmth into the room with him. Not her normal type of man, he had long, wavy dirty blond-brown hair, beard, well over six feet tall, wearing a tight white T-shirt, which enhanced his heavy-muscled arms and chest, tight jeans and arms covered in tattoos. He looked dangerous but for some reason, she thought he was probably a gentle soul.

His eyes searched the room and landed directly on hers. Something inside her shifted as he held her gaze. Her breathing elevated and her throat when dry, what the hell? He seemed to have difficulty tearing his eyes away from hers, but then she saw recognition in his expression when he obviously found who he was searching for. He grinned and waved at the men seated around the table next to hers.

She felt Tash tug at her hand and she reluctantly looked away from him.

“Hey, Earth to Erin, are you even listening to me?”

She shook her head. “Sorry, I was…”

Tash peered over towards the male she’d been ogling, who strode over to the table next to them.

“Wow, I think I’ll let you off. He’s totally hot, totally ripped and totally not your normal type of guy.”






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Amberley Masterson has it all, successful business, lots of money and a plush London apartment. She also has a jealous, abusive, ex-lover, who won’t take no for an answer – even when the police are involved.

With the stress of his persistent harassment and her busy work life, she has a nervous breakdown and goes to her Cornish holiday home to recuperate. She meets up with her childhood sweetheart a sexy artist, Greg Winters, and they embark on a passionate love affair. She falls pregnant, but hasn’t the courage to tell Greg.

Steve tracks her down and becomes increasingly violent. Eventually he catches her alone on a cliff top, where he assaults her and causes her to lose her unborn child. Can Amberley and Greg overcome all the traumatic events they’ve been through so they can be together, or will their love be lost forever?


Flame - Excerpt


She came back from the kitchen holding a bottle of the local sparkling wine they’d had before and two champagne flutes.

‘I thought you’d like this,’ she said handing him the bottle.

‘The glasses were made locally too,’ she added.

‘You really have put a lot of thought into things, thank you. I take it you want me to open the bottle.’

She laughed nervously. ‘As long as you promise me not to take your eye out, or mine…don’t forget, I know your track record.’

The air was heavy with tension. She felt heady, almost breathless with anticipation. The way he was looking at her made her feel extremely feminine and sexy. She wondered what the coming night would bring.

Greg could feel it too; his hand shook a little as he attempted to open the bottle. This time, the cork did not come out as expertly as it had before when he’d opened a bottle. It sprayed from the bottle like an erupting volcano, most of it going over him.

Amberley laughed. He looked so comical, with the bottle still in his hand and the liquid dripping off him. He stood up and placed the bottle down on the table. Amberley stood up too. She bent forward and held her knees trying to regain her breath. It had been such a long time since she’d laughed that much.

‘Oh that was so funny. I wished I’d recorded it on my phone. Your face is a picture, Greg.’

She could feel the mirth bubbling up inside her again. Raising her head to look at him once more, she could see he had a twinkle in his eye. A deliciously wicked smile crossed his face.

‘So, Miss Masterson, you think that was funny do you?’

‘It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.’ She laughed loudly again.

‘Come here,’ he said, a trace of authority in his voice.

‘And why should I?’ she replied, placing her hands on her hips, a look of challenge in her eyes.

‘Because you need to take your punishment for laughing at me.’

‘And what if I don’t?’ she asked, raising her eyebrows.

‘If you don’t, then I will just have to come and get you. So what’s it to be?’

Slowly Amberley backed away from him, putting the sofa between them.

‘I will not come quietly, so I guess you’ll have to try and catch me.’

‘Right, you asked for it,’ he said, edging slowly towards her.

She backed further away and stood near to the dining table.

‘Well, come on then, I’m only a helpless female after all…so what are you waiting for?’

He leapt towards her, quicker than she expected. He grabbed her hand but she managed to wriggle free, squealing with laughter as she did so.

‘You’ll have to be quicker than that,’ she said with laughter in her voice.

She made a dash for the other side of the sofa, shrieking as he chased after her. Her toe caught on the mat; she tripped and fell onto the sofa. She turned and attempted to get up. Greg was too fast; he pounced on her, pinning her down on the cushions.

‘Gotcha,’ he said panting.

‘Okay,’ she replied, still trying to control her breathing.

‘Now you’ve got me…what are you going to do with me?’


Retribution - Unpublished


Book Blurb

Andi Somerton didn’t trust men. As a teenager, all her illusions about love and heroes had been shattered. After that she vowed never to allow any male to get close to her, ever. Graham Peters was her best friend and frontman for a rock band called Nemesis. He was mown down in cold blood late one night, Andi had been with him. Even though everyone said it was a drunk driver, she knew he’d been murdered.

Zak Christiansen used to front Death Daemon, a band well known for their wild antics and debauchery. That was all behind him now and when he was offered the role as singer for Nemesis, he couldn’t believe his luck. He felt an instant attraction to Andi, co-manager and co-writer of the group’s songs, but she didn’t feel the same way – or at least that what he initially thought. For some reason she hated him and he had no idea why.

As they spend more time together, Andi and Zak start to fall in love. She tries to push him away, not because she doesn’t want a relationship with him, but she is terrified he’ll die like Graham. Finally, she tells him her fears about someone wanting to destroy her life completely by hurting the people she loves the most. When Andi is caught by this person, will Zak get to her in time and save the love of his life before she loses her life too?


Retribution - Excerpt

He moved his hands to her cheeks and gently stroked the tracks of her tears away. She thought he might stop after that but he didn’t. Instead he stroked her cheeks with much tenderness. She drew in her bottom lip with her teeth and watched him watching her. His eyes had darkened as he followed her movements. Please kiss me, she begged silently to herself. As though reading her thoughts, he bent his head to hers, his mouth hovered just a hairsbreadth away from her lips, his breath warming her skin.

            Capturing her eyes with his he murmured softly to her. “Someone as caring and gentle as you shouldn’t have to suffer grief like this. I want to be the one to ease your pain, to protect you from any more suffering…if you’ll let me.”

            She trembled beneath his gentle touch, watched as his pupils dilated and her cheeks burned, probably turning a rosy-red. She snaked her hands up his chest and entwined them around his neck. He held her face in his hands as though she was a priceless piece of porcelain. He brushed his lips just once over hers and she moaned at the contact, she wanted more, needed him to possess her mouth completely and utterly.

            Not caring what her demand might start, she whispered her request against his lips. “More.”