These books are rated PG15 as there is some violence in them.

Publisher for The Fireblood Saga:


Defender of Stargor - Book One of The Fireblood Saga


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Melora's whole life had been orchestrated for the moment she would emerge as Defender of Stargor, only Melora had no idea - and this real-world girl is having a hard time accepting her rather fantastical heritage, not alone the strange, and annoyingly attractive, fae warrior who keeps appearing when she's least expecting, and who has annoying habit of making her face up to her destiny.

With the death of her mother, Melora's heritage is unveiled to her through a series of strange and wondrous events that see her return home to a world far away from the 'real' human world she has believed to have been her home. Discovering she is part of an ancient prophesy, destined to save her world and her people, Melora must find the courage to accept her true identity.




She heard a noise behind her, then the sound of gruff male voices. She shuddered and backed away to the far side of the clearing, where Jitsun had indicated for her to hide. She looked on whilst he prepared for battle, sword in hand, and his face a mask of concentration. Praying for a successful end to the impending fight, she crouched within the bushes.

            Five rough, dirty looking men broke through the trees brandishing swords. She saw Jitsun tense his muscles as he readied himself for their onslaught. Guilt rose inside her, she wanted to go to his aid. If anything happened to him, it would be her fault. When they descended upon him it was obvious, even with her untrained eyes that compared to him, they had little skill in battle.

            Jitsun dispatched two with ease, throwing his knife with lightning speed at one, whilst running the other man clean through with his sword. She noted the remaining three became wary and backed off a little, realising that he was more than a match for any of them.

            They circled him and Jitsun struck again, burying his sword deep into one man’s chest. The other two charged at him simultaneously and he sidestepped them. One man attempted to bring his sword down upon Jitsun. With his quick reflexes, he parried the man’s blow. This left the man’s belly unprotected and Jitsun ran him through. He left the man writhing on the ground and turned his full attention to the remaining assailant. He appeared to have more experience with a sword and would not be such an easy opponent. The man’s blade struck Jitsun’s arm. Melora stifled a cry, while she looked on in horror.

            She found courage and began to make her way towards the clearing, hoping she could aid Jitsun in some way. At that precise moment, she heard a twig crack noisily behind her. Her heart thumped loudly as realisation dawned. Jitsun had informed her there were six men tracking them. Only five had come into the clearing and the sixth one was following her.


The Wardens of Stargor - Book Two of The Fireblood Saga


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Before Melora can even embark on her journey, she has a nervous wait to see if Jitsun will survive ingesting the Fireblood, the only thing that can save his life.

She also has to find and persuade the Four Wardens that she is worthy enough to lead them on a perilous quest to save their world from danger. She must face them in their chosen disciplines and defeat them.

With Heliades putting danger in her way, will she be able to destroy the monsters thrown at her and prove her worth to the Wardens?





     Xandraa knew there was something very wrong when the wild-eyed servant stammered his master’s order for her to come to his throne room right away. She had to run to keep up with him on the way back, the sense of dread and anger washed over her as soon as she entered the room.

     “You called for me, my lord,” she said kneeling on the floor in front of him.

     “I need you to find out exactly where Melora is heading to next. I cannot allow her to find the third Warden, do you understand me?”

     The intonation in his tone held a veiled threat. She realised she had to find some way to appease him, or she was certain her life would be forfeit. Xandraa fetched a bowl from an alcove in the wall, she ground up some herbs and with a dagger, she cut open her palm and allowed several drops of her lifeblood to mix with the herbs. She started an incantation to call visions of the future to her.

     Heliades came to stand behind her, his cold breath on the back of her neck sent chills up and down her spine. She could feel his hatred for her radiate from every pore. Momentarily, she saw her true love in her mind’s eye and reflected on what her life could have been like had she not been swayed by this monster’s false promises.

     “Be quick, Xandraa, before I lose all patience with you and cut that scraggy throat of yours.” His voice was low and bestial in its manner.

     A thin layer of smoke started to swirl around the bowl and when it cleared, the seer took a good look at what was shown there. All she saw was a vast expanse of water, with sea serpents raising their heads from beneath the murky waters. She turned to face her master, confusion in her eyes.

     “What is it? Tell me, woman, I grow impatient!”

     “My Lord, I am confused by what I see. The vision is clear enough, although I do not understand its significance. It is a large body of water and monsters from the deep are on the surface.”

     She waited for Heliades to hurt her in some way and was surprised when he walked away from her, a troubled look in his eyes. He circled the room, rubbing his chin thoughtfully with his fingers. For just one moment, he looked like the handsome man she’d fallen for and then he glanced at her, evil clouding his face.

     “I know exactly where they’re heading for. It is the kingdom of Vilkivak and they mean to cross its treacherous waters at the worst time of the year.” He clapped his hands together gleefully.

     “This time, Melora, you shall not escape my wrath. Send for the master of my sea creatures, now! Tell them that if they serve me well, they can feast upon the flesh of the Defender of Stargor!”


 The Battle For Stargor - Book Three of The Fireblood Saga

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With the Wardens gathered to Melora, they now embark on a perilous journey which will end in the final battle between Melora and Heliades.

The Dark Lord throws many dangers in her path, one which almost ended in disaster. But as the final confrontation draws close, does she have an ally in the enemy camp who will save her from trickery at the end?




Just as he called out his warning, the ship was attacked on all sides. In the madness of the battle, Melora found it difficult to keep her focus. She watched helplessly while two unfortunate sailors were dragged overboard. All around her people were slashing at the tentacles which were desperately seeking for a hold on the ship, so they could crush it into nothingness.

The beasts rose high out of the water and Melora felt the Fireblood and anger rise up inside her. She allowed it to consume her once more and she started to spew the liquid over the heads of the beasts. She had her focus wholly on her task; she couldn’t afford to lose concentration for one moment.

How long this continued for, she had no idea but it felt as though she’d been battling for weeks. Her arms ached and her body began to tremble with the potency of her power coursing through her body. For a few minutes all went calm and she thought they’d defeated them and then she heard Zardek swear vociferously. 

“Dament, it will take you and I to keep this ship steady. We must both take the wheel. Melora, the leader of these fouls beasts will be upon us soon and as we have decimated its children, it will want blood.”

Melora nodded grimly at his words and her eyes scanned all around for any sign of the creature. And then the ship started to pitch and roll violently from side to side. The timbers of the vessel groaned as though in pain. It felt as if they were being lifted out of the water. She understood what she had to do and before anyone could prevent it, she prepared to dive into the water.