Paranormal Romance


This is the genre that I have written most books for. Funnily enough, I'd never really read anything relating to Paranormal Romance. I wrote a book with a mix of romance, thrills, fantasy and magic and was told that was the genre. It's a little bit of everything I love in a book and now I read mostly from this genre. I have a series of 8 books in the Eternal Love of the Seekers series, which are being published by Red Sage Publishing.


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Book 9 is now a completed work, at the moment I've called it Secret Desire, but I may change the title. An excerpt is located at the bottom of this page for it.


The first book, The Atlantean Birthright, was released on 1st October 2014.


All of this series is rated PG18 for sexual content, violence and other adult themes.




The Atlantean Birthright

Book 1 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers


Book Blurb


Freya Anders is ready to kill Dieter Yong and nothing is going to stop her, because ten years ago he callously murdered her parents. She is immortal; a descendant from Atlantis with precious gifts. It was her powers the Atlanteans were after that fateful night.

Allowing her grief and rage to consume her, she falls into a trap set by Dieter. When sexy, charismatic, Armand De Silva comes to her rescue, she is livid. Is her fury because Dieter survived, or because of the way she’s drawn to this stunning Atlantean?

When their slow burning desire for each other reaches boiling point, they must decide whether they have the strength to deal with their emotions and trust again. As Dieter launches his plan for revenge, can Freya find the courage to rescue Armand from certain death?





Marcus knew he had to get Freya away from their hideout fast. Danger was coming and she was far too precious to allow their enemies capture her. The only thing he could think of was to send her to the nearest town for supplies, and she wouldn’t be happy about it.

“Why do I have to go, Marcus? We have heaps of supplies here, more than enough to last for the next few days at least,” grumbled Freya.

            He smiled and patted her head with affection. “Just humour me. They are things we really do need. When you come back, I’ll help you to hone your transporting abilities. But for now I think it’s best if you do it the way humans do. This will be good practice for you, so you can use your chameleon to hide your scent. I may try to follow you and I want to know how good your skills have become.”

            “Okay, okay,” she laughed, holding up her hands in surrender. “I’ll do as you ask, anything to stop you moaning at me.” She kissed the side of his cheek and slipped out of the door.

            Marcus heaved a sigh of relief while he watched her disappear from view. He knew it would be the last time he ever saw her, his vision had told him as much. His death was imminent; he could sense it in the air around him. There was no time to reach for help, and so he would await his fate.

            “Goodbye, Freya, may the power of the ancients watch over you.”

            Suddenly, there was a sound of wood splintering and a shimmering in the air close to him, letting him know others of his kind had finally tracked him down. He stood patiently, awaiting the arrival of his tormentors.

Dieter Yong appeared before him with several of his assassins. Dieter nodded his head almost imperceptibly and two of the assassins knocked Marcus to the floor, encasing his neck in a collar made of copper, which had a debilitating effect on those of his kind. It sapped their power, drawing it away from their life force, leaving them weak and defenceless.

“We can do this one of two ways, Marcus. You can tell us where the woman is hiding and die quickly, or your life source will be drained from you bit by bit with excruciating agony. It matters little to me which way you choose,” said Dieter, as he slowly caressed a long, thin tube of silver.

            Marcus shivered; he knew what would happen once it was inserted into his body. He also realised he could never tell them where Freya was. Her genetic make-up was far too important for the survival of their kind and for the safety of all on Earth.

            “Never! She is the one who can stand against all of you. Do what you have to, Dieter. I shall endure any torture you throw at me but I won’t give her up to you or any other evil bastard from Global Innovations. At least I can go to my death with a clear conscience, knowing I have defended her from being caught by you.”

            Dieter shook with rage, his eyes growing dark and filled with hatred.

            “How noble of you, Marcus, your sacrifice still won’t save her though. I had an idea that you may send her away before I could get to her, so I have a devised a backup plan. I will have her; you know I always get what I want. Strap him to that table and bring me all the tubes that we have with us. Now!” He growled the command to his assassins who rushed to bring him what he wanted.

When Dieter was furious, no one ever questioned his actions…if they wanted to live. As he moved towards Marcus with a handful of silver tubes clutched between his fingers, he grinned viciously at him.

            “Normally two tubes are enough, but for you, Marcus, I am going to make an exception and cover every inch of your stinking body with them. You will know agonies that have never been suffered before. I very much look forward to hearing your screams of pain.”

            Marcus closed his eyes, concentrating on regulating his breathing. Dieter thrust each tube roughly into his skin with little care for precision. His main aim was to cause as much torment as possible. The pain was severe, worse than Marcus could have ever envisaged. He gritted his teeth and tensed his muscles while his essence flowed quickly from his body. His thoughts turned to Freya, hoping he’d given her enough instruction to be able to escape the clutches of Global Innovations, particularly Dieter.

            As his life force faded and his heartbeat slowed, he felt Dieter lean in close to him. With the last strength he had left, Marcus opened his eyes to stare defiantly into the black, emotionless eyes of the cold-hearted sadist.

            “Thank you for this, Marcus,” he said, waving a large vial at him. “This isn’t the best, but it will go a long way to helping our cause and keeping the storage bank full of life essence for further testing. Here’s something to take to your grave with you.”

            He moved nearer to his ear, Marcus shuddered at the sound of Dieter’s twisted laughter as he said, “We’ve set a trap for your precious protégée. She won’t be able to resist the lure of rescuing a helpless human woman from my clutches. Rest assured Freya Anders will soon be in my care. Then she will be made to pay for killing my men and escaping from me all those years ago.”

            Marcus attempted to struggle, but he was too near death. He died with the sound of Dieter’s taunting laughter in his head.


Rise of the Chameleons

Book 2 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers


Book Blurb


After discovering Phoenicia Coeur is his Mother, Jared realises the Seekers will think he’s inherited her evil. This leaves only one course of action for him – he must kill her at any cost.

Lauren and her eight year old brother, Connor, are captured by Phoenicia Coeur while on the run. She’s given two choices, infiltrate the Seekers and bring her son to her and the Seekers location, or her brother will be tortured and killed.

Along with Jared’s girlfriend, Sara, they are captured by Phoenicia. Can they be rescued, or will they die along with everyone else living at the Seekers mansion. This is a story fuelled by love, loyalty, betrayal and finally – hope.




She smiled as he turned onto his side, resting one elbow on the bed to watch her with his penetrating gaze. She was about to offer him a cup, when her heart started thumping yet again. The air crackled and fizzed all around her, the disturbance so loud that most of the people onsite must have felt it.

            “Oh, no, no, no!” screamed Freya, her cup falling with a loud crash to the floor. She was so paralysed with fear that not even the hot liquid splashing over her legs made her move.

            Armand flew from the bed, going to her side. He held her shoulders tightly, forcing her to look at him. “What is it, Freya, what’s happened?”

            She stared blankly up at him. “Jared,” she whispered fearfully. “He’s in danger. Oh dear God, he’s in so much danger.”

            At the same time they heard a loud roar of pain and frustration, which echoed loudly through the inky darkness of the night, sending shivers up and down their spines.

            “That was Dan,” said Armand, grabbing his clothes and dressing hurriedly, Freya was hot on his heels, putting on spare clothes that she kept there.

            “That means something’s happened to Sara too. I don’t like this, Armand.”

            Together they transported to where Dan’s rooms were located, fearing what they would discover when they arrived there.


            By the time they reached Dan’s quarters everything was in uproar. Guardians were running around everywhere and people coming out of their rooms to see what all the commotion was about. Freya watched everything happen as though it was in slow motion. Paul arrived, his whole stance one of calm.

            “Silence, everyone, we won’t solve the problem with all this shouting and screaming going on. Joseph and Drew, make sure everyone goes back to their rooms immediately. Verity, Armand, Freya, Stefan and Camille, I want you in Dan’s rooms with me now. The rest of you, double up on patrols of the whole area, speak to the beasts and the birds, find out if they know anything and report directly back to me.” His tone held complete authority; everyone complied with his orders instantly.

            Verity went to Dan, who was sitting on the edge of his bed, clutching his head in pain, rocking slowly back and forth. She held his hands in hers and pulled them down by his sides. “Dan, look at me.”

            “She’s gone, they’ve all gone and everything is black,” he moaned, the sound that of an injured animal in severe pain.

            “You’re not going to be of any help to them unless you tell us what’s happened.” She held his head in her hands, forcing him to look at her. She said the following words low and calmly, “tell us, Dan, tell us what’s happened.”

            “Sara’s transported away from here with Lauren and Jared. Just before she went I felt her pain. Now I can’t hear her, I don’t know where she is.”

            “I know.” Camille’s voice was low, almost a whisper.

            “You have to tell them what’s happened, love.” Stefan spoke the words with encouragement.

            Freya watched as Camille’s eyes went blank. She stood amidst the furore and held up her hand to silence them all. Her presence was so powerful that even Paul turned to face her.

            “Jared has been deceived. It is going to take all of our strength to get the four of them back.”


Battling the Demons

Book 3 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb


Verity is nursing Lauren back to health after her brutal rape. It brings back memories of her very sordid past, where she was used as a sex slave for four, long years. When the man she’s loved for a very long time shows interest in her, will she have the courage to let him into her heart?

Nikolas Krystos, an ancient Atlantean assassin with Chameleon skills, was thought to have been executed many centuries before, but he has returned with vengeance on his mind…and that is the complete downfall of the Seekers, Paul Veron and everyone he holds dear to him.



“Hurry up and get dressed, Lauren, Connor will be here soon.”

            Lauren rose from her bed and made her way to the bathroom. Connor. Apart from Verity, he was the only one she wanted to see. His mop of curly blond hair and laughing blue eyes made her heart swell and for a time, she could forget about the ugly experiences of her recent past. She let the warm water from the shower soothe her body. Even though Verity had taken her scars away with her healing powers, she could still feel where Owen and the other man had grabbed her and bitten her skin. She shook the thoughts aside and went to get dressed.

            When she was ready, Lauren joined Verity out on the wraparound balcony. She was sitting in one of the loungers, Khan the tiger and Max the dog were at her side. When all the other animals had gone back to the mansion, after Phoenicia had tried to attack the Seekers, both tiger and dog had elected to stay and protect the women. It was highly unusual for these two species to even be near each other, let alone become friends. She knew Connor had something to do with their comradeship. His talent for conversing with animals was incredibly strong for someone of his age.

            She made her way over to Verity and sat on the chair next to her. The silence around them was loud, only the birdsong and rustling of leaves could be heard. She began tracing the floral pattern of the lounger with her fingers, her thoughts far away.

            “You okay?”

            She looked up at the sound of Verity’s voice. Since losing her parents, the female guardian was the closest thing she had to a Mother. There was concern and affection in her hazel-green eyes.

            “Is there any way that our powers can block out memories permanently?” She couldn’t keep the tears from her voice.

            Verity shook her head sadly and stroked Lauren’s hair. “No, honey, there isn’t. If it had been possible believe me, I would have wiped mine clean centuries ago. We just have to find a way to get through it. We can’t allow evil people, like our abusers, to make us a victim for eternity.”

            Before Lauren could reply there was a shimmering in the air, Connor was about to arrive. Instead of being happy to see him, she was horrified. Sara had hold of his hand and they were laughing at something Connor had said. A wheelbarrow appeared next to them full of gardening implements and plants, which confused her even more. All Lauren could think about was how happy they looked together. Jealousy poured over her skin like hot lava. She stood up, her whole body shaking with unspent rage. Her fingers began to crackle as electricity flowed through her, she wanted to stop it but she couldn’t.

            “What’s the matter, Lauren?” There was fear in Connor’s eyes and confusion.

            Without a word, Lauren shimmered away from view.


Verity swore under her breath, she had a feeling she knew where the girl would be heading for.

            “Should I go?” Sara’s words were tinged with guilt and sadness.

            Connor’s bottom lip began to tremble and large tears rolled down his cheeks.

            “No, you two stay right here, I know where she is.” And the guardian transported away.

            She found Lauren in the lake which was situated close to Armand’s cabin. Verity had found her at the shore a few times, looking longingly into the depths of the water. She was walking into the lake, the water half way up her waist, and she was moving even further out into the water not even bothering about how dangerous her situation was. It was as though she wanted to end her life.

            “What are you doing?” Verity yelled.

            Lauren turned at the sound of her voice and shook her head, she was crying hysterically, the water now lapping around her neck. Another few seconds and Verity realised she would be completely submerged.

            “Connor’s happy; he doesn’t need me any longer. I’m going to end this, I can’t take much more. I don’t want to see Owen each time I close my eyes, it’s too much.” With that, she continued walking out into the deeper part of the lake until her head dipped below the surface.

            “Oh no you don’t, you’re not going to die on me.” Verity transported herself to where Lauren was and began to drag her from the water.

Dangerous Revelations

Book 4 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb


Freya Anders returns to the Seekers in the UK with the good news that she is pregnant. She’s carrying a female child whose powers are already strong, even inside her mother’s womb. But their joy is cut short when they realise Nikolas Krystos will want to capture them both and breed with them.

He has a plan, one where he sees Global Innovations take over Earth, kill the humans and the Seekers. He knows that eventually, along with Freya and her daughter, there will be a third chameleon female born. He plans to seize them all.

When Freya finds herself alone, heavily pregnant and unprotected, Nikolas Krystos tries to capture her. Will they ever be safe from him and his plans for world dominance?



While she stood in the small changing area a strange feeling came over her, there didn’t appear to be any protection radiating around the area she was standing in. She realised she was actually standing in a room of the next door property, not the one where the shop was located. Her heart stuttered as she knew that both she and the baby were unprotected!

A small ripple of fear ran up her spine at the revelation. If any of Global Innovations hunters were out searching, they would be able to feel her presence and know she was probably alone. She felt a tremor in the air and her daughter reached out to her mother in distress, something was coming their way and it wasn’t friendly. They were not under the protection of the chameleons’ cloaking powers and she could sense another presence now with her in the room. It would be far too late to try and hide herself from view.

            Turning around, she came face-to-face with the man she’d hoped never to meet…Nikolas Krystos.


Chapter Nine


For long moments they just looked at each other. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion to Freya, it was a most surreal experience. She sensed her daughter stirring inside her womb and felt the child reaching out to her mother with her powers.

“At last, Freya Anders, we meet in person,” purred Krystos, as he made his way across the room towards her.

He had a copper collar held tightly in one hand, his eyes gleamed and he stared greedily towards her rounded stomach. This started a burning anger deep inside her and an overwhelming need to kill the man who threatened the safety of her unborn daughter. How dare he even think about touching her or her precious child!

            She didn’t respond to him, her whole focus was on her baby while she passed her reassuring thoughts to her and her eyes continued to watch her enemy carefully. Still Freya did not speak and concentrated on calling her power to her. For some reason, she didn’t shout out to Armand, or the others, for assistance. She had an inner calm and confidence that she could deal with this evil Atlantean on her own. But she wasn’t alone; she felt the stirrings of her daughter’s powers reaching out to meld with her own.

            “Don’t come any closer if you want to live,” she warned in a low, menacing voice, her hatred for him radiated outwards in almost tangible waves.

            “There’s no need to be like that, Freya. We are going to become extremely well acquainted and when your daughter comes into this world, you will both bear me chameleons. It will be the two of you who shall provide me with the means with which I can finally defeat the Seekers. Our children will be strong and shall have the rest of your kind crawling on the ground, begging for forgiveness and mercy!”

            “You have a very high opinion of yourself, Nikolas Krystos. You won’t ever lay your filthy hands on my daughter, or me. Your very presence here offends me and leaves me feeling quite nauseous. Why don’t you slink back to whatever hole you crawled out of or better still, just die?”

            “Oh, my dear Freya, that is where you’re wrong. I mean to have both of you and nothing will get in my way.” He grinned evilly at her, almost salivating and his eyes alive with excitement.

            Freya laughed at his audacity and began to raise her hands, drawing on the natural energy around her. Power fizzled and crackled from her fingertips and her hair. Reaching out to her daughter, she sensed that she was completely unafraid and totally confident about her mother’s ability to protect both of them. This gave her the strength and courage of her conviction. She could hear calls of alarm from next door, as the others discovered something was amiss. Obviously Krystos had found some way of barring their access to the room.


Love and Deception

Book 5 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb


Joseph is about to embark on his most dangerous assignment, one which will keep the Seekers safe from Global Innovations, while leaving him totally vulnerable to torture if he’s discovered. He is lonely, bitter, traumatised by his past and desperate to prove himself to Paul Veron, leader of the Seekers.

Juliana is about to end her life, sick of her isolated existence and terrified of the powers she appears to possess. She is rescued by an enigmatic, extremely handsome man and feels herself drawn to him on some unrecognisable level.

They embark on a heated love affair and when Juliana discovers his real reason for being there, she puts them both in danger of torture and death. Will their love be enough to help them through the dangerous times ahead?




Joseph felt Juliana all around him as he began to wake up. He reflected on how they’d made love and declared their feelings for each other. For the first time in his sorry existence, he felt at peace. Juliana was in his mind and at first he thought she was just sending him loving thoughts. No, it was stronger than that. Oh God, she’d breached his wall of defence, she now knew each and every little thing about him! His eyes flew open wide, adrenaline chasing the panic around his veins in a blazing rush.

            As Joseph’s terrified eyes opened and fixed to Juliana’s, she feared for her life. He gripped her wrists tightly, an agonizing look of terror and betrayal in his eyes.

            “What. Have. You. Done?” He punctuated each word through gritted teeth, his nostrils flaring with unspent rage.

            “Joseph, please, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I only wanted to feel your love for me. The barrier, I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I broke it down. Don’t hate me, please don’t hate me. I love you so much; I just wanted to know everything about you. Can we go; can we get to the Seekers? I want to feel safe and I can’t feel that here, not even with you to protect me. Please,” she cried out to him, as he pushed her away from him and flew from the bed, wanting to put some distance between them.

            He looked back at her; she was holding a sheet around her naked body, rocking back and forth and crying uncontrollably. He wanted to feel anger at what she’d done to him, but he couldn’t. Whatever her motives, it was done innocently and he knew she loved him. He came and sat back down on the bed, holding her to him. She sobbed louder and he crushed her tighter to him, kissing the top of her head and stroking her bare skin softly.

            After a while, when her sobs subsided, he took her face in his hands and stared deeply into her swollen eyes. “Jesus, Juliana, I am more terrified than angry at you. By knowing the real reason for my presence here, you have now put yourself in real danger. If Nikolas Krystos breaches your defences, we will both be in the deepest, darkest shit you could ever imagine.

“My fear now is that he could use you as a weapon against me if he discovers everything. I can deal with me being tortured, but not you. I’d rather die a horrible death than see you in any sort of pain. And the thought of you being thrown to Grant to do as he pleases with you…” He shuddered, unable to say anymore for fear his imagination would run riot.


The Power of Love and Passion

Book 6 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb


Arianne Delaney has uncovered secrets at Global Innovations, but has put her life in great danger in the process. She is also concerned that she appears to have powers which terrify her.

Grant O’Connor is still angry at not being able to have Juliana as his mate. And when he discovers her beautiful mother working for Global at their pharmaceutical company, he knows he has to have her at all costs.

Rob Delaney had given up the search for the only woman who meant anything to him. And now he has discovered she is working in a place where she will be in grave danger, especially if her employers discover who her lover was. Can he reach her in time before it’s too late?


“Going somewhere, Mrs Delaney?”

Arianne shivered in terror and revulsion as she realised that Grant O’Connor had not only blocked her escape route, but he now held her prisoner.

“I was, I, I…” she stammered, not knowing what to say.

Stroking one hand down the side of her face he whispered, “Oh I know exactly what you’ve been doing. You’ve been a very bad girl and now you’ll have to face your punishment for what you’ve done. Now this can go one of two ways, either you’ll be a good girl and do exactly as I say, or if not you will suffer in a very, very bad way. The choice is yours, Arianne.”

The feel of his hand on her face and the obvious hardness of his arousal pressed against her jeans made her almost retch. With what little strength she had, she managed to raise the case she was still holding and pushed him forcefully away from her. He wasn’t expecting her to retaliate and he fell with surprise against a bank of desks behind him. She ran to the other side of the office whilst he swore in pain. But her escape was short lived and he transported to where she was, grabbed her ankles and pulled her roughly down to the ground. Her head connected with the side of a desk and she saw stars and felt something warm trickle down the side of her face. Before she could react he leapt upon her, effectively pinning her to the floor.

“Now that was a very silly thing to do, Arianne. We are going to be spending much more time together and it would be better for you to have me as a friend, rather than an enemy.”

Arianne tried to struggle against him, but he was far too strong and she was certain she’d got slight concussion, as her sight wavered and wobbled in front of her eyes. She also realised the more she struggled against him, the more aroused he became. She watched in horrified fascination as he trailed his hands to the front of her jumper and with a strength that terrified her, he tore open her jumper from the top, right down to her navel, revealing her black silky bra underneath.

“Hmm, the boss said to get you to the cells as soon as I caught you, but he’s not to know that you’d struggle quite so much now is he? I’ll tell him I had to use excess force to catch and restrain you.”

Arianne tensed as she felt his hands slowly move towards her breasts and prayed that she’d pass out before she felt him violating her body. In that moment, she felt a slight stirring in the air around her.

“Get your filthy hands and body away from my woman now, you bastard!”

Suddenly, she heard a man’s voice, he sounded angry and extremely dangerous. The timbre of the voice seemed familiar, but her head was too fuzzy after hitting the desk and she couldn’t focus properly. Then she saw a flash of light; the weight of Grant’s body upon her disappeared, along with her consciousness and the scene faded until only darkness remained.


Dangerous Temptation

Book 7 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb


For sixteen long years the war between the Seekers and Global Innovations has been quiet. But now the time is coming when the final battle will commence. Greta Devine and her son, Leon Krystos, hate what Nikolas and Damon Krystos are doing to their people. They embark on a dangerous game of keeping the Seekers informed with what’s happening while trying to maintain a normal life with Global.

When Leon saves Tamara Jermaine and Elise De Silva from being captured by his Father and brother, he tells them they owe him a favour. And when his girlfriend, Emily Simpson, is in danger of being paired with a male she doesn’t know, she’s rescued and taken to the safety of the Seekers.

Meanwhile, Drew Greenway, guardian to Elsie De Silva and former ladies’ man, is a tortured soul. He has fallen for a woman he’s known all of his life and knows she feels the same way too. Does he have the strength to push her away before his best friend, Armand De Silva, realises how he feels about his daughter?



“Stop it, Elise, you’re not making this easy for either of us,” he pleaded.

            “Oh pardon me for being such a heartless bitch about all of this. So sorry that for a while I thought you really had feelings for me. I am such a stupid fool to have even thought it was possible that you could actually have loving feelings for me. Oh, and another thing, I don’t want you coming to the airstrip with us either when I go,” she said, her voice low.

            Drew felt his heart deflate and a coldness came over him. “Okay, if that’s what you want. I’ll tell your parents that you need a few private minutes alone with just them, I’ll stay here at the mansion if that’s what you want.” He lowered his head in defeat.

            “Cool, you can wave us off at the mansion with the rest of them. It’s for the best.” She got to her feet and walked straight past him.

            Drew went to catch her by the arm, but she sidestepped him. She turned once and saw the hurt in his eyes and almost relented and then hardened her heart. She couldn’t allow this man to hurt her any more than he already had and if she touched him, her heart would only shatter further.

            The next words she said would haunt her for the rest of her time away from him, but in order to protect herself, she had little choice but to say them. “You are never to touch me again, Andrew Greenway, and I also release you from your duties as my guardian. By the time I come back, I will no longer have need of you in any way, shape or form.” With that said she held her head high and walked down the hill without a backward glance.

What he didn’t see was the fresh flood of tears, which blurred her sight and at that point, her heart felt as though it had shrivelled up and died. There would be no way she’d let any man get close to her after this because the pain was far too great to endure.


            Drew felt tears prick behind his eyelids, and there was a crushing pain in his chest which almost brought him to his knees and burned him all the way down to his sad and lonely soul. Oh how he wished he had the courage to run after her and beg her to stay. But how could he? She was only eighteen and the daughter of one of his closest friends, it was definitely a no go area. He couldn’t allow anyone to know how much pain he was in and would have to grieve alone.

            As he watched her slowly retreating figure make its way back to the mansion he whispered, “be safe, Elise, I am going to miss you like crazy. I love you, baby girl, so much more than you will ever know. Hopefully you’ll forget all about me and find someone else who will give you all the love that you need.”

            Deep in his broken and battered heart, he knew he’d never find a woman like Elise. So be it, he thought to himself, then that’s exactly what would happen. And when she came back to the mansion, he would pack up his gear and move far, far away from the place he’d called home for so long. He’d rather be away from her than living in the same location, knowing he could never have her.



Desire Unleashed

Book 8 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers



Book Blurb



After three years apart, Elise De Silva and Drew Greenway hope they are over each other. But when their eyes meet across a crowded ballroom, all their feelings for each other rush to the surface again. But they cannot be together, Elise is his best friend’s daughter, and he’s a thousand years older than her.

As their love grows for one another like an out of control fire, they give in to their feelings and declare their love for each other. They know they can never be apart and decide to tell he parents, rather than have a clandestine relationship.

With the final battle between the Seekers and Global Innovations coming, Elise has some difficult choices to make. Does she lie to Drew in order to save his life, or does she risk it in the hope that he will be safe?




“Oh my God, how freaking hot is she? I always thought she was kinda cute and sexy, but she’s definitely all-woman now! She has a body to die for, what I wouldn’t give for a piece of that.” Connor’s voice was filled with awe and hunger.

            “Jeeze, I would sell my soul to the devil to have her naked on my bed doing the wild thing. Her body is the hottest I’ve ever seen. Just look at the way her ass moves in that dress, oh man.” responded Jonathan, Connor’s best friend.

            Drew grinned at their lust filled words. The two young Atlantean males were starting to get a bit of a reputation – much to Connor’s sister Lauren’s dismay – with the women, just like Armand, Rob and he used to have. They were still raving on and on about the female and with his interest piqued, he looked over to see who the object of their desire was. As he looked directly at her, his body was consumed by longing and need so bad that he almost crushed the stem of his glass in between his fingers. Suddenly, his trousers were far too tight around his crotch and he felt as though he was gasping for air.

            As she walked into the main area, he was ensnared by her natural grace and beauty. She was a woman who was totally comfortable and at ease with herself and she exuded sex appeal like it was exclusively hers, and she didn’t even realise it – although he could sense a slight nervousness and innocence about her. Her dress clung to her like a second skin in all the right places, there was a deep slash down one side of the dress, giving him an enticing view of a very sexy, shapely leg. She had a body made to be worshipped and thoroughly loved by a man who knew exactly how to please a woman. Her hair was like deep burnished copper and hung loose around her. He could just imagine her in the throes of passion, with her hair tumbling wildly around both her lover and herself.

            It was then that he gave himself a reality check. This woman was someone he’d known since before she was born and who he’d helped her mother give birth to. He’d been her babysitter, playmate, confidant and guardian and it had been he who’d been instrumental in sending her away before temptation became far too great for him – for both of them. She was the daughter of his best friend, and that made her totally off limits to him, she was forbidden fruit and someone he could never have…



Secret Desire

Book 9 of

The Eternal Love of the Seekers


Book Blurb


Finally, the war between the Seekers and Global Innovations is at an end and two years later, all is quiet...or is it? On the home planet of Atlantis, Kartayan and his followers are looking for a way to resurrect Nikolas Krystos. This places the Seekers at great risk, especially to very gifted and young children.


Steve Petersen is fed up of his reputation as a playboy and is desperate to settle down with someone. He desires love and affection of a good woman more than anything. But the person he's fallen for is daughter to Ordan, head of the council on Atlantis. Could he gain her love, or was he punching way above his weight?


Lydian, daughter of Ordan, had decided that her future lay with the Seekers on Earth. She had been secretly watching an Atlantean male in the seeing chamber and had fallen in love with him. Would he even give her a second glance, or could she be the one to turn this playboy's head?




Steve made his way inside the Greenway’s home as one of his favourite Black Stone Cherry tracks came on. The loud pulsating beat put him at ease and he relaxed after getting away from Dana. He saw two guys standing in the doorway which led from the kitchen to the living room. One of them turned and gave him an envious stare.

            “You have to be the luckiest bastard in history, Steve. How the hell did you ever get your hands on a hot woman like that?” The man indicated toward a blonde-haired figure who was swaying sexily to the music.

            Moving into the living room, the beer bottle slipped from his hand and was caught by one of the males before it hit the floor. His mouth fell open in amazement, was this really the same sweet, gentle woman he’d fallen in love with? He watched while Lydian moved her body in time to the music. Heat lashed at every single nerve ending in his body simultaneously and he prayed that his erection wasn’t noticeable – although all eyes seemed to be focused on the sexy woman dancing in front of them.

            She always looked stunning to him but this style…well, it had him hypnotised. The tight, black jeans and figure-hugging top, along with the heels, suited her completely. Her hair was all mussed up with dancing and her eyes were half-closed, allowing her body to take the lead. The way she shimmied and gyrated around the room stole the breath from his body. His heart pounded, his blood thickened and his groin felt hot and heavy. And just when he thought he couldn’t get any hotter as the music drew to a close, she threw her head back, with her mouth open and a slight smile on her lips, and then she shook her booty one final time.

            He didn’t really hear the loud shouts for more or the clapping and whistling – or Dana’s vitriolic, bitchy comments – he was watching the woman who now approached him. Her hair was still tousled and her breathing laboured, but the way she sashayed over to him with a predatory, hungry look in her eyes made him whimper out loud. And before he had time to react, she threw herself into his arms and kissed him with such raw hunger that he kissed her back as though he was starving. Her sweet, honeyed taste brought his longing for her to the fore and he ravished her mouth like an addict, unable to get enough of her.